Monday, December 30, 2013

Communication then- during the `ancient times`

We were just leaving Uniqlo. The usual one we visited in Toyohashi. I am about to leave Japan in a few weeks. I was taking orders from family members for things they would like me to buy from here and of course most of it are Uniqlo`s. Who can blame them when you can get a skirt worth RM15 here while in KL, you will be charged RM80 for the exact skirt!

With Whatsapp, Line and what`s not, I feel like they are there, shopping with me. They can make choices by themselves while just staying at home! How easy it is now to communicate, anywhere, anytime and most importantly for free!

While taking a break from entertaining all the messages, I said to hubby "How easy it is now to communicate. Send message as much as you want without worrying about the charges."

Hubby did not commenting further, just agreeing through his eyes.

Then he said "Ingat lagi dulu, I spent thousands yen every month just to talk to you. I created 3 maxis accounts to sms you. But still he had to choose words wisely since there was limit. Worse, sometimes, the system was down, I could not sign in to my account". That time, we do not have system that allows us to send short message to overseas numbers. I tried to send an SMS straight to his Japan`s no and it did not work. So, he had to carry M`sia phone there so I can contact him anytime. So, I can send him unlimited number of SMS per day. But for him, there was no easy way. I found this one system by maxis that you can send SMS from computer to maxis number. But the number of SMS allowed was so limited, about 5 of very short sentences if I not mistaken. He had to sign in with available Maxis no. So complicated, but he never complained.

He was right. With everything we have right now, I don`t know how we could endure the long term relationship across the oceans like that. Hebat sangat rasanya diri ini (well, hubby was doing most of the effort I guess -_-" So determine, that man).

We started to rapat gitu since high school. He often called me using his handphone at school. That time, a high schooler with handphone and be able to make calls for hours was luxurious. We both were from the same boarding school. We never go out for dating. I was hoping he never asked for me to do that. Fuh..If he ever asked, maybe I would say NO and the whole thing will turn awkward and it will never be as sweet as we have it now. hehe. Alhamdulillah he understood and probably he had never think of asking me as well. That`s good. 

And to tell you how awful I was, I never gave him a call. 

Oh, maybe one time I managed to leave him voice message because his friend told me that he is suffering of eye infection that he is now treated in the hospital and waiting for surgery. He told me like it was a life and death situation, and I had to confess -_-" er..through voicemail. I`m so gonna kick his friend`s butt one day. 

When we were very young (and skinny-er :p)
Location: Yokohama

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