Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Akiko Inc- The Look Book

It is my principle whenever I got to do things, I must do it the best there is, the best I could.
Although Akiko Inc is at the infant stage, and we are just releasing hijabs for now, I want Akiko Inc to have its own look book. It is like doing all I could and how it is done at its best. Like usual, I just have the ideas but Nurul materialized it. So awesome, that woman.

So here is some of the sneak peek of Akiko Inc first look book! ^_^

The cover- wearing Akiko Premium (Red Ribbon). Red ribbon is made of Japanese seta. Not at all see through and hardly need ironing :)

Location: Nagoya Castle

Akiko Casual (Ziggy Shawl-pink)- One my my favorite shawl (I think because it is pink :`) and it is so easy to wear!)
Location: Tahara

Royal Murasaki Hayai- One of our express hijab. I never know that we can be pretty that instant!
Location: Depan rumah saya :D

The back page. The credits. Wearing Impressa Shawl (Red).
Location: Noritake Garden, Nagoya.

For the rest of the look book, click here : Akiko Inc look book

Or visit our online shop at and don`t forget to grab yours while stock last!

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