Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tokyo for honeymoon?anyone?^_^V

Salam ladies...

Just came back from nihongo need some break..

note to myself:whyla I am not motivated to follow the class??never mind giving attention to the session T_T..I need motivation...motivation...

Ok, moving on.
Actually, I had been saving the following photos for quite a longgg tyme.
My intention:To share with you guys, my experience touring Tokyo.
Once upon a time..dikala wajahku maseh mude;p

I went to Tokyo last year, to be exact on the 24th of Dec. Arrived the next day, which is on the christmas.
Well yeah, that time I have no idea that I will actually got married in the next year (2010) and also, I had no idea that I will get engaged the same year that I got married..(oh yes, that explains y I am a bride with no budget;p)..

p/s: If I knew that I will get married, xdela pegi melancong2 bagai kan T_T

Okeh, once I arrived, my husband (that time my bf;]) was waiting fer me at the arrival. The first thing he was looking for..guess what??
Zinger KFC tu T_T

So, we found a place to sit n rest for awhile..n of course having our breakfast..zinger burger;p
The view was sooo nice..There's a glass wall enable you to see arrival and taking off of air planes.
During that time, I knew that it's winter..but I had no idea how it feels.
Then my bf brought me to the rooftop.
Oh my..It was really cold that I decided to wear another layer of coat.

The first time I tasted the Nipon's winter breeze. Buroknye muke x mandi lagi T_T
The first time, really made my eyes dried and excited..and scared (how wud I live in a weather like this T_T..). But realized that I was with him, problem.I have him;)
Yeah2..the Hard Rock in Roppongi.
There's a lot of Hard Rock cafes that I noticed.
Roppongi is one of famous spot in Tokyo. For comparison, it was quite like Bukit Bintang. We went there at 11p.m. And the town was still alive..Of course most of the stores were already closed. So, I guess the people there are after the club.
Oh, another thing that's fascinate me..there are a lot lot of Blacks (I wish I knew the more appropriate term to call them). They were like waiting along the hallway, approaching men and promoting..u know...err..sometime, they can force you to er...
My friend told me about his experience being approached by them. He tried so hard to refused, and when the time he thought that it's too much, he told them that he's Muslim..and surprisingly, they immediately withdrew! The power of Islam=)

Talking about Islam, I've been to one of the mosque in Tokyo. I met a few Japanese Muslim there. At first it's hard for me to catch what they said (when they actually bg salam). Near to the mosque, there's halal restaurant.
One thing you must know, all restaurants in Japan will sell liquor even it's a halal restaurant. It's just the condition that they have to abide=(
To get to the mosque, I think you have to stop at Sinjyuku station.
Because many of the attires that I carried were not bf brings me shopping (anyways, you don't need reason for this rite?;p)
Besar kan H&M ni??Seriously I got pening choosing.
However, I didn't realized that H&M was way cheaper than other boutique untillll....the last day I was in Tokyo T_T..
Because, I spent lots of times shopping in Forever21 T_T...
No I like their design better=)
Oh, another thing, you have to QUEUE to enter this boutique ramai org..
And their boutique ni ade byk kt Tokyo..dkt2 je plak..tsk2..

Ok, this is Harajuku.
One thing to remember, if there's any disease outbreak, this is one place that you shall not go..If you can see the 'lautan' manusia behind us too (oh I wish I already have DSLR mase tu T_T)..
If you are one fan of Harajuku street fashion, kt sinila kedai2 nye ye..hehe..
a lot a lot..the system sort of Petaling Street. But, it's clean and yeah you can leave your bag one will pick;p
Me at Harajuku??pegi masok Forever21 jugekkk...ahah..
If you love cute2 things mcm strap..ape2 la yg cute (beyond your imagination)..Harajukula tptnye...
Ok again, if ever I had DSLR mase ni T_T
Picture above is one of those..cannot speak a word;p ahaha
Actually, we were at this one very tall building.From this bulding, you can see the whole Tokyo. You can see Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, bla2...
and yes, the entrance is FREE!!
This one thing that I regret..since I go in winter, sun was set at about four. S0, when I arrived to this building, I could not see Mount Fuji T_T *sad*sad* The Tokyo Tower was stunning at night, however;)
Who said you cannot eat fast food??
Yes you can..there's ebi burger. Still, you have to be careful with the sauce. Most of them contained pork. But, ebi burger from FIRST KITCHEN is save to be consumed by us=)
One of the stunning place in Tokyo..I got a collection of photos taken at this spot. Those are one of collections that I adore=)

Other 'wajib' spot for shooting..=) the L.O.V.E=)
Photos of us at this one spot ni, dh jadi trademark plak =) sampai kedai printing banner insisted to use one of this pictures for the wedding (while I suggested other photos T_T)..
Naseb baek the banner turned out pretty=)

Oh, this post getting too long..
Tp ade byk lg nk share..
Mind waiting for the next?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaser je..again;p

Salam everyone..

Just to rest my overworked brain here..

I've seen 0.2% of my wedding photos (my husband refused a.k.a mls) to attach more to me..he said balik n see mysef T_T..

So, even though he sent me only very chisaiiii (small) portion of the collections (dr 1 CD je br), I must say that the collections are impressive.

Therefore, I would like to express my deep appreciation to our OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER:

So, here I attached 0.2% of the 0.2% photos that I have T_T..Sumenye gamba betandang..

I was amazed when I first exposed to this pic;p U know, I am one of bride yg again ordinary..but the OP had somehow pulled me out from 'that' crowd. Thank U saudara Arif;)

Oh, well..I still hate to see my bengkak kt kepale tu T_T..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My last me burnt

Salam sayangness...

First of all, today soo sejukk..brr...the temperature drops too fast I think.
I must not pee..i must not pee.Lol!haha..I need to keep my wudhuk until zoho at least T-T..

Oh well, my wedding photos dh siap..finally...
And the worst thing U could think of, my name is printed wrongly.

U know, I always had this dilemma..not all people named full name Shazwani or Hazwani..waa...I bared this 'torture' for 25 years already T_T

I have tolerated my wedding issue enuf!
I remained cool that my DAIS ruined everything..(they even forgot to put pelamin at the maintable..yet I remain cool n smile)
w-planner messed with my w-dress n hubby's dress..n I still the one who solved it.
My mom was not well on my wedding day...I still feeling blessed as long as she can still be there..

However, my name is totally altered on my wedding album..the thing that you can keep for the rest of your life..that's for me unforgivable.


I've sent them an e-mail asking if they can replace with new copies..I don't wanna keep wedding album with other people's name on it=(
Oh, like usual, I didn't marah2..I just said sorry for rejecting it. I hope they can re-do the thing.

The CDs are now at my husband's.
I can't wait to browse through all of it. Hopefully the products are just fine..

So, I decided not to share the photographers with you guys first until..I like them myself.

Here's one of the teaser that my husband attached to me..

I didn't get a proper photoshoot during my engagement.
Looks like my wedding photos pon are not reaching my expectation.
I am thinking to have post wedding photoshoot..
Will browsing through for the concept.
I guess we will be together discussing about the concept hereafter=) Onegaishimasu..
Appreciate ur ideas to be shared..sayangness..=)

update: The photographers have replied to my e-mail and they had already prepared a new copy with the correct name on it. Alhamdulillah....So, for those yg akan terkene like me, jgnla anda menjadi post-bridezilla spt saye T_T..huhu..(naseb baek x mrh2 dlm emel;p).


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sambal kicap toriniku=)

Salam ladies..

I m so excited cz my house just got connected to the mean internet;p
if u ask me, how does it feel to live about a month without internet connection at home??the answer is yes..u might literally..die!;p

Because I am sooo sooo excited coming out of d cave, I am in a very good mood to update this blog with another recipe n surprise2..the photos pon i got them labelled;p ahahhaa

This post is not related to wedding prep??
who said that??hmm..for b2b like me..who never actually cook, this post might come in handy;p

Ok, today, let's learn how to cook ayam sambal kicap (ayam=toriniku). oh, of course this is a survivor version T_T..huhu..

This dish is very simple and also one of dish that's good for beginner cook like me;)
What u need are: fried chicken-haf cook, garlics, onions, cili kering, daun limau purut, serai n ginger (just a little)

Blend:cili kering+onion+garlic+ginger

Tumiskan item yg di blend td. Oh, I use periuk cz dorang merecik2 T_T

Put in serai when minyak nk naik..actually u can put it awal2 td;p ahahah
Then, masukkan kicap (as much as u like..depends ont he taste n also the colour that u like), sugar n garam. I couldn't give u exact measurement cz I maen curah je sume T_T
Then, masukkan ayam goreng, slices of onions n daun limau purut. Stir until minyak nye naik..
Ok, siap sudah!Oh, i like it to be darker..

I had never imagined that I can actually cook...for other person to eat;p n now, i do..with confidence=) hihi..all u need is the desire to try;)
Happy trying!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can I have the trophy please..

Salam ladies..

I just came back from Nihongo class. Likewise, I felt very2 hungry towards the end of the class, even though I have already eaten just before that. Huhu..

I don't know why am I so lack with motivation when it com
es to Nihongo T_T..huhu..mengantuk x pyh ckp la..

So, I am munching right now.I have to cz I'm feeling hypoglycemic sgt T_T

Ok, let's blog;p

Previously, I have been entitled with a few awards by dear blogger friends. Unfortunately, I never know how to grab them;p and never intended to try;p ahaha..
However, the time has passed!now I know how to grab it! (just d photo je lupenyeeeT_T)

Then, let's receive one.
The latest is from my dear ol2 friend...Mmolina!alamat:SCR di blok spot=p

Nila awardnye ^_^ haha....
beautiful???celah manenye cik mmolina x betukor2..haha..pastu mase pilih background ni pileh sbb die kt page 1st (punyela mls nk pileh kt page laen T_T)..

Note for mmolina:I guess the beautiful part tu kt profile photo eh??i know i know..u don't have to mention it =| (muke serius sambil tunjok tgn..)

Yer..takde anugerah free ye...
Every winner are entitle to answer the following quest

First question: die suroh kite ckp time kaseh kt pemberi anugerah..pastu letak muke sket..

Time kaseh la cik Mmoliyana kerane sudi memuji saye cantek ye...haha..
oleh sbb itu..disini saye lampirkan sekali potret comel anda sbg penghargaan x terkate;p

Second question:Kite kene link kan blog kite..

Ye sudah ye..

Third: Kite kene spreadkan ke 15 person???
T_T" susahnye memandangkan i ni bukanla jenis yg blogwalking lalu meninggalkan jejak T_T..if ever i have tyme T_T...But I have a few of my favourites=)
1- MsButterfly!!yey!!!

2-Dr Kay!!


4-Mmolina..(nape mcm dejavu je nih??)

5-Cik Puan Anne (yg rasenye ade 10 kot award ni T_T)

6-Cik Ninie-the writer always came in bautiful elaboration thus I always read ur post until the end;)

7-Puan Nadzira..beliau ni senaseb mcm i cz we r long distance husband n wife..i can relate with her blog emotionally...n i love cat too..semenjak lahir T_T..sabar ye puan nadzira all happen for a reason. Let's pray this is all for better tomorrow=)

8-Kenzo the neko of my dream ;) another mission of my life right now is...kidnap kenzo!hihi *kidding*..this blog is beautiful becoz i can see kenzo!!yey!

9-Mbak Fifi's- Among all person that I knew..she's the one with the most reason to have a blog (yes..yes...not even Dr. M can beat her;p..haha). The real extraordinary path that she went through everyday always made my day..the blog is beautiful as it makes me smile n cry=]

15-Sab's- I don't think she'll be around to receive this award. Her blog made me realized about wedding of my dream and looking at her's has given me nerve to execute it the way i want=)

Yey..aheynye dh cukop LIME BELAS..yatta!!

Fourth question: I have to write SEVEN things about mysef..
2)x ske minum air gas kecuali calpis soda..haha n sejuk peti sejok bukan sejok ais (panjangnye T_T ni bole kire due tak??)
3) x ske minum air yg sejuk ade ais...nk yg sejuk xde ais tp sejok
4) ske dancing tp dh lupe caner..waaaaaaaaaaaa
5) sgt bebakat dlm bidang nyanyian....ahahahahahaha
6) x ske pon keje die skrg T_T
7) really wanna b on cruise =)

ok desu!i guess I have accomplished the syarat2..can I have the trophy please....


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Welcome parteyyyyy!!!!!!!

Salam everybody..

I heard some people said..people with blogs are 'these' and 'that'..

To be honest, at first, I was thinking why the hell that I want to publish my thoughts??

Oh well, I have my personal reason to that.
And I believe other person has their own reasons too.
Whether it's bad or not, it's not us to judge rite?
Let them be with so many times to write or be somebody who is hunting for publicity..
Everybody has their own reasons to write=)

This blog was originally made to share the idea about -another ordinary wedding-.
Through the journey, I found that I have improved my skills of writing.
Writing?Not really...haha..I guess it's the spilling of ideas in the form of writing...they are getting better (since I have that problem since born T-T)

Now, this blog has been my lunch time company.
Since I usually don't do lunching, I usually snack while typing my thoughts here.
Oh, of course there's boundary. Not everything I can share kan..Ask SCR..I used to b secretive;p

Today is another day in October. My favourite month in a year;p
And today I realized that deep inside my heart, I love where I am now and what I do.

Adding to my excitation, my supervisor has enlighten me with his idea that can be implemented in my research. And my adrenaline was secreted. I thought I hate this job=( seems like my systems are not!

Another culture in Japan that I wanna share today, is..Party!
They have so many parties going on.
I had been noticed about parties from my husband. He had been to so masuk dpt tu ni la..
yes, it all happens in the midst of biziness..

I got my first party last week.
It's a party to welcome the new student, in this case, ME!;p hehe

Foodies with the girl yg dipartykan;p

The foodies;)

Don't worry, they already knew about halal n haram;)

My friend said there will be more parties coming up as end of a year approaching. But, I guess I will not b able to participate cz have to be back's SCR's wedding yo!haha..

I miss my bachelorette party's organiser=(

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Masak lemak cili padi-Survivor way;p

Salam everybody..

I don't know...I didn't cry last night n yet my eyes are still dry=( dry eyes really gives me the urge to sleep=( if only I don't have lecture so late T_T

Today, I would like to share with all of you, another dish yg sgt common n senang.hehe..

Lauk mls mesti yg melibatkan santan2 ni cz senang;p

Ever since I live alone, I have never feel so rajin to msk. really is powerful kan?It can make u do things that u've never did. In my case, cooking;p

Last weekend, I cook masak lemak cili padi chicken (tori-niku or cikin).
The problem is..there's a lot of things that's not available.
However, what do I expect pon..since I live in a foreign country=( If nk tggu brg cukup mmg mkn luar jela hari2=(

But, msk lemak cili padi ni mmg senang n also there's not much things that U need to have available;)
In fact, I decided to cook this dish becoz, d brg2 yg I have available only allow me to cook this lauk T_T huhu..

These are what U need: Coconut milk, cili padi (depends on how pedas U wants it to b), serai, chicken n potatoes.
Since I don't have lesung batu..sigh..
Like it or not, u have to blend ur cili with some water or ur santan pon ok. Put a lil kunyit (I guess my mom will b mad seeing this. Cz she never cook msk lemak cili padi gune serbuk kt sini mane nk dpt kunyetttt...)

Next, cook your ciken with the blended chillies td together with kunyit.
Cook briefly until air ayam tu kering sket..

Pour in the santan and put in potatoes..
How much santan?That's subjective. However, don't put too little as this will make ur lauk later 'batat' hihi.
Let it boils..until the potatoes empuk..and don't forget to put the salt;) for starter, put in the salt lil by lil and taste it as many times as u like until u get the right taste!

Tara...msk lemak cili padi-survivor way;p

For beginner cook, I recommend you to also try this dish. This dish is a good way to learn cooking santan-based lauk=)

Happy trying!

Monday, October 18, 2010

bunge2 kertas..


Ehehe...Just got back from nihongo kurasu...
My gloominess became double just now cz..after long chat about wanting a baby last night, just now I is indeed a false alarm "T_T..

Nk study teros??
hence, blog walking..
Then, I stumbled upon a blog by Nini (I guess that's her name;p). Oh yeah, she introduced hersef as 'the bubblyme" from here.

She is looking for a material to do paper flowers.

Suddenly I remembered that I have seen the paper flowers tu and intended to post it here to share with the other b2bs.
Apparently I forgot, until I find out that some one is looking for it;p ahaha...

Okeh, my like 2 minutes away from 100yen (hyakuen) shop. In this shop you'll find almost everything and 95% of it cost 100 yen. So cheap. Hence, 95% of my house is occupied with stuffs from there. ahaha..Just name it, and i can assure you that they came from the 100yen shop;p

Besides dustbins, scissor, towel, toothbrush..yadda2..which are listed in ur daily needs, hyakuen shop also sell the unthinkable stuff like this!'s flower paper;)comes in many colours. When you see closer, the flower is quite bushy and cute!Can be use as your deco for dulang hntrn or even as a corsage. However, I was thinking of something different like maybe...bunga manggar..oh yes, the bunga manggar will b tembam n bloom2..hehe

It's a DIY stuff..look at the instruction..not that difficult isn't it??one or two try outs, then you make 100 in no time;)

Oh well, of course you are not at all near to my house.
However, if you look closer to the instruction, it was actually just crepe paper folded into a fan..and kembang2 kan..cantula..hv to try n error..
err...if u guys nk kirim, I am delighted to b d vendor here;p

Aaa..I miss the moment of me DIY almost all my doorgifts;) the sakit pinggang tu priceless;p

So, to bubblyme I hope it helps;p

Maybe next year?


I got to the office quite early today.
This morning I felt so different from the other morning maybe because my system considers that today is a special day.

And today is my hubby's birthday.

And..I don't feel any happier instead I really feeling gloomy starting when the clock ticks 00:00.

We have been together for 10 years.
For the record, we never been able to celebrate any birthdays together.
I am okay for the past 9 years cz I don't want to exaggerate the term couple tu kan..

He always told me this;"it's ok. Nnt dh kawin, tiap2 thn pon
bole celebrate same2".

And the day comes.

And yet, it is still impossible for me to be by urside or the other way.

Still impossible for this small things to happen.

So, last night, i rang him to wish him happy birthday. That's all i can do for the least. But then I broke into tears..T_T

Why is it so hard for us to be together=(

Not just that I cannot be by his side, I am also didn't get hi
m anything.

I am so sad for the whole day yesterday hoping for miracle to happen. Probably a broomstick fetching me and send me home to him or at least, there's free shinkansen ride yesterday.
There are none.
I guess, I have to be miserable like this for another 3 years..T_T

My birthday is coming too.

I don't bother to dream of anything cz xde perasaan pon nk celebrate. It's d age when u passed suku, it's not a happy thing;p

I was thinking of a present for him. Like every year, I end up at a dead end.
FYI, I never got him a nice, dreamed of present.haha..
I guess, I need your help to suggest something;)

No, not gadget. He has almost everything already.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Daigaku-byouin

Salam ladies...

Today I wanna introduce to you my workplace.
I was at first feeling hesitated to put this topic coz I was thinking, who will be interested;p ahaha..
However, there are some points that I hope will open the eyes of people who has the same job like me. I hope you guys can see it too;)

Daigaku means university and byouin means hospital. So, to combine both, it means university hospital. That's where I am working right now.

This new workplace is not far different from my previous workplace, i.e. PPUM. Both are a research hospital and er...old;p

Again, I am fated to work in a very2 old institution;p

In UM, I was placed in a very2 new lab. In fact I believe that's the latest lab in Medical Fac, UM for the moment. However, in Hiroshima Uni, I am located in a very2 old lab. The good side that I can see is of course, they are well-funded and well-equipped.

Here's some of the snapshots..

The pantry room..siap ade plasma TV T_T..It is equipped with almost everything that a kitchen might have..However, because all buttons are in kanji..I don't touch anything, I usually carry my own drink n just use the sink T_T
It is however old..but again, neat, clean n well taken care of..

The mini library and stationaries..we can access them all at any time and sukati jekk..
Apparently, by not having any record books, there were no cases as 'missing'

Printing station..
I am still in I don't have cable that connect my computer to the printer and yet..I can print straight away from my laptop..

This is my workplace. The guy right there is also a newcomer. He's a Vietnamese name Tung;)
When I send the picture of my office to my husband he said; "ape ke burok beno mejenye..mcm meje kutip je";(
tp mmg burok..but then again, it's clean and all can function so well.
I think they gave me too many locker. I don't know what to keep in those. I also have coat locker with my name on it...huhu..

The hospital from afar..( I wish I knew how to handle the zooming function;[)

hihi..this is d view during my morning walk.
Hiroshima has plenty bridges. cz the location btol2 dkt muara sungai..the port is just nearby and there's ferry going straight to Busan. Thinking of a short trip there;p ehehe...

Even though the communication here is quite difficult for me, as well as for them, there are no problems for them in managing my arrival.
When I arrived, everything has already in placed. They provides me with everything, from the most important thing to the most unnecessary thing. My supervisor even let me have 1 year to properly settle down in here.
While me??haha..being ignorant all the time cz I am so malas;p
But, in Malaysia we really have to put our ass down to every office and go there like 100 times to make sure your application get processed.
It is so seldom I got to praise the service.
Hopefully, in a few years time, Malaysia administration service will improve and nobody will get tortured again (exaggerate;p).

It is true that it is more comfortable to live in a well developed countries. Then again, what is the meaning of all this things if the people that I love and care are separated by oceans.

Nihongo class in few minutes!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tibe2 je suke nasik=(

Salam all...

hehe...another post lg;p

this is after i got headache finding data online T_T...

This time around, saje je nk share my faveret food here;)

This is called 'Tendon' (like a type of muscle in our body kan??;p). This is actually rice with lauk. If the main side is udang (we call it ebi tendon) if the main side is belut (we call it unagi tendon). Bwk bertenang..their unagi sgt2 sedap;)

This is also tendon...cume lg sedap cz their rice ade tabur2 seaweed;)

Dulu2..I have never like japanese food. For me the taste is plain..and most of the food that we could eat are fried.
However, when I came here, experiencing the true japanese food, my perception has changed. From the person who barely eat rice, I am now love to eat rice. Japanese rice mmg addictive T_T..
When you look at the tendon, it is just a plain rice with a drop or two of soy sauce. It comes with tempura, usually prawn tempura, pumpkin tempura and other sorts of veges which I don't know their names;p So, after all, it consist of plain rice and fried lauk. However..ia adalah sgt sedap..i can even eat the rice with only the soy sauce;p

Besides doesn't like to eat rice, before this, I also not a fan of seaweed. During my teenage year, lots of my friends love to buy packets seaweed as a snack. i tried..and hate it..haha..therefore, I had always had the bad idea about seaweed and now, not anymore;)

I love to have them together with the rice.

Still, I don't understand y only now that I fancy Japanese food.
Is it because the weather here that has alter my nerves or Malaysian japanese restaurant has actually alter the recipe.haha..

The conclusion here is..I am now officially love to eat rice;)
TAPI....I am now feeling fat too T_T

In most of their meal, there will b miso soup at a side and also pickles. Oh, I always hate pickles, so I neve put them in my mouth. hihi..
Miso soup sgtla sedap...seriously..not at all like what I've tasted in my home country. Is it me who went to a wrong restaurant or what?? T_T

I really wanna learn how to do miso soup. Will do try until it tasted the same like what I've tasted here and post it here later;)

Besides tendon, udon is also oiishii (delicious). That's udon with tempura;)
Oh well, soba is also delicious. But I didn't take any pictures of it YET;p

Since I barely have things to do, I have always be staying at home and..regularly feeling the urge to eat..RICE T_T

Therefore, walking over cycling to uni??For now, I would prefer walking to burn the fat caused by my new 'hobby' T_T

Sakanaya surprise..

Salam ladies...

How come that I am able to post many entries in a day??
It's because I don't have work to do.
I was told to enjoy seeing around Japan in my first year??and only start working in my second year..when i show my worry face, they immediately said: "don't worry..nobody do phd more than 3 years here"
What can I do, just believe in what they said=( So, in the first year, my supervisor told me just enjoy Japan, get yourself used to the culture...go wandering around the clinic and attend lecture (just one lecture in a week;p) ehehe...
So, for now, I am occupied with lectures, nihongo class and training (which only start next week, once a week). Sounds easy rite??

Ok, this post is just to show you my experience of being amazed at sakanaya (kedai jual ikan-sakana=fish, ya=shop)

My husband and me always prefer to shop for groceries and wet stuff at a proper supermarket instead of pasar. I don't have a proper reason for this, but apparently we are;p

This is the first time we bought fishes that was put in longgok.haha..
So, we chose two longgok and the staff straight away clean the fish (like in 10 secs) and wrap it nicely in a paper.

Then, he didn't pass the nicely wrapped fishes to us through the counter, instead he came out through the door and hand the fishes properly..

Here's the packaging...I was so amazed..and immediately thinking of my friend who is the BIG FAN of TESCO..hihi..
p/s:Fifi...implement this system kt tesco fi....

I am one of those who's lack of discipline. But living in a country like this, I was sort of trained to be full of manner and to follow the rules for a better way of living;)

Oh garbage..oh garbage...

Salam lovelies...

Look at this table..

This is actually the garbage disposal schedule...T_T...
Japan is one of the country who sorts their garbage started from home.
I was so amazed how everyone is motivated to do this in every single day. I was trained to do this since being a housewife at the Toyohashi.
However, the sorting becoming more tedious in Hiroshima!!!
The sorting is more details and also u have to purchase this:
The paper bag specially designed for combustible garbage. I had once lived in Tokyo..their way of sorting the garbage are the same with Toyohashi's whereby plastic could be placed in the same bin with paper.
However, in Hiroshima...the combustible bin are only for papers and food remnants!!
and you are only allowed to locate them in this specially made paper bag!It it cost me about 40en for each!huh!
Another thing, since this is paper bag..and food remnants are usually...err..wet, so, there's another trouble that I have to go through..huhu

The garbage bag ready to be collected..

Oh, another thing, the bottle.
Before you can put the empty bottle into trash, you have to take off the label and tutup die and put into thrash for plastic materials. huhu...byk keje kan??

and, oh..u have to write your house number on your garbage bag space for cheating isn't it??

Amazingly, the system are happily followed by all the citizens.. and

I guess Malaysia should start implement this system somewhere to see the effectiveness;)
At first I thought it's impossible that I could follow this bak kate org, alah bisa tegal biase (btol ke x ejaan nye ni T_T)..

This system really left the city clean and there garbages are hardly have odors;)

Will definitely implement this at my own house later;)


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