Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Masak lemak cili padi-Survivor way;p

Salam everybody..

I don't know...I didn't cry last night n yet my eyes are still dry=( dry eyes really gives me the urge to sleep=( if only I don't have lecture so late T_T

Today, I would like to share with all of you, another dish yg sgt common n senang.hehe..

Lauk mls mesti yg melibatkan santan2 ni cz senang;p

Ever since I live alone, I have never feel so rajin to msk. Hm..love really is powerful kan?It can make u do things that u've never did. In my case, cooking;p

Last weekend, I cook masak lemak cili padi chicken (tori-niku or cikin).
The problem is..there's a lot of things that's not available.
However, what do I expect pon..since I live in a foreign country=( If nk tggu brg cukup mmg mkn luar jela hari2=(

But, msk lemak cili padi ni mmg senang n also there's not much things that U need to have available;)
In fact, I decided to cook this dish becoz, d brg2 yg I have available only allow me to cook this lauk T_T huhu..

These are what U need: Coconut milk, cili padi (depends on how pedas U wants it to b), serai, chicken n potatoes.
Since I don't have lesung batu..sigh..
Like it or not, u have to blend ur cili with some water or ur santan pon ok. Put a lil kunyit (I guess my mom will b mad seeing this. Cz she never cook msk lemak cili padi gune serbuk kunyiT_T...tp kt sini mane nk dpt kunyetttt...)

Next, cook your ciken with the blended chillies td together with kunyit.
Cook briefly until air ayam tu kering sket..

Pour in the santan and put in potatoes..
How much santan?That's subjective. However, don't put too little as this will make ur lauk later 'batat' hihi.
Let it boils..until the potatoes empuk..and don't forget to put the salt;) for starter, put in the salt lil by lil and taste it as many times as u like until u get the right taste!

Tara...msk lemak cili padi-survivor way;p

For beginner cook, I recommend you to also try this dish. This dish is a good way to learn cooking santan-based lauk=)

Happy trying!


  1. masak guna santan mmg senang. tapi yg leceh nye xleh biar die boils without having to stir them selalu. nanti pecah minyak kalau x kacau. But i never tried this using serbuk kunyit. haha. u are hontouni survivor. haha

  2. what i do..i keep them in api yg x very low n not very besa..low api will definitely cz the short chain fatty acid to break.n also dont overcook..overcook komfem pecah minyak...buat mase ni my rekod xde lg la pecah2 ni;p hehe

  3. Haa..tu die dah sampai short chain fatty acid dah. hahahaha XD oh...i ws thaught to stir je selalu. T_T penat tau tak. haha. nah amek award!


  4. haha..grg btol nk sampaikan award;p ni mesti monsoon ngan akak kad x abes lg nih;p

  5. sedapnyer.....nk try la nnt..heheh

  6. hari lunch nak makan masak lomak lah! hahaha

  7. suriadzul:ala2 survivor xkan same sedap ngn mskn sebenar=( huhu...tp ni sedap nih;p ahahhaa
    bai:yo..jgn mkn solalu..kang tokono heart attack plak kang..;p



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