Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am now..the head of my own house

Salam ladies!!!

I don't know whose going to read this post;p
It is not at all related to wedding.ngehehe..
But I still refused to get a new blog dedicate solely for my life after the wedding;p

Gomennasai ne ^_^

Ok, FYI, I have already moved to Hiroshima City. Today will be the 3rd day I am officially the doctorate student at Hiroshima University, Japan. And it has been 2 nights I slept hugging my pillow..T_T ('s not warm as a husband's body should be T_T)

I still remember the night I was crying. It's the last night we spend together at our cozy home at the countryside of Toyohashi. I love my home despite of sometimes it smelt from the lake in front of our home;p
It's because that's the house we started our journey together. That house meant a lot to me. It's just that I am not lucky like any other brides who has more time with her husband to b spent T_T I am one of those who got married and still has to be separated T_T
Still I believe there are blessing in disguise for us ;)

We arrived in Hiroshima in 3 hours by shinkansen. That's how fast shinkansens are. I was saved from supposed to be a whole night trip by bus or car;) The price however, more or less the same with flight ticket. crap! I think I'll spend most of my scholar for shinkansen T_T

First thing we do, of course checking in into my 'will-be-a new home'.

My new home is at the Hiroshima City International House (I-House). It's not really a hostel. But, it is more like a reserved house for international student in Hiroshima. The building is under the management of the City Hall, and of course the chance of getting into the house is so thin. I got it after strong recommendation from my university and of course by luck (cz apparently there's one vacancy at the time I applied;) Syukur..)

In Japan, renting a house is a big deal. They'll make u pay even for a scratch.
Therefore, the first thing that I have to do before settling in was checking every single inch of the house. Unfortunately, I am not that kind of person who likes to go into that details=( but my husband apparently is that kind of person;) Thank God!

At first I thought everybody whose incharge of I-House are able to speak English. Turned out, only two persons are able to speak quite fluently but yet hardly to understand their accent=( I am working really hard to catch what they say right now=(

The person who assisted us to inspect the house was someone who could not speak English..
NAseb baek la my husband can speak Japanese so well T_T
So, they did the inspection together2 while I do the photo taking job;p

View of my balcony..

The kitchen..complicated btol nk jage stove ni ;(

View from the balcony...can see Mazda stadium very well;) dont have to buy a sit to enjoy the game;)
The toilet

View from my house..tht's the Hiroshima City

The study area..

That's it that I wanna share for now.
Actually there's a lot of things that have excite me and made me wanna put it in this blog. There are so many things that are so different with us especially their culture of living. brain got jammed whenever I want to decide which topic should be written first;p ehehe..
I'll try to share with you guys slowly and share the excitement with u;)

That's all for now. Have to attend the first Nihongo I am not allowed to doze off since there's only three students in a class T_T...

Wish me luck!!

The wife who always hopes to not wake up alone anymore=(


  1. ala siannya dia kena duk jauh2. its ok for ur future jugak! :)

  2. Xyah bukak new blog. Tulis semua dalam blog ni. Before wedding or after wedding pun, we enjoy reading it. u're not alone dear...

  3. mysarah:InsyaAllah..
    Iera:Thank you;) thts very nice of u saying that T_T.huhu

  4. ur new home punya view sgt nice! :)

  5. waniiiiii..canteknye rumah! and part paling best sebab ade proper study-station..hehe..belaja rajen2..dan rajen2lah memasak! :)

  6. pn rocker:thank cantek mane pon rumah dudok sorang..x bes sunggoh T_T
    nad:time kaseh...hehe..x motivated lgsg nk blaja..penat dah T_T masak mmg rajen sbb new interest;p



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