Monday, October 18, 2010

bunge2 kertas..


Ehehe...Just got back from nihongo kurasu...
My gloominess became double just now cz..after long chat about wanting a baby last night, just now I is indeed a false alarm "T_T..

Nk study teros??
hence, blog walking..
Then, I stumbled upon a blog by Nini (I guess that's her name;p). Oh yeah, she introduced hersef as 'the bubblyme" from here.

She is looking for a material to do paper flowers.

Suddenly I remembered that I have seen the paper flowers tu and intended to post it here to share with the other b2bs.
Apparently I forgot, until I find out that some one is looking for it;p ahaha...

Okeh, my like 2 minutes away from 100yen (hyakuen) shop. In this shop you'll find almost everything and 95% of it cost 100 yen. So cheap. Hence, 95% of my house is occupied with stuffs from there. ahaha..Just name it, and i can assure you that they came from the 100yen shop;p

Besides dustbins, scissor, towel, toothbrush..yadda2..which are listed in ur daily needs, hyakuen shop also sell the unthinkable stuff like this!'s flower paper;)comes in many colours. When you see closer, the flower is quite bushy and cute!Can be use as your deco for dulang hntrn or even as a corsage. However, I was thinking of something different like maybe...bunga manggar..oh yes, the bunga manggar will b tembam n bloom2..hehe

It's a DIY stuff..look at the instruction..not that difficult isn't it??one or two try outs, then you make 100 in no time;)

Oh well, of course you are not at all near to my house.
However, if you look closer to the instruction, it was actually just crepe paper folded into a fan..and kembang2 kan..cantula..hv to try n error..
err...if u guys nk kirim, I am delighted to b d vendor here;p

Aaa..I miss the moment of me DIY almost all my doorgifts;) the sakit pinggang tu priceless;p

So, to bubblyme I hope it helps;p


  1. oh my!
    i really love this!!
    how much dear??? interested nak kirim!!!! =D

  2. hihi..100yen..lebey kurang rm3.70.
    seryes??u nk bape??kale ape??
    tp kn, nnt kos pos mcm lg mhl je dpd kos brg..if u r ok with tht, then i'm ok;)

  3. dear, actually, i saw this kat dasio the curve last week. ada jugak. RM5. sama macam dalam pic. maybe they can get those from dasio. kedai jepun juge. hehee..

    apa lagi ada jual kat kedai 100yen? boleh la kirim-kirim join. hehe.

  4. yes..daiso tu asal jepon..n they are kedai 100yen;) oh, alhamdulillah..ade kt mesia lg senang ye utk para b2b sekalian..

  5. eh...kedai 100yen ni aku ade nampak kat damansara. Tak ingat la plak area tu damansara k ape ntah. tapi die tulis 100yen. best gilers masuk. haha

  6. ha...make ammolina..sile la pegi cari..bole jd vendor tros;p

  7. wanie, it is sad when the false alarm triggers isn't it? aku pun salu kena.. since the first month aku kawin.. the wanting-a-baby feeling ni unexplainable.. bila period lmbt sehari dua pun rasa mcm da menjadi tp sbnrnya bln tu lewat sikit.. at first mmg sedih gila.. tp bila da 3-4 bln mcm ni, da x mengharap apa² da.. lgpun ktorg jauh kan.. "time" tu salu x kena.. maybe bkn skrg.. :)

  8. Wah!! tq dear! =D *senyum malu malu. hahhaa. nanti i try tgk kat the curve.

    I doakan both u and ur husband dpt baby. dont worry much dear.. insyaAllah.

  9. masalahnye..dh sebulan lambat..who wouldnt think it actually is happening=( waaa...n on d day that i cudnt be with him on his birthday the b-fren dtg melwt..double scoop bad news!=(

  10. haha...d bubblyme..insyaAllah..thank u.i thought xde kt mesia..apparently ade..ur rezeki murah nmpknye;) gudluk in ur prep!

  11. laa sebulan ke? mak aih.. klu aku pun aku ingt betul² ada... really sorry to hear that darl... ko x buat home pregnancy test?

  12. buat..keep showing negative..however..sebulan ma late..siap dh suroh mmo wat baby shower T-T

  13. ;( tumpang sedih... harapan mesti tinggi menggunung... next time maybe.. kita sama² doa utk each other.. i want a baby too..!!

  14. =) InsyaAllah...jgn stress2 about that sgt..that's d key..
    when we least expect, then it will happens. InsyaAllah



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