Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Welcome parteyyyyy!!!!!!!

Salam everybody..

I heard some people said..people with blogs are 'these' and 'that'..

To be honest, at first, I was thinking why the hell that I want to publish my thoughts??

Oh well, I have my personal reason to that.
And I believe other person has their own reasons too.
Whether it's bad or not, it's not us to judge rite?
Let them be with so many times to write or be somebody who is hunting for publicity..
Everybody has their own reasons to write=)

This blog was originally made to share the idea about -another ordinary wedding-.
Through the journey, I found that I have improved my skills of writing.
Writing?Not really...haha..I guess it's the spilling of ideas in the form of writing...they are getting better (since I have that problem since born T-T)

Now, this blog has been my lunch time company.
Since I usually don't do lunching, I usually snack while typing my thoughts here.
Oh, of course there's boundary. Not everything I can share kan..Ask SCR..I used to b secretive;p

Today is another day in October. My favourite month in a year;p
And today I realized that deep inside my heart, I love where I am now and what I do.

Adding to my excitation, my supervisor has enlighten me with his idea that can be implemented in my research. And my adrenaline was secreted. I thought I hate this job=( seems like my systems are not!

Another culture in Japan that I wanna share today, is..Party!
They have so many parties going on.
I had been noticed about parties from my husband. He had been to so masuk dpt tu ni la..
yes, it all happens in the midst of biziness..

I got my first party last week.
It's a party to welcome the new student, in this case, ME!;p hehe

Foodies with the girl yg dipartykan;p

The foodies;)

Don't worry, they already knew about halal n haram;)

My friend said there will be more parties coming up as end of a year approaching. But, I guess I will not b able to participate cz have to be back's SCR's wedding yo!haha..

I miss my bachelorette party's organiser=(


  1. Hahaha. best2. it's party too at my place nnt la. hahaha. siap 2hari berturut2. hahaha XD

  2. it's good that you like your japanese life.. :) :) :)

  3. missB:a ah...=) ngan arak skali T_T
    min:yeah..but don't remind me about my husband T_T



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