Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teaser je..again;p

Salam everyone..

Just to rest my overworked brain here..

I've seen 0.2% of my wedding photos (my husband refused a.k.a mls) to attach more to me..he said balik n see mysef T_T..

So, even though he sent me only very chisaiiii (small) portion of the collections (dr 1 CD je br), I must say that the collections are impressive.

Therefore, I would like to express my deep appreciation to our OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER:

So, here I attached 0.2% of the 0.2% photos that I have T_T..Sumenye gamba betandang..

I was amazed when I first exposed to this pic;p U know, I am one of bride yg again ordinary..but the OP had somehow pulled me out from 'that' crowd. Thank U saudara Arif;)

Oh, well..I still hate to see my bengkak kt kepale tu T_T..


  1. Queen..seriusly u look georgeous!upload more..wanna see wanna see

  2. ctzurai:i wish T_T..i mysef pon ade x sampai 10 T_T waaa...x sbrnye nk tgk..once i had my hands on the CD, will do uplod more n more n more;p hihi..gorgeous?arigatou!

  3. ouhhhhh... cantik bangat mbak.. dimana shooting nya? lawa2

  4. fifi:ya itulah..cuman di masjid negara yang under hasilnya vast kali ya...
    bertandang kami ngambil gambarnya di sekitar ibu kota...dekat skali sama dewannya..walaupon jem gilla T_T

  5. wani..sile upload kat fb kerane kat cni takde butang like. hehehe



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