Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh garbage..oh garbage...

Salam lovelies...

Look at this table..

This is actually the garbage disposal schedule...T_T...
Japan is one of the country who sorts their garbage started from home.
I was so amazed how everyone is motivated to do this in every single day. I was trained to do this since being a housewife at the Toyohashi.
However, the sorting becoming more tedious in Hiroshima!!!
The sorting is more details and also u have to purchase this:
The paper bag specially designed for combustible garbage. I had once lived in Tokyo..their way of sorting the garbage are the same with Toyohashi's whereby plastic could be placed in the same bin with paper.
However, in Hiroshima...the combustible bin are only for papers and food remnants!!
and you are only allowed to locate them in this specially made paper bag!It it cost me about 40en for each!huh!
Another thing, since this is paper bag..and food remnants are usually...err..wet, so, there's another trouble that I have to go through..huhu

The garbage bag ready to be collected..

Oh, another thing, the bottle.
Before you can put the empty bottle into trash, you have to take off the label and tutup die and put into thrash for plastic materials. huhu...byk keje kan??

and, oh..u have to write your house number on your garbage bag T_T...no space for cheating isn't it??

Amazingly, the system are happily followed by all the citizens.. and now..me..

I guess Malaysia should start implement this system somewhere to see the effectiveness;)
At first I thought it's impossible that I could follow this schedule...tp bak kate org, alah bisa tegal biase (btol ke x ejaan nye ni T_T)..

This system really left the city clean and there garbages are hardly have odors;)

Will definitely implement this at my own house later;)


  1. alamak. rase cam tak sanggup je nak g jepun if kne sort out the garbage. huhu T_T

  2. tula..mase memule tu mcm x sggp jugak..tp ble dh bese..rase bangge ngan diri senirik la dpr disiplan diri cantu.;) pastu sampah pon bersih cz x campor;p tp kalo kt tokyo takdela complicated gini..hiroshima ni jek=(



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