Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sakanaya surprise..

Salam ladies...

How come that I am able to post many entries in a day??
It's because I don't have work to do.
I was told to enjoy seeing around Japan in my first year??and only start working in my second year..when i show my worry face, they immediately said: "don't worry..nobody do phd more than 3 years here"
What can I do, just believe in what they said=( So, in the first year, my supervisor told me just enjoy Japan, get yourself used to the culture...go wandering around the clinic and attend lecture (just one lecture in a week;p) ehehe...
So, for now, I am occupied with lectures, nihongo class and training (which only start next week, once a week). Sounds easy rite??

Ok, this post is just to show you my experience of being amazed at sakanaya (kedai jual ikan-sakana=fish, ya=shop)

My husband and me always prefer to shop for groceries and wet stuff at a proper supermarket instead of pasar. I don't have a proper reason for this, but apparently we are;p

This is the first time we bought fishes that was put in longgok.haha..
So, we chose two longgok and the staff straight away clean the fish (like in 10 secs) and wrap it nicely in a paper.

Then, he didn't pass the nicely wrapped fishes to us through the counter, instead he came out through the door and hand the fishes properly..

Here's the packaging...I was so amazed..and immediately thinking of my friend who is the BIG FAN of TESCO..hihi..
p/s:Fifi...implement this system kt tesco fi....

I am one of those who's lack of discipline. But living in a country like this, I was sort of trained to be full of manner and to follow the rules for a better way of living;)


  1. in tesco? huh. dulu deme memang rajin. siang bulih, gireng bulih, stim pon bulih. skang nih nak mintak buang kulit kat ayam pon deme tak mo dah.

  2. gapo pekerje mu jadik gitu doh fifi??mu kene brengwosh deme ni..buak kursus skek..making malah pulokk

  3. Bagus nye pekerje die. well mannered. kalau kat pasar selayang maen campak2 je. haha XD

  4. itula...ni kitorang ingat die nk hulur kt konter tu..so tecongok je kepale kitorang kt konter..haha..sekali die kuar ikot pintu siap bow.nk bg ikan je pon;p



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