Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My last hope..got me burnt

Salam sayangness...

First of all, today soo sejukk..brr...the temperature drops too fast I think.
I must not pee..i must not pee.Lol!haha..I need to keep my wudhuk until zoho at least T-T..

Oh well, my wedding photos dh siap..finally...
And the worst thing U could think of, my name is printed wrongly.

U know, I always had this dilemma..not all people named Wani...got full name Shazwani or Hazwani..waa...I bared this 'torture' for 25 years already T_T

I have tolerated my wedding issue enuf!
I remained cool that my DAIS ruined everything..(they even forgot to put pelamin at the maintable..yet I remain cool n smile)
w-planner messed with my w-dress n hubby's dress..n I still the one who solved it.
My mom was not well on my wedding day...I still feeling blessed as long as she can still be there..

However, my name is totally altered on my wedding album..the thing that you can keep for the rest of your life..that's for me unforgivable.


I've sent them an e-mail asking if they can replace with new copies..I don't wanna keep wedding album with other people's name on it=(
Oh, like usual, I didn't marah2..I just said sorry for rejecting it. I hope they can re-do the thing.

The CDs are now at my husband's.
I can't wait to browse through all of it. Hopefully the products are just fine..

So, I decided not to share the photographers with you guys first until..I like them myself.

Here's one of the teaser that my husband attached to me..

I didn't get a proper photoshoot during my engagement.
Looks like my wedding photos pon are not reaching my expectation.
I am thinking to have post wedding photoshoot..
Will browsing through for the concept.
I guess we will be together discussing about the concept hereafter=) Onegaishimasu..
Appreciate ur ideas to be shared..sayangness..=)

update: The photographers have replied to my e-mail and they had already prepared a new copy with the correct name on it. Alhamdulillah....So, for those yg akan terkene like me, jgnla anda menjadi post-bridezilla spt saye T_T..huhu..(naseb baek x mrh2 dlm emel;p).



  1. ko kene tukar name ah nmpknyer wani..'nini' jelah..lagi comercial..hehehhe

  2. tula..mase aku introduce diri senirik kt lab ni kan..aku tesebot some people call me nini..pastu dorg tros jd excited...alive..n now they called me nini T_T"



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