Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Daigaku-byouin

Salam ladies...

Today I wanna introduce to you my workplace.
I was at first feeling hesitated to put this topic coz I was thinking, who will be interested;p ahaha..
However, there are some points that I hope will open the eyes of people who has the same job like me. I hope you guys can see it too;)

Daigaku means university and byouin means hospital. So, to combine both, it means university hospital. That's where I am working right now.

This new workplace is not far different from my previous workplace, i.e. PPUM. Both are a research hospital and er...old;p

Again, I am fated to work in a very2 old institution;p

In UM, I was placed in a very2 new lab. In fact I believe that's the latest lab in Medical Fac, UM for the moment. However, in Hiroshima Uni, I am located in a very2 old lab. The good side that I can see is of course, they are well-funded and well-equipped.

Here's some of the snapshots..

The pantry room..siap ade plasma TV T_T..It is equipped with almost everything that a kitchen might have..However, because all buttons are in kanji..I don't touch anything, I usually carry my own drink n just use the sink T_T
It is however old..but again, neat, clean n well taken care of..

The mini library and stationaries..we can access them all at any time and sukati jekk..
Apparently, by not having any record books, there were no cases as 'missing'

Printing station..
I am still in I don't have cable that connect my computer to the printer and yet..I can print straight away from my laptop..

This is my workplace. The guy right there is also a newcomer. He's a Vietnamese name Tung;)
When I send the picture of my office to my husband he said; "ape ke burok beno mejenye..mcm meje kutip je";(
tp mmg burok..but then again, it's clean and all can function so well.
I think they gave me too many locker. I don't know what to keep in those. I also have coat locker with my name on it...huhu..

The hospital from afar..( I wish I knew how to handle the zooming function;[)

hihi..this is d view during my morning walk.
Hiroshima has plenty bridges. cz the location btol2 dkt muara sungai..the port is just nearby and there's ferry going straight to Busan. Thinking of a short trip there;p ehehe...

Even though the communication here is quite difficult for me, as well as for them, there are no problems for them in managing my arrival.
When I arrived, everything has already in placed. They provides me with everything, from the most important thing to the most unnecessary thing. My supervisor even let me have 1 year to properly settle down in here.
While me??haha..being ignorant all the time cz I am so malas;p
But, in Malaysia we really have to put our ass down to every office and go there like 100 times to make sure your application get processed.
It is so seldom I got to praise the service.
Hopefully, in a few years time, Malaysia administration service will improve and nobody will get tortured again (exaggerate;p).

It is true that it is more comfortable to live in a well developed countries. Then again, what is the meaning of all this things if the people that I love and care are separated by oceans.

Nihongo class in few minutes!


  1. bile nengok macam ni tak sanggup pulak nak berjauhan ngan family.. wani strong ye.. huwaaaa akak nak nanges dah ni.. tah boleh ke indipendent sengsorang gini....

  2. Arigatou gozaimashita!kamereman dpd Kameramin!u too..gambarre mas!!
    kak lina:tau pon..jgn la ngade2 nk dok jauh2 yek..kalo rase nk jd zombie hari2 silela try;(



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