Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe next year?


I got to the office quite early today.
This morning I felt so different from the other morning maybe because my system considers that today is a special day.

And today is my hubby's birthday.

And..I don't feel any happier instead I really feeling gloomy starting when the clock ticks 00:00.

We have been together for 10 years.
For the record, we never been able to celebrate any birthdays together.
I am okay for the past 9 years cz I don't want to exaggerate the term couple tu kan..

He always told me this;"it's ok. Nnt dh kawin, tiap2 thn pon
bole celebrate same2".

And the day comes.

And yet, it is still impossible for me to be by urside or the other way.

Still impossible for this small things to happen.

So, last night, i rang him to wish him happy birthday. That's all i can do for the least. But then I broke into tears..T_T

Why is it so hard for us to be together=(

Not just that I cannot be by his side, I am also didn't get hi
m anything.

I am so sad for the whole day yesterday hoping for miracle to happen. Probably a broomstick fetching me and send me home to him or at least, there's free shinkansen ride yesterday.
There are none.
I guess, I have to be miserable like this for another 3 years..T_T

My birthday is coming too.

I don't bother to dream of anything cz xde perasaan pon nk celebrate. It's d age when u passed suku, it's not a happy thing;p

I was thinking of a present for him. Like every year, I end up at a dead end.
FYI, I never got him a nice, dreamed of present.haha..
I guess, I need your help to suggest something;)

No, not gadget. He has almost everything already.


  1. salam..:) ni first time saya komen blog ni even dah agak lama jugak saya link kan blog nie..

    first of all, nak ucapkan tahniah sgt for both of u sebab sangat tabah n berjaya survive 10 years of LDR..saya doakan hubungan u dan dia kekal bahagia hingga akhir hayat..

    second, pasal hadiah tuu..maybe u can arrange any surprise parcel for him. klu bukan gadget,maybe other simple thing yg buatkan dia ingat u everytime dia tgk benda tu.hahaa sori since i ni kinda romantic type,sbb tu idea sume camtu..:p write him a love letter,record ur own voice into cd n sing ur love songs,etc etc etc..!! :)

  2. weee...baik chenta..
    if only i kt malaysia i tau mane nk dpt alat rakam cute since im here for only 2 weeks..agak sukar sekali ye utk mendptkan mende mcm tu...hmm..however, i'll try looking around here;)
    thank you cz sudi link this blog=)
    thanks for the wishes n pray also. really appreciate it=)



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