Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can I have the trophy please..

Salam ladies..

I just came back from Nihongo class. Likewise, I felt very2 hungry towards the end of the class, even though I have already eaten just before that. Huhu..

I don't know why am I so lack with motivation when it com
es to Nihongo T_T..huhu..mengantuk x pyh ckp la..

So, I am munching right now.I have to cz I'm feeling hypoglycemic sgt T_T

Ok, let's blog;p

Previously, I have been entitled with a few awards by dear blogger friends. Unfortunately, I never know how to grab them;p and never intended to try;p ahaha..
However, the time has passed!now I know how to grab it! (just d photo je lupenyeeeT_T)

Then, let's receive one.
The latest is from my dear ol2 friend...Mmolina!alamat:SCR di blok spot=p

Nila awardnye ^_^ haha....
beautiful???celah manenye cik mmolina x betukor2..haha..pastu mase pilih background ni pileh sbb die kt page 1st (punyela mls nk pileh kt page laen T_T)..

Note for mmolina:I guess the beautiful part tu kt profile photo eh??i know i know..u don't have to mention it =| (muke serius sambil tunjok tgn..)

Yer..takde anugerah free ye...
Every winner are entitle to answer the following quest

First question: die suroh kite ckp time kaseh kt pemberi anugerah..pastu letak muke sket..

Time kaseh la cik Mmoliyana kerane sudi memuji saye cantek ye...haha..
oleh sbb itu..disini saye lampirkan sekali potret comel anda sbg penghargaan x terkate;p

Second question:Kite kene link kan blog kite..

Ye sudah ye..

Third: Kite kene spreadkan ke 15 person???
T_T" susahnye memandangkan i ni bukanla jenis yg blogwalking lalu meninggalkan jejak T_T..if ever i have tyme T_T...But I have a few of my favourites=)
1- MsButterfly!!yey!!!

2-Dr Kay!!


4-Mmolina..(nape mcm dejavu je nih??)

5-Cik Puan Anne (yg rasenye ade 10 kot award ni T_T)

6-Cik Ninie-the writer always came in bautiful elaboration thus I always read ur post until the end;)

7-Puan Nadzira..beliau ni senaseb mcm i cz we r long distance husband n wife..i can relate with her blog emotionally...n i love cat too..semenjak lahir T_T..sabar ye puan nadzira all happen for a reason. Let's pray this is all for better tomorrow=)

8-Kenzo the neko of my dream ;) another mission of my life right now is...kidnap kenzo!hihi *kidding*..this blog is beautiful becoz i can see kenzo!!yey!

9-Mbak Fifi's- Among all person that I knew..she's the one with the most reason to have a blog (yes..yes...not even Dr. M can beat her;p..haha). The real extraordinary path that she went through everyday always made my day..the blog is beautiful as it makes me smile n cry=]

15-Sab's- I don't think she'll be around to receive this award. Her blog made me realized about wedding of my dream and looking at her's has given me nerve to execute it the way i want=)

Yey..aheynye dh cukop LIME BELAS..yatta!!

Fourth question: I have to write SEVEN things about mysef..
2)x ske minum air gas kecuali calpis soda..haha n sejuk peti sejok bukan sejok ais (panjangnye T_T ni bole kire due tak??)
3) x ske minum air yg sejuk ade ais...nk yg sejuk xde ais tp sejok
4) ske dancing tp dh lupe caner..waaaaaaaaaaaa
5) sgt bebakat dlm bidang nyanyian....ahahahahahaha
6) x ske pon keje die skrg T_T
7) really wanna b on cruise =)

ok desu!i guess I have accomplished the syarat2..can I have the trophy please....



  1. ngelat sungguh letak name kawe kali ke2. huhuhu

  2. salam,
    sronok bc blog ni..
    mintak ijin nk link blog akak ni..boleh?

  3. mmolina:;p
    adik dalila:w'salam..haha..xde ape pon dek..mengarut je lebey;p nk link??my pleasure kn je;)



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