Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tom Yam my way

Salam dearies...

This time around, I would like to share with you guys tomyam...my way;p
ngahahha...I know2..tom yam is soooo easy to cook.
You can skip reading this post if you find it boring eh..hehe..

For the b2b yg mcm I dulu..got no recipe at all in the head, start with tomyam k. It's so easy like flicking your fingers;)

These are what you need. Actuall you can put almost any veges in. Since I got limited space to keep things and also, the portion is for my lil tummy, carrot n mushroom is more than enuf;)

In my tomyam, I used chicken. Oh..it's been a long time since I had u..chicken T_T..

First...of course panaskn minyak;p ( I was so rajin to snap all the steps;p)

Fry the garlic slices until naik bau...then pour in the chicken..cook the chicken with the garlic already.

Wait till the chicken is half cooked, pour in water (as much as u like), put in the perisa tomyam (the word hasn't crossed my mind T_T), carrot and serai..

Prepare your rice, or bihun or whatever..haha..I had yellow noodles;)

When it boils, put in the chillies, mushrooms, slices of onions (big slices) and daun limau

Siap sudah!!!This is the dish (ryori in nihongo) that my mom will cook whenever she malas;p

Ittadakimasu!!(huhuk...I don't have coaster T_T)

Happy trying ladies!!!
Will do update another ryori later...;)

The ex-B2b who's once only know how to eat and critic foods;p


  1. Haaa....more recipes plis! hahaha XD

  2. tula nye...nk tggu the arrival of kicap dulu nih;p

  3. Hahaha. Ok. but first. sile bg recipe pizza roti anda itu ye. hahaha

  4. ha??pizza??sonang yo tu..tp kek dapo hiroshima den ni ha takdo ovon..tggu den balik rumah den laie satu yoo...

  5. I have the same pisau! bought in kedai 100 yen kat sini. ngahahaha...

  6. ngahaha..umah aku sume beli kt kedai 100 yen sbb kami berjiran;p

  7. kat mesia nie wpun senang nak dpt bahan, tp kalau malas pegi beli, tom yam tu jadi cam tom yam nippon gaks. ekekeke taruh je apa yg ada :) jgn ada sayur :)



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