Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dreadful incident..indeed

Salam ladies..

One week has passed. And since then my husband was 'parasiting' his bujang fren's house for food...tsk2..All becoz he could not find the periok T_T (how lame was that?? T_T)

On the 101010, you guys must be busy fulfilling wedding invitation right??
The highway was for sure is congested.

I heard about the accident. It's so frightening. Because of one skidded bus, all the other careful drivers were gotten involved. One of the car driver is apparently the wife of my sister's friend. Her body was disassembled, and the car was twisted like a ribbon..I saw the pictures and felt so mad at the bus driver!!ishh!!!

Al-Fatihah to all the victims...

Oh, I heard the arrival of the ambulances were delayed since drivers were occupying the emergency lane..OMG!!I would consider the other..whose blocking the emergency lane is the indirect murder in this case. *sorry for being so harsh..but don't u think so?? *

Err...apologize for the out-of-topic intro;p I just..mad..

Ok, let's go straight to the topic shall we??;)

Since I have introduced my new home, I would to just jot down the moment I first experiencing Hiroshima City.
Hiroshima is a big city. Yes, very big.
I had been skeptical how 'town' is the 'town'. I told my Malaysian friends who has been living in Japan for years about this idea. And most of them said..."Don't worry...the area where you live is really 'town'".
Except my husband...
He told me that I might be feeling a lil bit down as the town is not like what I have imagined..(yes, I am the kind of person ..err..gadis bandar;p)
Apparently, my husband was correct. The town is not at all like Tokyo. My Malaysian friend here once told me this ; "I feeling like living in Alor Setar".

However, after exploring some of the place, I would say that Hiroshima City is somehow maju la jugak..even it is not like Tokyo.hehe...

Kasumi Campus (the Hiroshima City campus for Medic course), is located in the middle of their main town. My house is 20 minutes walk from there and..I am walking.haha..20 minutes walking in Malaysia was like impossible rite??But not here..it is instead favorable;)

When my friends were told that I will be living in Hiroshima, there's nothing that crosses their mind except the first atomic bomb tragedy.

Yes, I live near to that area. Hopefully, the radioactivity has fully vanished T_T

Us near the atomic bomb's remnant. The only building the government manage to preserve.
Actually there are many more leftovers after the bombing. However, the people at that time thinks it will not be good to preserve those as they reminded them of the pain. Only after all has erupted, the urge to save them started. Therefore, only one building was seen at the site of bombing. Oh, the bomb itself was dropped on the top of this building.

Here's the link for the rest of the story...It is again a story of a dreadful incident.

There's a lot more attractions around this erupted building. But they are closed at night. Will do visit again when I got time;)

Ya Allah, Please don't let death take me away in dreadful incident;(


  1. I love entry like this! sangat2 informative. hehehe

  2. oh thank you.that's my intention actually..to share knowledge with my dear frens..just started ni;)



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