Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tibe2 je suke nasik=(

Salam all...

hehe...another post lg;p

this is after i got headache finding data online T_T...

This time around, saje je nk share my faveret food here;)

This is called 'Tendon' (like a type of muscle in our body kan??;p). This is actually rice with lauk. If the main side is udang (we call it ebi tendon) if the main side is belut (we call it unagi tendon). Bwk bertenang..their unagi sgt2 sedap;)

This is also tendon...cume lg sedap cz their rice ade tabur2 seaweed;)

Dulu2..I have never like japanese food. For me the taste is plain..and most of the food that we could eat are fried.
However, when I came here, experiencing the true japanese food, my perception has changed. From the person who barely eat rice, I am now love to eat rice. Japanese rice mmg addictive T_T..
When you look at the tendon, it is just a plain rice with a drop or two of soy sauce. It comes with tempura, usually prawn tempura, pumpkin tempura and other sorts of veges which I don't know their names;p So, after all, it consist of plain rice and fried lauk. However..ia adalah sgt sedap..i can even eat the rice with only the soy sauce;p

Besides doesn't like to eat rice, before this, I also not a fan of seaweed. During my teenage year, lots of my friends love to buy packets seaweed as a snack. i tried..and hate it..haha..therefore, I had always had the bad idea about seaweed and now, not anymore;)

I love to have them together with the rice.

Still, I don't understand y only now that I fancy Japanese food.
Is it because the weather here that has alter my nerves or Malaysian japanese restaurant has actually alter the recipe.haha..

The conclusion here is..I am now officially love to eat rice;)
TAPI....I am now feeling fat too T_T

In most of their meal, there will b miso soup at a side and also pickles. Oh, I always hate pickles, so I neve put them in my mouth. hihi..
Miso soup sgtla sedap...seriously..not at all like what I've tasted in my home country. Is it me who went to a wrong restaurant or what?? T_T

I really wanna learn how to do miso soup. Will do try until it tasted the same like what I've tasted here and post it here later;)

Besides tendon, udon is also oiishii (delicious). That's udon with tempura;)
Oh well, soba is also delicious. But I didn't take any pictures of it YET;p

Since I barely have things to do, I have always be staying at home and..regularly feeling the urge to eat..RICE T_T

Therefore, walking over cycling to uni??For now, I would prefer walking to burn the fat caused by my new 'hobby' T_T


  1. Gigih tunggu ni kot2 ada new entry lagi pasni. Ehe...

  2. Hey dear!~ thanks for the wish.. hehe
    oh btw, u keje ke belajar kat Jpn? guess wat? we r thinkin of Jepang for horny-moon..ehehehe..tgh pk2 ni..kitorg mmg suka benda2 melibatkan jepon ni.hikhik

  3. ler...lg sorang ske jepang;p
    oh, to make the story short..i belaja kt hiroshima uni while hubby keje kt toyohashi T_T that's about 600km apart..again T_T
    hornymung di jepang??gud idea since air asia pn dh sampai sini;p hehe..need info?ready to hulp!



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