Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Bing Bang Theory and Me

My dad told me, when I know how to watch TV, I did not watch cartoon so much. It was pretty apparent since young age, I was so loud, likes to seek for fun and laugh. However, I did not laugh to cartoons. He said I like to watch sitcoms. When think back, the memory I had was dracula, 2+1, pi mai pi mai tang tu, full house, the Nanny, etc.

Speaking of sitcoms, so my entire life, the Big Bang Theory is my no. 1 favourite.
I watch the series everyday since I started watching them. I watch them while bathing, while dressing up, while cooking, while watching TV, while watching husband sleep on skype, while studying, while commuting in shinkansen, while waiting, while cleaning the house, while doing laundry (apetah lagi lipat baju). Kesimpulannya..they are on all the time even I did not watch it. Just listening to the dialogs can make me burst into laughter. 

Anyway, I heard about the series long time ago. But that time, I was into the Nanny, two and a half men, friends, everybody loves raymond, etc. From the list, my favorites 'were' the Nanny and Everybody loves Raymond (my favorite? Robert!hahahah). Until this one year I wondered why big bang theory won so many awards in the emmy. Are they really good? They beat Modern Family (which I was into that year).
So, I decided to watch their season one (that time, season 4 was on air). Hands down!I immediately fall in love in all the characters in the pilots! Even from the pilot I can foresee how the characters gonna be so funny in the future. I straight away like Sheldon!lol xp I know...he is the supervillain. But I am a sucker when it comes to funny people :') 

I think I can call myself the BBT expert for now. gahahaha..
Let me share with you the top 10 of my favorite BBT scenes (trust me, this is cut to 10?It is hard)

1- Sheldon hugs Penny!
I heard that this scene had brought many audience into tears. First, Penny is in Sheldon's mortal enemy's list, second, Sheldon do not do touching people. He is an OCD like that. This time, Penny gave Sheldon a napkin with Leonard's Nemoy's (Sheldon's idol) signature and left Sheldon very touched gitu. But it wasn't that overwhelmed to make him hug his mortal enemy. It was until Penny told him that she is sorry the napkin was dirty because Leonard Nemoy wiped his mouth with it. Sheldon was so shocked and extremely overwhelmed because for him, Penny presented him with Leonard Nemoy's DNA so he can use it to grow his own Leonard Nemoy

2. Penny and Sheldon declare war.
Apparently Sheldon count strikes. If a person exceeds 3 strikes, he or she will be banished from his life..for a year. But they can reset the strikes early by...attending his class (which is also available online -_-"). It happened that Penny touched Sheldon's food after she forwarded an e-mail containing a talking cat to him, and later sit on his spot. In total, she scored three strikes which brought her being banished. Penny was so angry by his absurdity and decided to have revenge! 
Basically, the whole episode was hilarious!

3. Penny asked Sheldon to keep secret and Howard drugged Sheldon.
Apparently, Sheldon could not keep secret. hahaha..lawak betol. He determined to keep Penny's secret from Leonard, that he decided to move house! (he and Leonard stays together). While staying in Howard's, he was drugged and sent back to Leonard's! He later revealed the secret while feeling high. lol xp

4. Amy received a tiara!
Amy is Sheldon's girlfriend. hahahahahahaha (you'll know why I laugh if you watch the series). On this one episode, Amy was offended by Sheldon's ignorance on her achievement. In return, Amy ignored Sheldon and refused to talk to him. Sheldon was desperate and ask Penny's help. Penny told him to buy jewellery. And Sheldon bought....a tiara! -__-" 

5. Sheldon thought Penny was secretly in love with him.
Just because Penny always come to his house and called him Sweetie. Ba***** gile Sheldon nih.hahah..then when Penny said she called everyone sweetie, Sheldon called Penny a tramp.hahahahaha.

6. Penny scolded Howard so hard and later had to pujuk him.
Howard is the 'geli'-est character ever in this series. His confidence overwhelmed for what he has. Just geli je la senang..hahaha. He always hit on Penny. One day Penny scolded him that left him feeling hurt and decided to not see people for a while. But the boys needed him for robot fighting (lol xp). So, Penny had to pujuk him no matter what. See below video for the funny moment!

7. Sheldon tells Penny his plan with Amy to have a test tube baby.
Sheldon and Amy thinks they represent a higher rank of human race, so they think the combination of their genes is a gift for human race, for a brighter future. -__-" And..Sheldon asked Penny if her womb is available for rental. hahahaha..mana la minah tu tak mengamuk :p

8. Amy is feeling horny without realizing it.
OMG!!haha..lawak gila ni. Sheldon offered help to diagnose Amy's symptoms and came out with Amy being infected by alien parasite!

9. Sheldon vs. Kripky in basketball.
I love Kripky's character. I think Kripky is created to annoy Sheldon. haha..Kripky ni ada ramai je kat sekeliling kita actually. Especially di tempat kerja where we can find one or two persons who are so apparent to be competitive towards us. That is whom Kripky to Sheldon. Yang annoyingnya Kripky ni, he can't pronounce the letter 'r' and 'l' correctly. hahahahaha..Therefore, he and siri doesn't get along very well :p

10. They play Pictionary.
I never met with people who draw 'present' and 'polish' like Sheldon did. hahaha.

Hmm..based on these top 10, most of them are about Sheldon and Penny. See??I like Sheldon and Penny the most! Lol xp

Ok lah...karang kalau tambah lagi tak pergi pula korang sume rumah orang kawin. haha..
Eh, how's jerebu? ada elok sikit?

Happy Sunday! xoxo

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Baby Meiko :)


Our ex-colleague just gave birth last May. So, my friend invited a few of us to donate money for her present. I agreed to join the allies and asked to pay around rm100+. I paid.

So, one person was given the task to buy the present.

See..what she bought. The number of people in the allies is similar to the toy above. I wonder if it represents each of us. If that's so, I wanna be the cow! haha.

By the way, congratulations to Takasue sensei for the born of adorable Meiko!

Who's next?? (pick me!pick me!)


Friday, June 28, 2013

19 Shaaban 1434h

is...our 3rd wedding anniversary mengikut kalendar hijrah!
Semoga perkahwinan ini kekal ke jannah.
Impian tahun ini...(macam sambut tahun baru pula) ialah untuk akhirnya mengakhiri zaman LDM.
It's ridiculous la..married couple are supposedly stays together!
InshaAllah...dengan izin Allah s.w.t.

I bet husband did not notice today's date. hehe..I will win this time!

19 Shaaban, 3 years ago..just a few minutes after we became legal..and I can touch you!haha..
I love you, bebeh! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm so sorry...

Yours truly is almost entering 3 series.
It is true that age is just a number. Betul..but, the number so reflecting of our biological system. 
It counts up and warn you. Basically, like a bomb gitu. As the age going higher, our body is getting older too.
So, it is very important to start care for your health as early as possible. Jangan sampai terlambat sangat.
For those yang still under 25, you may not understand what I babbles about. 

Anyway, along this 30 years (belum lagi, tapi senang nak taip 30..haha), I meet people. Some of them stays as friends, some are just hi and bye. I admit I regret for being so immature di zaman dulu that I don't entertain people nicely causing them to leave. But what they say, people that stays are matter. But still, I accept that I was too bad that people leave. Nevertheless, I accept that with open heart, and cherish the people that stays. And yes, they aren't many of them (who stays). Unfortunate?haha..

I don't know if this is applied only to woman? but I feel like instinct sometimes work so well.
I don't do judging people by its cover. Because I had so many times being judge blindly by my cover (yes, my cover so not nice la kot). So, I would not do that to other people. I tried to make them talk to me. Usually, after a few times, I will start seeing beneath them. Unfortunately, most of the times, I sees black. Immediately, alarm inside of me switch on and I will apply a big curtain to hide the true me from them. Only little time, I find comfort around people I sees. Alhamdulillah..When I find comfort, I will feel very comfortable to reveal the real Wani. 

I think this started since the death of my dad (Al-Fatihah for him). Since he passed away, I feel very painful inside of me, I started to feel scared to give love to other people. I also experienced it with cats! After the death of Lilo (my daugther.a cat), I close my heart to any cats! Coz I already know how losing them could leave a big, painful hole in your life. I don't know how long this will stay, but this happened without I even know it. It's true in psychology they say. Maybe some part of my brain had damaged. haha.. This is what happened when men trying to present in my life. I don't even look at them and do not want to get involve in complicatedness of dating world. Basically, I wasn't one yang tukar-tukar boyfriend la..for me it is a waste of my time. haha.. Now, I am so in love with my this one man and very scared about losing him. So far my love to him is the greatest I have ever given to a human being or Allah's creature for that matters. Yes, I see this world very colorful when I decided to open my heart for this man. Alhamdulillah..(yea..all the saying in the movies are apparently true :')).

Along my journey, they are so many ways we could lose people, or in fact gaining new friends. Like recently, I just lost another. I though at this age and at this stage of life and...this career for that matters, all these back stabbings, lies, has ended. I thought everybody would be mature, more professionals. Sadly, no. Seriously, no. I just discover how I was back stabbed by a person that I open my heart to. It was so sad. I still don't know what her intentions were. What benefits she'll get after all the fitnahs she spread about me. I don't feel anything. I feel numb. See..there are so many ways your heart can be shattered. In this case, it is not difficult to forget this kind of people. To forget what she has done, would take times though. But I forgave her already. I hope she'll find peace too. 

However, I don't just blame other people for what has happened that we are now history for each other. To those I have hurt intentionally or unintentionally, from the most bottom of my heart, I beg for your forgiveness. 

I'm so sorry.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post viva aftermath..

#Disclaimer: viva is not the car viva la..if it is, I'll put capital V in front.

Yours truly and the other two boys are currently suffering of a syndrome called 'viva aftermath'.
We never think post viva is going to make us so ugly.

You are having viva aftermath when you...
1- Are hated by other students. 
We are always seen to hang out merata-rata in around the campus, and whenever we see those still struggling friends of ours..our muka straight away says "owh..kesiannya korang.." haha..and they is written all over our face. We usually denied that..but I swear the other two boys are smiling..involuntarily while saying..kesian you ols. 

2. Gain weight.
I was making fun at these two boys who started to looking pregnant! One of them looks almost term. Just last week I was infected with the same 'disease'. I started to feel suffocated and heavy. So, I weight myself. I was so shocked to look at the numbers!arghhhh!!Therefore, I started myself on diet regime; i.e. only one ice-cream for every two days. If this does not work, I'll cut the cake and cookies for tea as well >,<

3. Maybe this is just applied to myself. I'm having break out all over body and..face! I think it is worse than those teen's break out. My teen's break out just jerawat nasi on my forehead. This one..jerawat batu merah I tell you! It sure started when I was busy preparing for viva. It continues even after the viva. Then I blame the new face scrub I just started to use that time. I stop using them, the break out are still there. I was thinking to see a doctor. But, due to raining season, I could not ride bicycle and go to the clinic (although basically I'm going to hospital everyday!My campus is a hospital!). Finally I self-diagnosed myself. I discover the wrong with me. Since the viva preparation, my sleep cycle has gone haywire. I'm pretty sure I wasn't sleep deprived, but more to not having a good quality night sleep. That is very important to me, in fact to us, human. I guess the saying of beauty sleep is true. At least to me. Apparently, my body require a good night sleep to sustain the(almost) flawless skin. I miss my face without red/brownish dots everywhere. During this time, I have to korek my long gone oxy. I can't remember when the last time I apply oxy or any benzoyl peroxide on my skin. 
        Since the viva day, I usually came home at 9 and straight away go to dreamland. Then only wake up at 12am-ish, and find myself wide awake until around 4am. This continue even after the viva has finished. It's like my sleeping clock is used to it. Anyway, after my self-diagnosis, I tried to keep my sleeping pattern like it used to be. Know what, the next morning, I see my skin glowing again!Just in one night. Especially those on my back, seems to die! girls, beauty sleep is true they say. I have experienced it myself. Believe me you don't want to experience this first hand, especially at this age when you repair system and skin turnover is slowing down.

4. Your clock dies on you.
During the past 2 years, I always trying to make time to do all my hobbies and what's not. Now, I have all the time to do everything, but why is the clock ticking so slowwww....we don't know what else to do. To pack up? We have 3 more months to we ask each other...what are you doing now??They are usually still at home or looking at the clock. haha.
Actually I have a lot more to do. But I don't know why they don't let me start yet. ish...

5. Come to work at 10am and go back at 6pm.
which is so...nobody do especially in Japan lar..haha. When the first day I came back at 6, I was like.."I came home during daylight" :')

6. Struggling with savings.
Before, I always feeling frustrated for not having time to go shopping >,< Now, I have so much time to shop,  the itching for shopping like all over my body >,< ishh..
I really have to istiqamah and sleep by looking at my suffocating wardrobe. A good reminder that I don't need any addition anymore. But I think hand bags doesn't count. Does it?
I have started packing anyway. A few boxes already..What's left are things I need to endure summer. But, why is it like..nothing change??No significant reduction was observed for that matter. 

Enam cukuplah..karang takut pula orang nak graduate. Takut gemuk and hodoh sebab jerawat bertaburan. haha..Despite of all these above, I am all glad that everything has over, quite successfully for yours truly.
I listed down things that are very apparent to us three:)

When I started my PhD and almost ending it, husband and me always talk about the possibility for me to stay with him in Toyohashi,, doing my writings while plays role as a wife. But, it is now all long gone. We are now so far away. Maybe that what makes my clock dies on me, break outs, weight, shopping sprees, falling asleep while waiting for his call and only wake up to his missed calls, etc. All to occupy myself from thinking too much about him, the only matter that matters to me and can stop all the insanity I'm having at the moment. 
Allah knows best, so, I accept his plan with tawakal and lots of duas that the hikmah would give us more happiness in returns. InshaAllah..
To those whose still struggling, trust me, 'viva aftermath' is gonna be so worth it!lol xp

Saturday, June 22, 2013


This time let me start with a nasihat. For your next trip, get yourself a sort of trip diary. Now I feel frustrated that I forgot the chronolgies and all, it's hard to give a helpful answer. I usually go like.."lupa dah" although baru je beberapa bulan.

Nevertheless, I remember the places I visited. long as the pictures there. pheww..God bless who invented camera.haha..precisely digital camera! heh..

I may not be able to write everything I do, but i'll try as much.

Anyway, this time I'll write about two places you must go in Sapporo.

Historical Village, Hokkaido

Access: Go to Shin-sapporo station and take bus for Historical Village. The bus took only 10mins. so dekat. so, don't drive.
It is an outdoor museum..A spacious, huge, physically demanding kind of museum. It's like you came into an ancient village. There's sweet shop, hotels, houses, factories, fire fighters house, newspaper company, school, etc. Everything that is in a society!
But, yours truly dah penat nak balik kat rumah ke-2 je baru (that's the situation you have to deal when...wani is not interested. she will..immediately feel tired>,<)
But, not interesting to me, might be interesting to you ^_^
what made me keep walking was..I just wanna walk with him, and..yea..i eat a lot the night before, so...:'D
the views here mmg awesome. every single thing pun so interesting to be captured. Sesapa yg nk gi honeymoon tu bolehla spend masa kat sini gegolek amek gamba :')
Let's have a look around.

Lihat, punyala real perkampungan ni, siap ada public transport..yaitu kereta kuda:D


This is the silk house. sometimes, they put patung which would make me..tekejut.
and..the pakciks called me, to try on er...baju petani? They were volunteers. I think this place is mostly operated by volunteers yg terdiri daripada pakcik-pakcik and makcik-makcik. I heard that, after they retire, they would feel bored, hence the volunteering:) This is a common thing in Japan. You'll see a lot of elders volunteers in places like this.
kereta kuda station


Gakko (school)
Actually, a lot of pictures were taken. Itupun we did not see all buildings. For more, sila tengok sendiri.hahaha.
Mt. Moiwa
Access: (Susukino) Tram to Mt. Moiwa ropeway station, take the free feeder bus (basically drive you up a bit so you don't have to sweat at all. the bus ride was only 3mins! or so)..yea..basically baik naik public dpd drive. hewhew..
Ini lah bas kecik tu. The timing was so perfect, well synchronized with the tram. I don't know how else to praise these Japanese. sekecil2 perihal pun di titikberat :') no reason not to come here.
Actually, we came here twice. The first time we came was more like an impromptu visit as we got extra hours in the evening and the nearest attraction to us that time was Mt. Moiwa. Husband was quite skeptical to my idea at first. My plan for Mt. Moiwa sounded so hopeless romantic. haha.
So, the first time we came, we were told that there might not be a good view for that night. Mt. moiwa is quite high actually..It needs two ropeway trips to reach the top. So, if the weather bad, the view langsung x ada. So, the staffs keep reminding visitors about this and convinced us to come another day. Unfortunately, it was raining season for the whole week, so the probability for a clear view is almost impossible for us. The trip up is quite pricey and the attraction is the view itself. If there's no view, then, there's no point to go up. Husband listened to them anyway, so we balik. That time I started to think that I'd never climb the mountain T_T
I guess it's my rezeki next day, the sky was so clear! we go there at dawn. Dear husband was kind enough to book a table and made sure the food served are muslim friendly! That's a good thing about Japanese. They tolerate well with our beliefs, although husband had to explain quite long on the phone. pheww..

Ropeway ticket. So, there were two trips. The first trip would just carry you until the middle peak. It is not necessary to buy both trips. You could just stop halfway. Banyak attraction juga although half:) We came back down very late, so, everything close already. So, I don't know what's there.
Since we book a table at jewel restaurant, the price for the ride were included in the, what I'm trying to say here is..I don't know :p
Stunning view all the way up.
Oh, before that, you can climb on foot too. But there'll be many warnings for foxes..maybe more suitable during daylight. Me? no..daylight ke tak ke..I would rather ride the ropeway. I love my lutut k.


View on top of Mt. Moiwa:') i should have came earlier. Dapat tangkap sikit je..then..gelap T_T


Our table. In front of us is a glass wall..and Sapporo City is behind it :')


Then we jalan-jalan around the place. Basically we were hanging on top of Sapporo, looking down like a gawd :p ramai pasangan kekasih je kt sini. takde bebudak pon :p and I tell you, after just a few minutes, I felt really cranky..coz it was sooo damn cold. like super duper cold T_T
Walaupun sejuk kene buat muka sweet je sebab that was my idea after all T_T
I think this entry would be the last for Hokkaido series.
Till then, see you in another review:)



Friday, June 21, 2013

Dealing with break ups..

Why do people always leave me??!!!why??.why????waaaaa!!!!!

The night celebrating my viva.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dining in Hokkaido-Cheese!


Last time I stop at seafood. I hope the review could help you get a picture of what Hokkaido is all about (for men, that is food!)

As I mentioned before, I was mostly looking forward to let myself loose on a green field besides white cows with huge black spots, like what we've always see on a milk's box :p My imagination went like, I would help around carrying the freshly squeezed milk and could finally drink the freshest milk ever (not like u can be allowed to drink straight tau.haha)

So, of course one thing I look forward to do in Hokkaido was indulging their produk tenusu like cheese and...susu! anyway, it was actually including the meat, but of course la we muslims are forbidden. So, we stick to susu and cheese je k. Yogurt pun, but yours truly is not a big fan of.

Cheese..all we had in mind was..italian food. Banyak je restaurant Italian especially because we jalan-jalan most of the time around Sapporo je. Our hotel pun memang tengah-tengah (gile) Sapporo city. But, we can't waste any time. It's like no space for mistake in making decision bab-bab makan ni. haha..kalau dah penuh, agak payah la nk cuba yang, bagusnya Jepun ni, u ols taip aje la kat google tu 'famous dining place in Sapporo' (contohla..ayat carian boleh dirombak mengikut keselesaan anda). So, we did! Following the result, we were brought to Sapporo eki (Sapporo station), to an Italiam restaurant name Circo. According to the ranking given in the website, this restaurant is number 1!lol xp

This kedai is located on the 3rd floor (kot) x ingat. But u wouldn't find it by the roadside, you have to keep your eyes on the papan-papan tanda on the building. But basically, it was just opposite Sapporo eki (however, the eki is so huge..and I'm pretty sure this wouldn't help :p) haha.

Let's have a look!

The open kitchen. Kita boleh je gi kat dia tgk dia prepare our order (nobody I saw doing that though)
Ni kat depan pintu masuk. pasta maker. Freshly made following orders!
Pizza kitchen. Dapur batu
Because we were very blur, we asked their recommendation. But we tell them, we would like to try hokkaido cheese. So, they recommend us cheese fondue and pizza of the season.
The cheese fondue. Yours truly is not a big fan of fondue..but this one I can eat. In fact I like it! My favorite was sweet poptato deep in fondue! Well, maybe it's the cheese? I don't know.haha
Their seasonal pizza. That time was kani (ketam) pizza, with lotsa cheese on top!! Their all time specialities was their tomato pizza (i forgot the name, mane margharita?). Memule tak heran pon tomato2 ni..sekali makan..wowss!!the tomato was indeed so different! I don't know how to explain it. It was so sweet! So, the pizza tu tak cukup la at the end. hahah
Two days later, I miss the pizza, so hubby had to bring me here again..this time, I want the whole pan for myself :P lihat! Basically the best pizza I ever had. The dough is perfect, cheese was marvellous!

Interior. Every food akan dipresent bebaik punya..some of presentation I put them in keek. hihihi

Susu pulak..actually we tried a few.This one in glass bottle was the first one. We instantly fell in love and we basically drink this like water! Tapi yours truly tak gemok pulak...husband?Hard to tell..haha
Oh, another thing I sgt amazeballs...*drumrolls*ichigo miruku!!! (strawberry milk!) but I think it wasn't right to complement solely the kedai la..because I think the susu already sedap as it is. Tapi I never had think of this! we can simply dump a lightly crushed strawberries in a glass of fresh milk...and wallah!

As of omiyage (souvenirs), mashaAllah...banyak sgt rasa nak beli. Like above example, the cheese (which I found it ridicuclously expensive), cakes (because of their butter, most of their cakes are awesome), butters, and..etc (suddenly I got writer's block). we bought susu yg mendapat gelaran golden award.haha..but I prefers yang kat atas tadi. It is more drinkable than the golden one. haha..

Till then, see you soon! xoxo


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dining in Hokkaido-the seafood series

Before I arrived in Hokkaido, green fields with cows were the picture i had in my mind. Unfortunately, we only had a week which is not enough to travel farther than Sapporo. The farthest we went was Otaru, which was about an hour by bus. So, mostly we were in Sapporo. Maybe if we were a little bit more motivated and a bit fit we could do more than Sapporo.
My agenda was simple. I want to go to that field I saw in Adelaide once upon a time and hirup udara segar dengan banyaknya. But husband has other agendas, totally differ to mine. He wanted to invest money and time for good food! I was so disagree to his plan at first. But I don't know how I finally fell for that too! geez..When the time I sedar, we were all set to fly back home. cehh..
When you are in Hokkaido, maybe you would get yourself a catalogue as panduan la kan. Because our hotel is located in the centre of Sapporo, there were so many tourist centre and souvenir shops and you could get all these panduan there for free. Or better, google it in your smartphones!
What I'm about to tell you is a general knowledge- Hokkaido is a place for seafoods especially kani (ketam/crabs)!
From my research, there are 2 places where you can enjoy those the freshest!
1) Nijo Market
2) Curb Market
Nijo market was located just about 5 minutes from our hotel, hence the final day :p
Nijo market looks like. So like a wet market kan???but a tourist attraction!
We didn't know which kedai to go, until we see like segerombolan tourist walk eagerly towards this one small, isolated restaurant. Not to mention a bit dodgy. We enter anyways, and look what we ordered!
Saving the best for last. Trust me, all this uncook food cost us a fortune. But for husband, the experience and taste would be worth it! So, we ordered both of their osusume (recommended).

The restaurant looks from outside. It was such an experience to eat at this kinda restaurant. Despite of the look, the seat were always full and ranked among the top for kani.

My review?

Sedap tu memang sedap, but too expensive with its portion. If you want to eat kani, I adviced you to eat in Curb market instead.

Our menu in Curb Market. I like my kani and salmon so so much!!!The kani was so sweet and abundant! The portion also very big for the price! So, I guess Curb Market would be a better choice:)
As we walk, we stumbled upon a restaurant which offered cheap sashimi!
Husband so fast masuk although it was about time I go to bed >,<
Our sashimi. And...not recommended. Murah sebab tak sedap rupanya despite of coming in kapal lidat! Another dodgy Japanese restaurant! arghh!! mcm dalam drama GTO tau T_T
Ok, when I said seafood, of course sushi is in the list!
We spent half a day in Otaru. Believe me, it is more than enough please...not much there except the cannal. Tapi ok je nak pergi :)
Actually, we read there was a 'sushi alley' nearby the canal. After surveying,(in cold. Otaru was so damn cold!) we came to the first restaurant we saw just by the canal (not even near to the alley >,<). Best suits our taste:)
This is the restaurant. We chose this one because this restaurant did not make you eat by set. You can order whateva you like!
This was just a few of our plates. The white fish was my favorite! Bestnya, we eat while being entertained by the chef. It was so amusing to look at them making sushi in front of me. It wasn't as easy as we thought! geez..practically sushi is just raw seafood with nasi je. The hardest is the art to it!

One of the chef of the day!Oh, I forgot to mention, if you come here, get the table,instead. the view would be the Otaru canal. so romantic! ^_^

Anyway, it wasn't that Otaru famous for sushi, that we had sushi here. The person at Otaru tourist centre told us that Sapporo is the better choice for seafood. Basically, anything you want in Hokkaido are just in Sapporo.
Happy seafood-ing!


Monday, June 10, 2013

Shiroi Koibito Park, Hokkaido

We arrived at our hotel at 8pm and most of the shops were already closed by that time. We were so hungry and tired then. That's why I hate flying. What we do was only sit right? but why do we feel tired and hungry??!! >,<
Anyway, it wasn't hard to find our hotel. Since this was a last minute trip (again!) we didn't have much choice. The best choice was Sunroute Hotel Sapporo. The location was so awesome. Do you know shottengai (shopping district with roof). It was located at the shottengai of Sapporo. Awesome right?
Besides, our hotel was located like 2-3mins away from the Pole Town; an underground mall connecting between Susukino metro and Odori metro. So, there's two metros you can choose! I love to choose Odori coz it is a bit farther than Susukino, so I could pass by a lot more shops on the way:') you know what I mean:p
Another great thing was, airport limo stop just in front of the hotel. So, no need la to risau rushing2 with all ur luggages later. Plus, in Japan they keep time like so tepat, sometimes 2 seconds early (speaking of my pengalaman tetinggal shinkansen T-T).
Anyway, on the second day when we wake up, we was like..what's the plan for today? apparently both of us, tak ada plan T_T
We didn't even decide whether to get a car or to travel by train. Most people adviced us to get a car. So, husband called around and we got a car despite of it being holiday season. lagi awesome pasal hotel ni, there's also a rental car service at its parking space! ^_^
with our ride. the only choice left. Im ok with it, unlike the guy in the picture la -_-"
So, dah naik kereta we were like..err..where to go? we refer to the car gps, and we! shiroi koibito park is just like 10 minutes away! So, terusla ke sini :D

View outside shiroi koibito park.

So, what is this place? I had no idea at first, but after the visit, I'd say..this p

place simply a chocolate factory (again?!I know right??). I mean a pretty chocolate factory, located in a building of many museums like musical instruments, etc. Ada show juga you can enter. There's chocolate making class, where you can register and make chocolate for your loved ones. I wanted to but then changed my mind because like 90% of the participants were children >,< basically, it was like visiting willy wonka chocolate factory in the movie!

The only gambar yg sesuai utk tatapan umum, despite face :|
supposedly enjoying their chocolate drink. But no, I had to have my coffee. But we had chocolate cakes :D
The chocolate factory I just described. I don't feel this interesting at all. But, what interest me was looking at husband analyzing the processes, etc. geez..

The inside of the building was like a French Royal Home gitu. Cantik!

This is no option. Before you can enter the building, you will be given a pasport, and your picture would be taken. Don't worry, you can ask them to use your camera instead :')
Finally, some of the views for you :)


Ok, till then, I'll see you for what is the ultimate purpose for you to come to Hokkaido:)



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