Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dining in Hokkaido-the seafood series

Before I arrived in Hokkaido, green fields with cows were the picture i had in my mind. Unfortunately, we only had a week which is not enough to travel farther than Sapporo. The farthest we went was Otaru, which was about an hour by bus. So, mostly we were in Sapporo. Maybe if we were a little bit more motivated and a bit fit we could do more than Sapporo.
My agenda was simple. I want to go to that field I saw in Adelaide once upon a time and hirup udara segar dengan banyaknya. But husband has other agendas, totally differ to mine. He wanted to invest money and time for good food! I was so disagree to his plan at first. But I don't know how I finally fell for that too! geez..When the time I sedar, we were all set to fly back home. cehh..
When you are in Hokkaido, maybe you would get yourself a catalogue as panduan la kan. Because our hotel is located in the centre of Sapporo, there were so many tourist centre and souvenir shops and you could get all these panduan there for free. Or better, google it in your smartphones!
What I'm about to tell you is a general knowledge- Hokkaido is a place for seafoods especially kani (ketam/crabs)!
From my research, there are 2 places where you can enjoy those the freshest!
1) Nijo Market
2) Curb Market
Nijo market was located just about 5 minutes from our hotel, hence the final day :p
Nijo market looks like. So like a wet market kan???but a tourist attraction!
We didn't know which kedai to go, until we see like segerombolan tourist walk eagerly towards this one small, isolated restaurant. Not to mention a bit dodgy. We enter anyways, and look what we ordered!
Saving the best for last. Trust me, all this uncook food cost us a fortune. But for husband, the experience and taste would be worth it! So, we ordered both of their osusume (recommended).

The restaurant looks from outside. It was such an experience to eat at this kinda restaurant. Despite of the look, the seat were always full and ranked among the top for kani.

My review?

Sedap tu memang sedap, but too expensive with its portion. If you want to eat kani, I adviced you to eat in Curb market instead.

Our menu in Curb Market. I like my kani and salmon so so much!!!The kani was so sweet and abundant! The portion also very big for the price! So, I guess Curb Market would be a better choice:)
As we walk, we stumbled upon a restaurant which offered cheap sashimi!
Husband so fast masuk although it was about time I go to bed >,<
Our sashimi. And...not recommended. Murah sebab tak sedap rupanya despite of coming in kapal lidat! Another dodgy Japanese restaurant! arghh!! mcm dalam drama GTO tau T_T
Ok, when I said seafood, of course sushi is in the list!
We spent half a day in Otaru. Believe me, it is more than enough please...not much there except the cannal. Tapi ok je nak pergi :)
Actually, we read there was a 'sushi alley' nearby the canal. After surveying,(in cold. Otaru was so damn cold!) we came to the first restaurant we saw just by the canal (not even near to the alley >,<). Best suits our taste:)
This is the restaurant. We chose this one because this restaurant did not make you eat by set. You can order whateva you like!
This was just a few of our plates. The white fish was my favorite! Bestnya, we eat while being entertained by the chef. It was so amusing to look at them making sushi in front of me. It wasn't as easy as we thought! geez..practically sushi is just raw seafood with nasi je. The hardest is the art to it!

One of the chef of the day!Oh, I forgot to mention, if you come here, get the table,instead. the view would be the Otaru canal. so romantic! ^_^

Anyway, it wasn't that Otaru famous for sushi, that we had sushi here. The person at Otaru tourist centre told us that Sapporo is the better choice for seafood. Basically, anything you want in Hokkaido are just in Sapporo.
Happy seafood-ing!



  1. waaa seafood galore i love seafood tapi tak suka sushi huhu

  2. bahaha.i kt KL x pandang pn sushi ni.tak teringin pon.kt sini i br start explore japanese food ni.just immerse myself in everything japanese while im here ^_^



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