Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Post viva aftermath..

#Disclaimer: viva is not the car viva la..if it is, I'll put capital V in front.

Yours truly and the other two boys are currently suffering of a syndrome called 'viva aftermath'.
We never think post viva is going to make us so ugly.

You are having viva aftermath when you...
1- Are hated by other students. 
We are always seen to hang out merata-rata in around the campus, and whenever we see those still struggling friends of ours..our muka straight away says "owh..kesiannya korang.." haha..and they is written all over our face. We usually denied that..but I swear the other two boys are smiling..involuntarily while saying..kesian you ols. 

2. Gain weight.
I was making fun at these two boys who started to looking pregnant! One of them looks almost term. Just last week I was infected with the same 'disease'. I started to feel suffocated and heavy. So, I weight myself. I was so shocked to look at the numbers!arghhhh!!Therefore, I started myself on diet regime; i.e. only one ice-cream for every two days. If this does not work, I'll cut the cake and cookies for tea as well >,<

3. Maybe this is just applied to myself. I'm having break out all over body and..face! I think it is worse than those teen's break out. My teen's break out just jerawat nasi on my forehead. This one..jerawat batu merah I tell you! It sure started when I was busy preparing for viva. It continues even after the viva. Then I blame the new face scrub I just started to use that time. I stop using them, the break out are still there. I was thinking to see a doctor. But, due to raining season, I could not ride bicycle and go to the clinic (although basically I'm going to hospital everyday!My campus is a hospital!). Finally I self-diagnosed myself. I discover the wrong with me. Since the viva preparation, my sleep cycle has gone haywire. I'm pretty sure I wasn't sleep deprived, but more to not having a good quality night sleep. That is very important to me, in fact to us, human. I guess the saying of beauty sleep is true. At least to me. Apparently, my body require a good night sleep to sustain the(almost) flawless skin. I miss my face without red/brownish dots everywhere. During this time, I have to korek my long gone oxy. I can't remember when the last time I apply oxy or any benzoyl peroxide on my skin. 
        Since the viva day, I usually came home at 9 and straight away go to dreamland. Then only wake up at 12am-ish, and find myself wide awake until around 4am. This continue even after the viva has finished. It's like my sleeping clock is used to it. Anyway, after my self-diagnosis, I tried to keep my sleeping pattern like it used to be. Know what, the next morning, I see my skin glowing again!Just in one night. Especially those on my back, seems to die! girls, beauty sleep is true they say. I have experienced it myself. Believe me you don't want to experience this first hand, especially at this age when you repair system and skin turnover is slowing down.

4. Your clock dies on you.
During the past 2 years, I always trying to make time to do all my hobbies and what's not. Now, I have all the time to do everything, but why is the clock ticking so slowwww....we don't know what else to do. To pack up? We have 3 more months to we ask each other...what are you doing now??They are usually still at home or looking at the clock. haha.
Actually I have a lot more to do. But I don't know why they don't let me start yet. ish...

5. Come to work at 10am and go back at 6pm.
which is so...nobody do especially in Japan lar..haha. When the first day I came back at 6, I was like.."I came home during daylight" :')

6. Struggling with savings.
Before, I always feeling frustrated for not having time to go shopping >,< Now, I have so much time to shop,  the itching for shopping like all over my body >,< ishh..
I really have to istiqamah and sleep by looking at my suffocating wardrobe. A good reminder that I don't need any addition anymore. But I think hand bags doesn't count. Does it?
I have started packing anyway. A few boxes already..What's left are things I need to endure summer. But, why is it like..nothing change??No significant reduction was observed for that matter. 

Enam cukuplah..karang takut pula orang nak graduate. Takut gemuk and hodoh sebab jerawat bertaburan. haha..Despite of all these above, I am all glad that everything has over, quite successfully for yours truly.
I listed down things that are very apparent to us three:)

When I started my PhD and almost ending it, husband and me always talk about the possibility for me to stay with him in Toyohashi,, doing my writings while plays role as a wife. But, it is now all long gone. We are now so far away. Maybe that what makes my clock dies on me, break outs, weight, shopping sprees, falling asleep while waiting for his call and only wake up to his missed calls, etc. All to occupy myself from thinking too much about him, the only matter that matters to me and can stop all the insanity I'm having at the moment. 
Allah knows best, so, I accept his plan with tawakal and lots of duas that the hikmah would give us more happiness in returns. InshaAllah..
To those whose still struggling, trust me, 'viva aftermath' is gonna be so worth it!lol xp

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