Sunday, June 9, 2013

To Hokkaido

So, we've been to Hokkaido during the Golden week last May.

Er..actually it wasn't even the Golden week. We went like a few days before the Golden week. simply because I was so..tak faham la bila actually cutinya >,<

Hokkaido is a very nice place if you plan to come. Offering you something different for those who are residing in Japan and crave for something different other than shrines and matsuris. know what I mean :p

Anyways, despite of that, I had a hard time to focus and enjoy the moment as I couldn't take my mind off of work. With the emails constantly came in, and the thought about the viva and conference. Nonetheless, I had a great time with the love of my life, who kinda try to compensate the times he's been missing for work. How sweet :')

At first, I feel reluctant to write on the journey. But while I was doing research for the trip, I had a hard time to find reviews. So, I decided to add into the search engine. Nice or not, belakang kira :p

Second reason being, isn't it nice when I browse through this blog, and I can read the memory :) Don't you think the same too?:)

Lastly, my biological clock for sleeping went haywire since viva week, i fell asleep around 830pm everynight, wake up at 10pm and only sleep again at 2. So, yes, I have free time from 10pm to 2am. I don't know what's happening, but I guess circadian genomic clock can explain this.

Well, ok, enough with mukaddimah :p

The train from Nagoya city to Nagoya Airport.

Look! look! it has 'chiketto horuda' (translation: ticket holder). I don't know how you guys, but I feel impressed by this small thing!Really made my life easier:')

Nagoya Airport located like in the middle/by the sea:) Awesome view!

hehe..We flew by AirAsia Japan Domestic.

Ok, this is important. Trip in Hokkaido shall startas soon as you step down of the plane. The attraction starts in the airport. Even I should pesan to you to just buy your souvenirs there. Seriously, the airport has eeevrything! It's better too so as you don't need to carry your stuff all the way to the airport and jeorpadozing their integrity. Boleh jumpa semuaaaa semuaaaa sekali di airport k!Even more stuff!

Another thing, there's a entertainment area at the airport; The smile road (I bet the name given on purpose:p)

Dekat sini je ada banyak sangat attraction, especially....

Tadaaa!!! Royce' Chocolate World!
#Royce chocolate was found in Hokkaido.
So, inside the chocolate world, there's a small museum where you can see most of the history of Royce chocolate and exhibition on the chocolates from the 'ancient' days. I don't find it interesting though :p But just immerse yourself with it k.
Also, the factory was there surrounded by glass wall. So, you can see the making from outside. Kids will find this amusing. Me?
This is totally for me!!!The only one thing I came for! But husband made me see everything first before I can step into the store (store kat depan sekali, k:/ I think he should let me get what I want first before dragging me into those museum:/)

And, this was our favorite:) white chocolate with cranberries toppings:)


Besides that, there's Doraemon skypark (comel sgt cafe dia :'))

And Hello Kitty World!

So, as I told you, it started as soon as you arrived!


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