Friday, June 7, 2013

Berita terkini..

Hiroshima, Jun 7- Wani telah pun siap thesis beliau :')

Yahoo!!!! lol xp
*Not officially merdeka la tapi..sebab lepas ni ade thesis defend. macam-macam..redah saje.

So many procedures to accomplish. But for those who are doing their doctorate, mesti macam target viva je kan? Sebab memang betul pun tu la yang macam scary sikit. Sebab it is an open presentation, anybody can come to question you. Lucky for us (me and the other two members of my batch) for our session was reschedule to a day in which most Professors were unavailable. bahaha.. Even one of my examiner could not come due to last minute notice. The date changes was all..because of my supervisor. phew..nevertheless, my session was one of the toughest.

Do you want to see how my viva went like?

Top: During the 20 minutes presentation.
Bottom: During question and answer.

Well, most of the questions was like..'what the hell? I never really ever look into this matter >,<'
And what's worst, I had a meeting a day before that with one of the judges. He asked me which part of my research that I found it difficult and could not find the answer. Something like that.
And..he asked me that question (!!) 
I went err..and look at my mentors' faces. One of them acted dead, another one turned blue, and my supervisor was laughing. Don't worry, I took care of the question pretty well:) 

Us, after. 

All three of us very aware of our journey. It was a difficult one. The left one, Dr. Andra had his prof. died a month before our viva session. To find replacement prof. was not an easy task in here, in fact in Japan. Title prof. is not for everybody. So, until today, he has no one taking care of him. 
The middle one...sigh..she was struggling with emotional instability due to long distance marriage since day 1 she arrived in Japan. She is now nothing but getting worse. 
The right one Dr. Tung? I don't know. haha.

After all these years we thought the feeling of completing viva is something that we can't imagine, but certainly giving us pleasure. But, surprisingly for me, it was a total numb. Like anti-climax. 
As soon as I stepped down the stage, away from the rostrum, I was checking my phone. 
Waiting for..who else T_T 
That's how when a person meant very much to you. Everything else become meaningless T_T

With those who stayed till end :) Oh, I was the first to present. hehe..and yes, I was wearing a very red shoes and I appeared pretty colourful. Something that you won't see in here for a viva, or for a formal presentation in fact. I just wanna be myself :D

I'll be flying back to KL this Sept.
See you!


  1. Omedetou wani..bestnyaa dh habis :)

    1. arigatou!!congrats to u too!!been meaning to wish you,tp always takde chance.gomenne.



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