Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's today!:')


Hello! apa khabar?'s so awkward to start writing to you after a long hiatus (again)!

Anyway, I was so busy for the whole month of May, making preparation for today :') May 29th, inshaAllah marking the day I finally finishes my doctorate study (alhamdulillah). Although unofficial, but today's test is the biggest milestone for us to pass. If we passed this one, following test would be just the protocol. I hope that is also the case for this year's Grad student.

I should write an entry dedicated to my Dept. and Prof. kan?

They are (well some of them actually :p) indeed a blessing in my life.

I'm writing now because I already sick of all the slides, the scripts. I can't look at them anymore. Blerghh..

The three stooges student who will finish their PhD. The only batch with mostly boys. I don't know why, but I had always in the class yg overwhelmed by boys. So unlike what I have heard. The left one is Dr. Tung of Vietnam, and at the right is Dr. Andra of Indonesia. Both of them are surgeons and like 7feet tall (!). Me? Imma housewife and tiny (T_T).

Anyway, before the final presentation this afternoon, I would have to meet with the examiners and make them understand about what I was doing. Basically convincing them my study is worth the time for them to judge. Most of the times, they were amused by my wedding ring. I mean, It wasn't because the ring was big or what not, but they were amused by..what? you are married? and your husband has been living in Japan for years? and what?you and your husband has been living separately since...ever?

yea..things like that. At one point, I kinda frustrated coz..again husband stole my spotlight (although he did not inted to or not knowing it.sighh). FYI, Japanese are easily amused by foreigners, especially those who can speak, write like them and understand their jokes. Even more respect if that foreigners could pull a joke, japanese style. hehe.

Despite, everything went well, not much questions asked. Alhamdulillah..but again, it's either I did very well, or they didn't actually understand what I was talking. hehe. Hopefully the first one eh :')

May 29th will be remember as the day marking the end of our LDR.

I wish.

Husband is still in Korea. Looks like the union wouldn't be happening around this year at all. The earliest maybe January. Hubby has commitment yet to accomplish. Till then, I don't know where I will be. Nevertheless, doakan kami semoga akhirnye dapat bersatu macam suami isteri yang lain, k:) I believe, setiap marriage has its own test, and this is ours.

Oh yes, my presentation is gonna be later today.

But I've started packing last night :D

So excited to finally unite with my Prince :D

Although the future is so vaguely seen now. The most important, unite first, other things come later! InshaAllah..

I think starting tomorrow, you'll see me write more often (hopefully).

So many things to share especially of my recent visit to Hokkaido.

It was very difficult for me to find reviews on Hokkaido. Maybe I could help a bit for you later.

Bagi sket sneek peak di Hokkaido (yang sejok nk mamp...)
Write to you again very soon!





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