Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awesome Malaysians

Put our ego aside, and say sorry. 

This is definitely one of my favourite iklan. EFER!>,<

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lebaran Ini

hihi...Diri ku ingat sudah tak ada semangat nak raya di umur ini...
Idoklerr...dari minggu lepas dah 'raya sick'. Well, many things contributed to that. Like some people said, I just make 'raya' as reason for other things/people I have been waiting for. Tapi2, honestly, I suke sangat situasi di malam raya at my house. We are not perfect happy big family. But we love each other deeply and I can see well from their face saying, "alhamdulillah, I still can see you, you, you, you, you...tonight". 

Maka dengan ini, yours truly ingin mendedahkan satu secret di hari yang indah ini (yes, Hiroshima beberapa hari ini terlalu indah's something making you smile all the way:))

Secretnye: Lagu feveret hari raye saya!!!EFER!^_^

Dah bayar zakat fitrah?My pembayar zakat tunaikannya di Jakarta tahun ini..tsk2..merata2 zakat kami :D

Korang ada lagu raya favourite?

Yours truly,

Friday, August 19, 2011

I see the light

Sensei sort of give me a day break before a whole week torture next week >.< Never mind la. I think I'll be in full of spirit (so much hopefully) sebab weekendnye I'll be finally meeting my long departed guardian angel:) InshaAllah..
So, I'll be updating today. Will try to reduce number of words..coz you know..many of you email me asking about my dress instead >.< 
Moving on, this post is actually the continuation from this post.

So, I did gave you the hint. The acara kemuncak for the peace memorial day in Hiroshima is..floating lanterns:) OMG...I never imagined that it was indeed a stunner:) I would say one of my priceless experience to be given a lifetime opportunity witnessing the whole event by my own eyes:)

Therefore, for those of you planning to visit Hiroshima, I'll recommend you to include 6th of August in the schedule. You'll regret it if you missed this.

On the day, after iftar session in one of Indian restaurant, we headed to the scene. The event was held along the river nearby the Genbaku Dome. Can you imagine?Hiroshima is a city with many rivers crossing it. Hence, many junctions that made you feel like you are in a movie, cycling on it with dress and hat on:P *Oh, I love cycling in the evening alone:')*

Here, I share with you some of the scenes.

Lanterns made by the kids.

The Genbaku Dome (marking the spot where the first atomic bomb was dropped). Actually, the whole city was burned down jadi padang jarak padang terkukur immediately after the bombing. BUt this building remains, sebab the bomb was dropped and ignite on top of it, so, the effect at the bottom lesser. Tu pasal tak hancus sangat. Yours truly mengangkut soft toy yang dirampas:P

Subhanallah...this scene was too beautiful. I was smiling when I saw this. Too beautiful to be true. Semua orang teringat Rapunzel. It was more special to me as I am the big fan of that cartoon:p hihi..How can the cartoon scene came to live?I saw that already with my own eyes:)

So, we sat along the river, watching people send away their lanterns with peace messages or  simply to their lost ones.  We want one also, but maybe next year. I was too occupied watching that time:D As the wind changing direction, so was all the lanterns:)

Including the photographer, there were us that night:) 
Priceless journey indeed:)

World peace!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moment 'WithLove' F.O.C

I told everybody that this week gonna be the toughest since hubby left. This week would be the 7th week we haven't seen each other ever since he left. We never been departed for this long. I mean since the nuptial of course. 
Tapi tapi...mungkin Allah itu maha pemurah...langit Hiroshima dari hari Isni lepas, redup..suhu pula sangat sangatlah nyaman. Puasa  pun tidak rasa seperti puasa. Rezeki pun murah. Hampir setiap hari berbuka makan percuma :D Sangat bersyukur dipermudahkan minggu ini, walaupun setiap minit nya umpama marathon for me T__T  Clock is ticking so slowly >.<

I missed him, making me going through our wedding albums more frequently (ok, I lied...I selalu x tengok pun :P). Tapi sekarang I tengok weh..lame2 satu gamba ..hihi..that shows how sick I am currently T__T
Lepas tu, tengok pula album bertunang..

I think, I am the most gojes mase betunang kot..bahahaha..Tak percaya?
Korang tengok la antara koleksi gambar (yang mudah dicapai dan diletakkan di sini..hehe...)

hehe..I was shivering in the inside. This is before cincin disarungkan..

I selalu perasan diri sendiri tak ade darah gemuruh..ataupun darah gemuruh  darjah rendah...Tapi di hari pertunangan..semua anggapan itu terbukti salah. saya memang manusia biasa..huhu

With besties:) You know I didn't invite friends over?Just who's sooo sooo rapat and knows about the majlis?o_O

ehe..yours truly.
I don't have OP. None. Nil. I just have photographers who came for fun. bahhaa...On the day I got about 5 'OPs'. One of the stranger on that day was Muhaimin. Tell you, beliau ni walaupun I macam tak kenal..tapi die amek gamba I macam I hire die je. Bersungguh-sungguh sangat >.<

Nak try beliau secare percuma mcm yours truly tak?(Gamba di atas tu sume adalah dari folder beliau)

Huh!!senang sesangat!!!!

Uplod je foto satu..pastu korang suruh kawan2 like..kalau tak nak suruh kawan, korang like je sendiri (buat akaun baru hari2:P) Okeh?!
Maka, to those yang plan nak save cost for pre-wedding ataupun sesape yang tak pernah buat (iyes...saye la tu T_T) yang rasa nk buat post wedding...inilah mase dan ketikanya nk mencuba nasib. Tak perlu keluar duit pun :) Or or....for couples out there who wants to do it for fun. For life time record. Why not?
Don't worry if you are a shy person ( who else kan..yours truly pun same :D)..Kameramin ni akan mengubahnye!Weeeee!!!

Mari kite membanjiri fesbuk Kameramin dengan gambar2 romantik kite jom :D hihi..

Ok bai...yours truly nak pilih gamba paling romentik utk dipertandingkan :D ehe


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The 66th Peace Memorial Ceremony

I got a 'buzz' in my yahoo messenger. It was from my vietnamese friend asking me why didn't I yet to bed? 
I don't know how do I explain to him about sahur. So, I told him I didn't feel like sleeping yet. 
Next morning, I was woken up by one of the city hall people through phone. It was 615am. They expect me to be at the ground floor at 630am. How la T___T. 
I remember vaguely, with kid's voice I asked them,"Can I go by myself?It's too early." And I heard a small laugh at the end of the line. He told me, I wouldn't be able to find my reserved seat if I go there alone. I was imagining the ceremony is like..a..bunch of people standing in a circle with one person giving speech at the center, which later a flock of doves are released. I forgot about the whole thing is one of the world`s famous ceremony.

Waiting for the streetcar. It was 645am..but look at how bright it was. My face sembap sebab tak cukup tidur T__T

Where we were told to wait. I have photos of myself here...but face was too awful untuk tatapan strangers:P bahahaha

Our seating:) If I were to come alone, I don`t think I would ever grab a seat, let alone a decent one like these.  However, because of this comfortable seating, I dozed off half of the time:/

The choir. 

Guests from abroad were the targets of the medias on the day. Besides that, I was also held by the school children. Few of them presented me with their artwork :)

My friend captured my sleepyface:/ which not long after that..I fell asleep :/ We were provided with electronic translator, therefore I understood all the speeches. I think that's awesome >.< through my ear, even the PM talked in english :D
And because of this extreme sleepiness,  I saw the dove pun dah samar2;/

This is how far we were from the famous Prime Minister Kan.
As a wrap, okla..I think this is an experience for once in a lifetime. It would be great if this ceremony falls on non-fasting day. Due to hot weather and lack of stress, I had to leave the scene very early. The day wasn't just about this morning ceremony, in fact it was a one whole day event. There's a lot more activities you can participate on the day. I was so eager to try the tea ceremony..but again, it was Ramadhan.
Well, after the ceremony ended, I plan to run away coz I really cannot tahan anymore the heat around me. But I was stuck in human traffic and media attention;P, I was sort of forced to be one of the international delegates for the special conference. I was again 'unlucky', picked up by the authorities to give speech T_T...I was so not good at it...T__T

Well, I must say I am proud of myself for another extraordinary experience here in Hiroshima;) I don't think many people are given such an opportunity to represent Malaysia or been given such an opportunity to express yourself.

Later, I'll share with all of you the 'apogee' of the whole event, for what this event is the most famous for:) I was one of the most incredible, jaw dropping view one could ever witnessed:)

These 2 weeks. Every minute of it is like a marathon to me:/
Puan Wani

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jom cantik di hari raya:D

Yours truly during engagement day. Make up by SCR.

Jangan salah faham..ini bukanla iklan hari raya walaupun gambar yang dipaparkan macam hari raya:P
Just nk share disni, MUA yang men touch-up kan yours truly masa e-day haritu telah officially menjadi businesswoman. Beliau juga telah berjaye mengurangkan wang simpanan saye yg memang tak banyak pon:/
Tapi actually kesalahan bukanlah sepenuhnya saya letakkan di atas bahu beliau..sebab saya ni memang tak ada mekap pon T___T. Saya ada masalah trust and kurang ilmu mekap. Yours truly selalunya pakai aje apa yang ada di dalam kocek handbag. Kalau di Malaysia lagi syiok sebab kakak yours truly memang 'hantu' MAC. Maka kehidupan saya di zaman itu adelah sangat awesome dengan bekalan mekap yang melebihi daripada diperlukan. Maka dengan wujudnya beliau di arena pasaran mekap online ini, yours truly tak perlula membuat lawatan ke kedai mekap lagi sebanyak 100x tapi tak beli apa-apa sebab kene tanya dengan beliau dahulu. 

InshaAllah..raya yang akan datang ni, suami saye tak perlula menatap wajah saye yang satu tona sahaja. InshaAllah, gamba raya kali ini, pipi saye akan lebih cheeky kemerahan walaupun belum sempat lagi melemparkan senyuman tatkala butang kamera dipetik. 

Maka oleh sebab itu, saya dengan rasa tanggungjawab, mahu berkongsi dengan anda semua disini rahsia bakal menjadi cantik di pagi raya :D

I tell you, you ols yang tak tahu beli mekap macam yours truly yang masuk kedai mekap banyak kali tapi x tahu nk beli yang mane...memang sesuai la membeli belah disini..sebab anda semua boleh meminta khidmat nasihat sebelum membeli. InshaAllah...kalau tokey nye bukan dalam pantang, die kate die jawab soalan-soalan kalian (die kate kalau dalam pantang cash on delivery je yang x bole :|)

Okla..kalau ni iklan radio I rase u ols dah tukar chanel dah sebab panjang sgt.

Korang pegi jelah tengok sendiri sekarang

Selamat beribadah. Lagi 15 hari saje lagi. 


Friday, August 12, 2011

Burung hantu

I thought I can live without coffee la kan..
Pastu dok tahan2..I cannot tahan anymore >.<
Then on the way back home for iftar (which was actually quite late)...I made emergency break (basikal je pon..) depan 7E. Huh...straight to the coffee section and grab whatever starbucks they have and pay!
Sampai2 rumah sudah tentunya tiada makanan..hanye ade kopi sejuk di tangan.. movie sambil minum kopi. arghhh...heaven..seriously..

Oh, br teringat..ada remnants of nasi goreng bersahur semalam and, that`s for my berbuka.

And then..I was kept awake until 5am :| I could not sleep >.< I did many things to fill up the night. Name it, jahit manik, main piano, tgk movie, blog eyes were so much awake >.<

Maka..terduduknya saye di sini sebab baru bgn tido :/

Waaa!!!!coffee during starvation is so not good!!! >.<

Despite of that, I still want another shot tonight...uhu..must not Wani. Must not! Or you`ll continue being an owl tonight:/
Yes, it`s Friday...and it`s obon yasumi. I declaring myself cuti walaupun nobody granted me that :/ nasib baik harini obon yasumi..kalau tak..mesti dah menggelupur bangun, lari2 pegi keje >.<

Selamat berobon yasumi...korang yang ade di Nippon:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Month of goodbyes.

Keloids (click for more). Image:source
I live in Hiroshima.What else is this town is famous for if not because of its tragic atomic bomb history.
I assumed month of August is like Aidilfitri in Japan, where people go out to visit graves, pay respect and pray for dead ones. Why August? Actually nobody told me about its significance. In my opinion, this maybe somehow related to the 'mass murder' of people by the first atomic bomb dropped onto this city 66 years ago.

I was eager to see how can I participate in order to benefits myself living in this one historical place. So, I sign up for the activities offered in the "66th Peace Memorial Day".
The first activity was, a short movie about a newlywed couple living in Hiroshima and how their life was shattered by the atomic rays. I was attracted to this movie because by that time, I was also a year old married. Just like the lady inside the movie poster. So, I went. Alone.

As I entered the hall, I saw many old people. In a quick glance, I didn't see any young Japanese attending this forum. Well, I am not sure if they have been into such activities for so many times or what. And of course a few foreigners like me.

So, the movie started and I was so relieved after seeing the english subtitle included:D

The story is a about a girl who fell in love with this one Japanese guys who by that time is serving for the airforce. The marriage was planned by the elders which at first the girl has refused. However, when the guy turned back to leave her house (after his proposal has somehow being rejected by the girl), the girl called him and from there that moment the wedding is on. The girl has obviously fell in love with the guy's back which for her is strong to protect her the rest of her life.
They live so happily after a year of marriage (who doesn't :P). And one day when the husband came home, when he just opened the front door, the rays hit the area and in a blink all they can see is fire and unbearable heat. Some things aren't burning but their heat was hotter than the fire. The wife was buried by the house. And the husband's back was exposed directly to the rays. He was then lived in a dead body.

Many people are dead. Many more were half dead and wishing to just died.
Many people saved, can't drink water as it will severed the internal injuries. Can you imagine burning and treated in already heated city and burned but you can't drink even a drop of water? Well, some tried to drink..but they just could not swallow anything >.< The husband however was so much alive and begun  producing worms like he's already dead. So, the husband's back really saved his wife.
Miracle saved the husband. While many other were dead in several weeks, but he's getting better despite of keloids on his back. That time, what the wife has loved the most about her husband is gone. Awful looking and painful keloids at his back was used to show Americans and the world that times about how terrible atomic bomb has brought to human life.

The husband was hospitalized for 6 years, underwent countless of surgeries. After his released, the couple has to start their life from scratch. Due to health reason, the husband was not eligible for most of the jobs available and not to mention they by then has to live in a dead city. For them, the city could only offer memories. Memory of how they survived and the husband feels it was his job to continue the world of his survival. For that, the couple opened a souvenir shop, located in front of the genbaku dome (the landmarks of the atomic tragedy).
The husband passed away in the year of 1980's but the wife, is still around (now 89 years old), continue telling the world about their atomic bomb survival experience.

I was so cliche. I did felt the sadness, anger, love brought by the movie. However, when I think about how our grandmothers and grandfathers suffered during their colonization, the sadness became natural :P

For me, if it's not because of this tragic history, Japanese won't be so modest as we know them today.
People around the world were saying, there's no chance of living in this devastated city. Not even for a nut. Now, look at how they rise. They did all from total scratch and dust. Can we achieved the same in the year 2020?Can we remain modest if ever we achieved the mission? Just like Japanese do?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramadhan Routine

I know I have not been writing much about my Ramadhan here. While many of bloggers 'perantau' writing their routine on daily basis, all I did was m.i.a :D hihi..
For girls, you know why I have been that silent :P
I started my Ramadhan quite late unlike many of you. The weather in this city of Hiroshima has not being nice either to me. Therefore earlier days of Ramadhan to me, I was bedridden due to overdehydration. However, bedridden because of the ultimate thirst is also not good..because you can't sleep also. Your condition will only get worsened by headache :/ After two bedridden days (literally..), now I am much stronger to pull puasa like I used to do in Malaysia. But here, due to the extraordinary heat, I have to be careful. I take a lot of precautions (mcm pregnant lady :D). I walk slowly. I'll try to avoid sunlight and I'll talk less. For this few days, it works very well. Alhamdulillah..
The berbuka time also becoming faster everyday. It's like the clock skipping 3-4 minutes a day making maghrib is so much faster everyday. Alhamdulillah..
I tried to go back as early as possible to break my fast at home and have a rest for other ibadah. So far, I did great despite some days the tiredness just seems to stay, resulting of tertidur sampai sahur :/
Oh, how I'm jealous of you who managed to a complete meal siap kuih muih. For me, I have to plan to sneak out of the office just to go home and cook some rice. Summer heat is terrible..your rice can turn bad in a blink of an eye if you are not careful. Even I put a lot of thoughts about that, I have wasted tonnes of food (from my calculation doubled up with the guilt I felt along when I dumped the bad food away:/)
Despite of that, I am still a fussy eater. I have to get a complete meal so that I won't feel guilty to my body afterwards. So, I always thinking a way for me to cook simple and fast full course meal.
Like yesterday, I just wash salmon fillet, squeeze some lemon on top of it, put peppers (semua jenis pepper letak), top with tomatoes and onions (because that's all I have in the fridge). You can in fact put anything. e.g asparagus, carrot, broccoli, etc. 
So far so good. I'll try to share other simple cooking for busy lonely lady like me T___T.

Selamat berpuasa and selamat berbuka to all ^_^


Friday, August 5, 2011

Nagoya: Nagashima Resort

Just a few days ago, I wrote about where mummies should be heading to if you are in Nagoya. Find more about it here.

But when you are already a mummy and a daddy, you must can't stop yourself from planning places where your kids can enjoy.
No worries..I know one of the place where kepentingan the whole member of a family will be taken care of pretty well :D

Here we are..the Nagashima Resort:)
To compare the place with what we have in Malaysia..I would say..Sunway Lagoon Resort. Where we can find malls and the theme park are at one place. Even better, malls here is not just malls like aeon mall:P ahaks..this is where Nagashima outlet is located :D ahaks... Well...our visit here is actually the continuation from this post. So, the RnR was not our initial plan (at least to me>.<).

From can see the roller coaster' track. I swear it was sooo high up to the sky >.< But hubby said this is nothing. Utk budak2 je >.< idokle teman nak naik ni kot -__-"

Ehe..unfortunately the gate has closed. Are they closing at 5??so cepat >.< but we didn't planned to get in pun..becoz our aim was..the outlet :D hihi..But because we never wanna go this way when we are we decided why not this time..check out what's next available. 
So, from outside you can see there's pool and other rides. Just  like sunway lagoon offers you behind my house :D ehe...
You know Anpan man??I love the cartoon sebab boolat sgt superhero dia. Comel :D  Many friends in Toyohashi is married with kids. I saw a lot of pictures of them with their kids inside this amusement park. I was excited to see this place. It's located just next to Nagashima park tadi. However, how la for us to enter because we have no kids -__-" Comel sgt everything inside this amusement park. Babies also can play :D
Tapi bila kami sampai sahaja ke Nagashima outlet (5 minutes walk from the amusement park) photos are to be taken. can have time for other things:D, if one family wanna enjoy..Nagashima Resort is exactly the place :) Mummy and daddy gotta shop..babies and kiddos gotta play :D Enjoice!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am old

I think I am given too much work to handle. I am in denial however that all are under control. These two days, my body is like giving me signal that they are under so much stress. I go see a doctor regarding my blood pressure and they said similar things that I am actually under a lot of stress.
For me, having the reason `stress` is so overrated. Exactly I don`t know how it feels...but I am so much aware now. How?
Since morning I had this heavy eyes...and backache whenever I wanna focus on something especially when I have to do some thinking. Especially on my eyeball, I felt some kind of pressure whenever I have to use them for close focusing. But nothing wrong with the sight.
Then I decided to go home earlier today..maybe I need extra sleep.
My condition worsen on the way home until at the hallway (that time I was really about to pass out).
But when I got undressed and had my dinner..I was all okay. Fit. and happy and full of energy.
I cannot agree more at this second that..I am (body in particular) under so much pressure.
Looks like my body and brain are not at the same direction.
Am I a teenager trapped inside an old lady`s body?o_O
The thing is, I have to get myself fully that brain won`t be thinking too much about hubby T___T
Oklah..that is all..I hope all of you sihat2 sahaja melalui ibadah puasa. Terutama kawan-kawan di Jepun. Jaga kesihatan. Kurangkan aktiviti yang sweaty. The weather is too hot.
Till then,
Salam Ramadhan ke 5:)

The peak of natsu

I thought I woke up late this morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw bright as the 12pm's sunlight sneak through my emerald green curtain. Then adrenaline rushed into my head as my brain telling me I was late. It's already 12pm and I didn't hear the alarm. My hands were moving bluntly looking for alarm clock. Where are you!!as the reflex reaction. Got it!and..I saw..5.50a.m.

I was like....what??then I checked my is 5.50am. For god's sake why was the sun blazing like it is middle of the day...then how's middle of the day's sunlight would blaze?o_O

Scary huh?

So, I guess natsu (summer) really is at its peak starting today. Previous weeks, the heat was still somehow bearable (note that it was still strangely hotter than what we feel in Malaysia). But when looking at today's..last week's heat was nothing!

Days after this would be difficult especially for muslims here. Nature is getting wild to us. I hope we can have a smooth sailing Ramadhan despite of this wild blazing sunlight. Take it as a challenge and that's where satisfaction follows.

*hubby doing well in Jakarta. Alhamdulillah...tapi kena food poisoning after just 3 days there -__-"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nagoya: Noritake

Noritake Co., Limited (株式会社ノリタケカンパニーリミテド Kabushiki-gaisha Noritake Kanpanī Rimitedo?) (TYO5331) is a porcelain maker headquartered in NagoyaAichi PrefectureJapan
source: Wikipedia
Also, find the rest of the history there ^_^

I know that one day, I'll be just like any other mom. When the time comes, I will have a weird crave towards wares. More to it, expensive wares where most moms won't allowed their children to touch it and where moms have special room for it:D

So, at this age (refused to mention) the crave has came to me. I blamed hubby for that as he keeps telling me the story about Noritake this and that. Just listen, I don't see the point. Then he brought me there. That's the moment my wishlist got lengthy:/

A few collections of Noritake. Seeing them like this, u feels nothing, right. Wait till you hold them and see how they blinded your eyes with their reflections >.< sungguh tempting >.<

Us at Noritake factory. This was during the inlaws visit in last May. 

Bahaha..ada style tak?;P

The remnants from the old factory. Tiang2 dibelakang kami itu are actually the chimneys. And the old factories..I assumed they were buried by the earth already??

Stopped by Nagoya mosque for Asar:) 
Dear Moms,
If you come to Nagoya....Noritake is a must in your list:)

Dear Dad, might need to swipe your credit card..again here :P

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's been 4 days since hubby left for Jakarta. Only God knows how scared I am living alone in a whole foreign country. Everything seems so foreign especially in communication. Now only I am thinking about the word 'help' in case I need to use that -__-" I even thinking of dying alone in my house without anyone notice for 6 months he'll be leaving. Nauzubillah... only I got extra free times (which has been allocated to becinte dgn suami), to updating blog it'll go:D

I love autumn. Autumn lah musim yang akan didekasi kan banyaknya untuk bercinta:P Tapi, apakan daya..suami tiada di sisi T__T..a waste of autumn isn't it. Takdir2..

So, I would maybe filled up the nice weather with activities with friends. Maybe going some places truly as..tourist. hihi..

Kawan-kawan di city selalu tanya ,"Hey Wani...apa ada di Nagoya?I nak pergi sana."
Well..Nagoya is not bad (if you has not studied much about it's location on the earth plate :/).
Let me start with..Toyota. Toyota you know right??The biggest car company in Japan. Even total cumulative between Suzuki, Honda and (ape lagi satu ntah) added together, they still cannot beat number of cars sold by Toyota alone. Gile hebak kan? I guess the city named Toyota after Toyota company itself. I don't think it's the other way around because the founder himself named Toyoda.

A few things about Toyoda sama. What can I say..he really is 'something' >.< 

Apekah pose?-__-" at the entrance.

Tak nampak jugak eh?-__-" basically the background of this museum.

The first car we saw before everything. Well..that's the first Toyota sedan car (if i'm not mistaken:P) 

Very old rolls royce...kete yang gabak2 besar tu mmg la rolls royce

Panjang gile kete ni...if we have to take dr sisi..u might see me as a dot. I don't know how peple that time park their car >.< Don't mention about taking turns at Japan's roads here. huhu..most of the roads are so narrow >.<

Among other weird looking cars

Like this..panjang nk mampos..kalau masuk mid valley ni..menangis nk cari parking >.<

The Roosevelt's car.

Alpha Romeo at earlier age

I cannot remember what car is this. Maybe Benz. I took this picture because..can u see the stool near the door?What's the point la?o_O

Dear SCR, ni la rupe kete laki ko mase dolu2 :D
Well, of course that's not it..
Too many. Too many cars to see. If you are a car lover...this is one must see places for you. I'm marrying one..hence this activity is in the list. Btw, Toyota museum does not end here. Apparently Toyota museum ada cawangan lain and hubby said..this isn't the one he intended to go. We have went to the wrong place -__-"

Since hubby is a Suzuki's engineer, I am looking forward to see the Suzuki museum more than any other brand la. I don't know why...I just wanna get involved :P

For those who's planning to go around Nagoya. Toyota and its museum is one place you must see.

Till then, see you in the next post, still about promoting Nagoya and its vicinity :D


Monday, August 1, 2011

Curry and Cekodok pisang

Some thing I never had in mind of doing. You know why? Because...I can't speak nihongo (and looks like I will never la..looking at how I study them -___-")
What is it?Having Japanese friends...I mean friends. More than a person who u just met at work.
At first I kind of reluctant to be so close to them.
But with one withdrawal, finally I open my heart to them:P haha..

My department is one of the biggest and glamorous (because my boss is apparently the VC of Hiroshima University). Our department practically in charge of outpatient department. So, you see how many people are they in our dept. alone. Among them, only 5 girls including me. That accounts for err..10%. 
Before our dept. trip our relationship are just until `people whom you talk to only at work`.
The activities during the trip have somehow making them less 'scared' to me (which maybe due to my image). 
Since then, we are closer (where we aren't trying not to look at each other's eyes at the hallway:P).

One of them who lives very near to the campus has one day invited me to her house. I thought she was kesian at me has nothing to do that weekend. Apparently, it's the girls monthly occasion. But that time I already asked other foreigners to join me :P huhu..I didn't know T__T..
I was invited..that means, they accept me as someone who is more than another colleague:)

I asked my husband what should I cook for them?
Senang je....curry! Japanese like curry so much you know ^_^

The hectic weekend..I have to literally 'run' to her house that evening >.< nasib baik dekat to my house. That's me with  Dr.Yuki. 

While I'm cooking. I brought camera with no memory stick T____T

Before I step out of the house, I saw pisang yang I know I won't eat. huhu...Ape kate ajar derang masak cekodok :D But I gave a more glamorous name la..."Fried banana cake" :D

Tried so hard to make the curry less karai (pedas). Japanese has zero tolerancy towards pedas >.< 

Ye..kerana saya lambat....tenggek dua2 sekali serentak!

While waiting for our cooking to finish..The taller one is my tutor; Dr. Yamasaki. Every foreigner will be given a tutor, more to assist you in daily life. I am so thankful to get her coz she is the best english speaker in the dept. aside from other more senior sensei of course :)

Obaachan. That's a call for an old lady. Correct paternal would be obaasan.  This obaachan's age..can u guess??84!!!But she is more energetic than me >.< She thought us many things!!I wish I can be so friendly and cheerful like her when I am older (can I even reach 84??). She's is happy human being! She enjoyed her life. She did many things to pass the time. Tak nanyuk langsung! She is Dr. Yuki's granny. She took care of Yuki. Her house beautiful!.

While we are having our dessert, obaachan taught us some paper folding art. OMG..they are so many techniques and yet she could recall it so quick >.< She even provided us with the color papers and for me, some accessories for a few tedious folding arts.
The yield for that night...huh..I doubt I still remember the way -__-" baru sikit teknik je belajar nih -__-"

Obaachan insisted to take the picture for us:) She is so full of positive aura:)

The girls have started discussing about the next meeting. I think they have to wait for a long time because Ramadhan is here and..I am going back to Malaysia inSept.

Salam Ramadhan to all of you readers and..
di kesempatan ini harap diampunkan apa-apa yang tersilap taip tersilap cakap di belog yang tidak seberapa ni. Sama-sama kita mandapat Ramadhan yang barakah:)
Salam Ramadhan dari,
Wani, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima.


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