Thursday, August 4, 2011

The peak of natsu

I thought I woke up late this morning. When I opened my eyes, I saw bright as the 12pm's sunlight sneak through my emerald green curtain. Then adrenaline rushed into my head as my brain telling me I was late. It's already 12pm and I didn't hear the alarm. My hands were moving bluntly looking for alarm clock. Where are you!!as the reflex reaction. Got it!and..I saw..5.50a.m.

I was like....what??then I checked my is 5.50am. For god's sake why was the sun blazing like it is middle of the day...then how's middle of the day's sunlight would blaze?o_O

Scary huh?

So, I guess natsu (summer) really is at its peak starting today. Previous weeks, the heat was still somehow bearable (note that it was still strangely hotter than what we feel in Malaysia). But when looking at today's..last week's heat was nothing!

Days after this would be difficult especially for muslims here. Nature is getting wild to us. I hope we can have a smooth sailing Ramadhan despite of this wild blazing sunlight. Take it as a challenge and that's where satisfaction follows.

*hubby doing well in Jakarta. Alhamdulillah...tapi kena food poisoning after just 3 days there -__-"


  1. pakai the natsu curtain if u dont want the sun to go straight the weather is stil bearable.last week sejuk gila sbb hujan smpai this week the heat is catching up.

    ps. popia ketam the easiest thing kalau malas masak inti. beli isi ketam yg panjang2 tu,then balut ngan kulit popia siap!hehe. kuih sagu, u can make it on the stove but lagi sedap if kukus.

  2. eh syaima ni terer masak rupanya... terbaca komen masa nk komen, hari ni sendai pun dah panas sikit... insyaAllah semoga semua berjalan lancar...take care...

  3. syai:cemane nk msk kuih sagu pon xpela..sagu pon xdok.nnt dah ade sagu kite tepon awak :D aha..sereyes isi ketam tu balut gitu je??0_o kan..kalo idop sorang mmg mkn je ape yg ade..I cook to entertain other people je kot :P

    Hanis:kitorang kt south ni agak becinte la ngan matehari mase summer ni.mase winter bahagie siket sini..huuT__T ur prefecture still mcm x stable kan?jage diri.semoge xde ape2 lg musibah besar melande korang kt sendai.kite doa same2;)

  4. haha.ok bile ade sagu sila tepon!aah. isi ketam tu balut je cmtu.senang gilos.sesuai bila malas.haha.and sedap pulak tuh.ahaha i understand dulu masa i study buat popia tu 3 ketul je untuk diri sndiri.

  5. ehe...thanks syai :) err..u r softbank user rite??rite >.<



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