Friday, August 19, 2011

I see the light

Sensei sort of give me a day break before a whole week torture next week >.< Never mind la. I think I'll be in full of spirit (so much hopefully) sebab weekendnye I'll be finally meeting my long departed guardian angel:) InshaAllah..
So, I'll be updating today. Will try to reduce number of words..coz you know..many of you email me asking about my dress instead >.< 
Moving on, this post is actually the continuation from this post.

So, I did gave you the hint. The acara kemuncak for the peace memorial day in Hiroshima is..floating lanterns:) OMG...I never imagined that it was indeed a stunner:) I would say one of my priceless experience to be given a lifetime opportunity witnessing the whole event by my own eyes:)

Therefore, for those of you planning to visit Hiroshima, I'll recommend you to include 6th of August in the schedule. You'll regret it if you missed this.

On the day, after iftar session in one of Indian restaurant, we headed to the scene. The event was held along the river nearby the Genbaku Dome. Can you imagine?Hiroshima is a city with many rivers crossing it. Hence, many junctions that made you feel like you are in a movie, cycling on it with dress and hat on:P *Oh, I love cycling in the evening alone:')*

Here, I share with you some of the scenes.

Lanterns made by the kids.

The Genbaku Dome (marking the spot where the first atomic bomb was dropped). Actually, the whole city was burned down jadi padang jarak padang terkukur immediately after the bombing. BUt this building remains, sebab the bomb was dropped and ignite on top of it, so, the effect at the bottom lesser. Tu pasal tak hancus sangat. Yours truly mengangkut soft toy yang dirampas:P

Subhanallah...this scene was too beautiful. I was smiling when I saw this. Too beautiful to be true. Semua orang teringat Rapunzel. It was more special to me as I am the big fan of that cartoon:p hihi..How can the cartoon scene came to live?I saw that already with my own eyes:)

So, we sat along the river, watching people send away their lanterns with peace messages or  simply to their lost ones.  We want one also, but maybe next year. I was too occupied watching that time:D As the wind changing direction, so was all the lanterns:)

Including the photographer, there were us that night:) 
Priceless journey indeed:)

World peace!


  1. uh yeahhh... so beautiful kan. i really love this. :)

  2. Wuuu mane comment yg sy buat kat blog ni? Wuuuu.

    tapi nk komen cantik aje. Heheh tata! ;P

  3. cantiknyaaa 3rd last pc tu..kalau dekat dah lama terjahh nak gak g lama tak update blog..



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