Monday, August 1, 2011

Curry and Cekodok pisang

Some thing I never had in mind of doing. You know why? Because...I can't speak nihongo (and looks like I will never la..looking at how I study them -___-")
What is it?Having Japanese friends...I mean friends. More than a person who u just met at work.
At first I kind of reluctant to be so close to them.
But with one withdrawal, finally I open my heart to them:P haha..

My department is one of the biggest and glamorous (because my boss is apparently the VC of Hiroshima University). Our department practically in charge of outpatient department. So, you see how many people are they in our dept. alone. Among them, only 5 girls including me. That accounts for err..10%. 
Before our dept. trip our relationship are just until `people whom you talk to only at work`.
The activities during the trip have somehow making them less 'scared' to me (which maybe due to my image). 
Since then, we are closer (where we aren't trying not to look at each other's eyes at the hallway:P).

One of them who lives very near to the campus has one day invited me to her house. I thought she was kesian at me has nothing to do that weekend. Apparently, it's the girls monthly occasion. But that time I already asked other foreigners to join me :P huhu..I didn't know T__T..
I was invited..that means, they accept me as someone who is more than another colleague:)

I asked my husband what should I cook for them?
Senang je....curry! Japanese like curry so much you know ^_^

The hectic weekend..I have to literally 'run' to her house that evening >.< nasib baik dekat to my house. That's me with  Dr.Yuki. 

While I'm cooking. I brought camera with no memory stick T____T

Before I step out of the house, I saw pisang yang I know I won't eat. huhu...Ape kate ajar derang masak cekodok :D But I gave a more glamorous name la..."Fried banana cake" :D

Tried so hard to make the curry less karai (pedas). Japanese has zero tolerancy towards pedas >.< 

Ye..kerana saya lambat....tenggek dua2 sekali serentak!

While waiting for our cooking to finish..The taller one is my tutor; Dr. Yamasaki. Every foreigner will be given a tutor, more to assist you in daily life. I am so thankful to get her coz she is the best english speaker in the dept. aside from other more senior sensei of course :)

Obaachan. That's a call for an old lady. Correct paternal would be obaasan.  This obaachan's age..can u guess??84!!!But she is more energetic than me >.< She thought us many things!!I wish I can be so friendly and cheerful like her when I am older (can I even reach 84??). She's is happy human being! She enjoyed her life. She did many things to pass the time. Tak nanyuk langsung! She is Dr. Yuki's granny. She took care of Yuki. Her house beautiful!.

While we are having our dessert, obaachan taught us some paper folding art. OMG..they are so many techniques and yet she could recall it so quick >.< She even provided us with the color papers and for me, some accessories for a few tedious folding arts.
The yield for that night...huh..I doubt I still remember the way -__-" baru sikit teknik je belajar nih -__-"

Obaachan insisted to take the picture for us:) She is so full of positive aura:)

The girls have started discussing about the next meeting. I think they have to wait for a long time because Ramadhan is here and..I am going back to Malaysia inSept.

Salam Ramadhan to all of you readers and..
di kesempatan ini harap diampunkan apa-apa yang tersilap taip tersilap cakap di belog yang tidak seberapa ni. Sama-sama kita mandapat Ramadhan yang barakah:)
Salam Ramadhan dari,
Wani, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima.


  1. hehehe..menarik. apa respond mereka? sedap tak...hihi.
    my ofis mate dulu awal2 ada la ajak join kelas BI dgn dia every month. pergi sekali je then I malas. wahaha...lps tu dia dah tak ajak dah gi mana2. once you dah tak nak gi or cancel anything, they will not ask lagi dah. my friend ada lah pesan, if ada jemputan pergi dan join. jgn tak join, nanti dianggap rude. sometime, I just malas lah dan time2 ajak tu tak berapa kena dgn time kita, itu yg tak nak tu.

  2. they all ckp sedap. But like usual...we never know whether they are being modest.hihi...tak mengapelah :)

  3. curry okl lagii. my friends requested nasi lemak! i ckp diorg takkan tahan diorg tak caye!haha. sure diorg letak setitik je sambal nanti.

  4. Syai:my frens here buat nasi lemak pon gune curry as sambal..bahaha..

  5. LOL. I dont understand y they love curry so much. n curry x pedas pulak tu. cmne la rase die agaknye. Mcm makan kuah lemak je kot. haha. XD

    Anyway wani, i'm proud of u bwk cekodok pisang masuk japan. bahahaha XD

  6. dorang suke gile cekodok >.< sampai catit resipi.padehal manede resipi2 kalo cekodok -__-"
    pastu org jepun mane ade dtg umah org nk tapao2 kan..derang sebok nk tapau cekodok kasi husband rase -__-" huhu..kesimpulannye dorang mmg ske cekodok

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