Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The 66th Peace Memorial Ceremony

I got a 'buzz' in my yahoo messenger. It was from my vietnamese friend asking me why didn't I yet to bed? 
I don't know how do I explain to him about sahur. So, I told him I didn't feel like sleeping yet. 
Next morning, I was woken up by one of the city hall people through phone. It was 615am. They expect me to be at the ground floor at 630am. How la T___T. 
I remember vaguely, with kid's voice I asked them,"Can I go by myself?It's too early." And I heard a small laugh at the end of the line. He told me, I wouldn't be able to find my reserved seat if I go there alone. I was imagining the ceremony is like..a..bunch of people standing in a circle with one person giving speech at the center, which later a flock of doves are released. I forgot about the whole thing is one of the world`s famous ceremony.

Waiting for the streetcar. It was 645am..but look at how bright it was. My face sembap sebab tak cukup tidur T__T

Where we were told to wait. I have photos of myself here...but nah...my face was too awful untuk tatapan strangers:P bahahaha

Our seating:) If I were to come alone, I don`t think I would ever grab a seat, let alone a decent one like these.  However, because of this comfortable seating, I dozed off half of the time:/

The choir. 

Guests from abroad were the targets of the medias on the day. Besides that, I was also held by the school children. Few of them presented me with their artwork :)

My friend captured my sleepyface:/ which not long after that..I fell asleep :/ We were provided with electronic translator, therefore I understood all the speeches. I think that's awesome >.< through my ear, even the PM talked in english :D
And because of this extreme sleepiness,  I saw the dove pun dah samar2;/

This is how far we were from the famous Prime Minister Kan.
As a wrap, okla..I think this is an experience for once in a lifetime. It would be great if this ceremony falls on non-fasting day. Due to hot weather and lack of stress, I had to leave the scene very early. The day wasn't just about this morning ceremony, in fact it was a one whole day event. There's a lot more activities you can participate on the day. I was so eager to try the tea ceremony..but again, it was Ramadhan.
Well, after the ceremony ended, I plan to run away coz I really cannot tahan anymore the heat around me. But I was stuck in human traffic and media attention;P haha..so, I was sort of forced to be one of the international delegates for the special conference. I was again 'unlucky', picked up by the authorities to give speech T_T...I was so not good at it...T__T

Well, I must say I am proud of myself for another extraordinary experience here in Hiroshima;) I don't think many people are given such an opportunity to represent Malaysia or been given such an opportunity to express yourself.

Later, I'll share with all of you the 'apogee' of the whole event, for what this event is the most famous for:) I swear...it was one of the most incredible, jaw dropping view one could ever witnessed:)

These 2 weeks. Every minute of it is like a marathon to me:/
Puan Wani


  1. mmg susah nak explain dkt non-muslim pasal sahur2 ni kan..kite pn x reti..hahaa

  2. kan?huhu..if i explain pon dorang ckp scientifically not healthy T__T n i shudnt do that o_O



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