Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ramadhan Routine

I know I have not been writing much about my Ramadhan here. While many of bloggers 'perantau' writing their routine on daily basis, all I did was m.i.a :D hihi..
For girls, you know why I have been that silent :P
I started my Ramadhan quite late unlike many of you. The weather in this city of Hiroshima has not being nice either to me. Therefore earlier days of Ramadhan to me, I was bedridden due to overdehydration. However, bedridden because of the ultimate thirst is also not good..because you can't sleep also. Your condition will only get worsened by headache :/ After two bedridden days (literally..), now I am much stronger to pull puasa like I used to do in Malaysia. But here, due to the extraordinary heat, I have to be careful. I take a lot of precautions (mcm pregnant lady :D). I walk slowly. I'll try to avoid sunlight and I'll talk less. For this few days, it works very well. Alhamdulillah..
The berbuka time also becoming faster everyday. It's like the clock skipping 3-4 minutes a day making maghrib is so much faster everyday. Alhamdulillah..
I tried to go back as early as possible to break my fast at home and have a rest for other ibadah. So far, I did great despite some days the tiredness just seems to stay, resulting of tertidur sampai sahur :/
Oh, how I'm jealous of you who managed to a complete meal siap kuih muih. For me, I have to plan to sneak out of the office just to go home and cook some rice. Summer heat is terrible..your rice can turn bad in a blink of an eye if you are not careful. Even I put a lot of thoughts about that, I have wasted tonnes of food (from my calculation doubled up with the guilt I felt along when I dumped the bad food away:/)
Despite of that, I am still a fussy eater. I have to get a complete meal so that I won't feel guilty to my body afterwards. So, I always thinking a way for me to cook simple and fast full course meal.
Like yesterday, I just wash salmon fillet, squeeze some lemon on top of it, put peppers (semua jenis pepper letak), top with tomatoes and onions (because that's all I have in the fridge). You can in fact put anything. e.g asparagus, carrot, broccoli, etc. 
So far so good. I'll try to share other simple cooking for busy lonely lady like me T___T.

Selamat berpuasa and selamat berbuka to all ^_^



  1. ganbare k wani. klu dekat org bole p anta pape yg patut utk berbuka.hehe..walaupun xpndai masak..

  2. nampak sedap salmon tu..selalu makan sushi je dengan salmon tuu..nanti weekend masak la byk2 ;)

  3. Miss Mawar bakal pengantin:D:Selamat berpuase to u n incik Kunyit jugak ^_^
    yus:adeii..x pandai masak Yus tu caner la..berger pon wat senirik >.< kalo umah kite dekat, x payah Yus anta.akak knock2 je..lagipon Zam bukan balik mase maghrib pon :p ehe
    Anum:pepper could do anything ya know :D

  4. Happy Ramadan Kareem.It is great to know some from japan especially Hiroshima .Amazing.

  5. Happy Ramadhan to u too Izdiher ^_^.haa??how it is amazing?o_O

  6. Happy Ramadan, and that food looks good ;P Yum

  7. Thanks Zari.Oh noes..that`s so simple >.<

  8. Yeah ,because I have never meet any one from Hiroshima,Japan before .So nice to meet you.Visit my blog too.And follow each other.

  9. oishi desu neh.. nakk kak!! hehehe



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