Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am old

I think I am given too much work to handle. I am in denial however that all are under control. These two days, my body is like giving me signal that they are under so much stress. I go see a doctor regarding my blood pressure and they said similar things that I am actually under a lot of stress.
For me, having the reason `stress` is so overrated. Exactly I don`t know how it feels...but I am so much aware now. How?
Since morning I had this heavy eyes...and backache whenever I wanna focus on something especially when I have to do some thinking. Especially on my eyeball, I felt some kind of pressure whenever I have to use them for close focusing. But nothing wrong with the sight.
Then I decided to go home earlier today..maybe I need extra sleep.
My condition worsen on the way home until at the hallway (that time I was really about to pass out).
But when I got undressed and had my dinner..I was all okay. Fit. and happy and full of energy.
I cannot agree more at this second that..I am (body in particular) under so much pressure.
Looks like my body and brain are not at the same direction.
Am I a teenager trapped inside an old lady`s body?o_O
The thing is, I have to get myself fully that brain won`t be thinking too much about hubby T___T
Oklah..that is all..I hope all of you sihat2 sahaja melalui ibadah puasa. Terutama kawan-kawan di Jepun. Jaga kesihatan. Kurangkan aktiviti yang sweaty. The weather is too hot.
Till then,
Salam Ramadhan ke 5:)


  1. salam wani,
    jangan stress...kenkadang mmg kita tk perasan yg kita dah menstresskan diri kita. Byk2 kan buat solat sunat and baca Al-Quran insyaALLAH takde la rindu sgt kat en hubby tu hehehe... occupiedkan diri dengan zikir insyaALLAH ALLAH adalah ubat kerinduan yg paling mujarab.
    Ada plan utk conceive ke? sbb kalau bdn stress mmg susah nak get pregnant, so take care urself ek. Baca entry azie ttg menangani stress cara Islam :)

  2. Thanks Azie. Actually my brain ok sume.just body cannot take it kot. Cz I am fine with the helps occupy myself kan:) conceive xde plan sbb suami jauh di jakarta while I kt jepon. i am fine to conceive kalau i di Malaysia or at least with many malaysians inside the community :D ehe..or maybe when I got stronger living so much alone here. InshaAllah..nnt Allah bg petunjuk :)
    Will link your blog. I xde link u plak.
    Arigatou!n selamat berpuasa:D



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