Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's been 4 days since hubby left for Jakarta. Only God knows how scared I am living alone in a whole foreign country. Everything seems so foreign especially in communication. Now only I am thinking about the word 'help' in Japanese..in case I need to use that -__-" I even thinking of dying alone in my house without anyone notice for 6 months he'll be leaving. Nauzubillah...

Well...now only I got extra free times (which has been allocated to becinte dgn suami), to updating blog it'll go:D

I love autumn. Autumn lah musim yang akan didekasi kan banyaknya untuk bercinta:P Tapi, apakan daya..suami tiada di sisi T__T..a waste of autumn isn't it. Takdir2..

So, I would maybe filled up the nice weather with activities with friends. Maybe going some places truly as..tourist. hihi..

Kawan-kawan di city selalu tanya ,"Hey Wani...apa ada di Nagoya?I nak pergi sana."
Well..Nagoya is not bad (if you has not studied much about it's location on the earth plate :/).
Let me start with..Toyota. Toyota you know right??The biggest car company in Japan. Even total cumulative between Suzuki, Honda and (ape lagi satu ntah) added together, they still cannot beat number of cars sold by Toyota alone. Gile hebak kan? I guess the city named Toyota after Toyota company itself. I don't think it's the other way around because the founder himself named Toyoda.

A few things about Toyoda sama. What can I say..he really is 'something' >.< 

Apekah pose?-__-" at the entrance.

Tak nampak jugak eh?-__-" basically the background of this museum.

The first car we saw before everything. Well..that's the first Toyota sedan car (if i'm not mistaken:P) 

Very old rolls royce...kete yang gabak2 besar tu mmg la rolls royce

Panjang gile kete ni...if we have to take dr sisi..u might see me as a dot. I don't know how peple that time park their car >.< Don't mention about taking turns at Japan's roads here. huhu..most of the roads are so narrow >.<

Among other weird looking cars

Like this..panjang nk mampos..kalau masuk mid valley ni..menangis nk cari parking >.<

The Roosevelt's car.

Alpha Romeo at earlier age

I cannot remember what car is this. Maybe Benz. I took this picture because..can u see the stool near the door?What's the point la?o_O

Dear SCR, ni la rupe kete laki ko mase dolu2 :D
Well, of course that's not it..
Too many. Too many cars to see. If you are a car lover...this is one must see places for you. I'm marrying one..hence this activity is in the list. Btw, Toyota museum does not end here. Apparently Toyota museum ada cawangan lain and hubby said..this isn't the one he intended to go. We have went to the wrong place -__-"

Since hubby is a Suzuki's engineer, I am looking forward to see the Suzuki museum more than any other brand la. I don't know why...I just wanna get involved :P

For those who's planning to go around Nagoya. Toyota and its museum is one place you must see.

Till then, see you in the next post, still about promoting Nagoya and its vicinity :D



  1. Hahaha...sempat je letak caption tu eh. hahaha XD tp not bad what. hahaha XD



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