Monday, January 31, 2011

My first snow in Hiroshima


It was just when I arrived from Malaysia..
The day was not that was sunny..less breezy..
But the night was unbearably cold!I was busy packing omiyage when my neighbor gave me a buzz..asking me to check my balcony..
It was flooded with yuki!!! cold!

It just started..I wish I could share what my eyes had seen..but picture could replace the eyes=( Just have to see it with our own eyes..beautiful..masyaAllah..
It was difficult to get a clear shot at night. This is one of the best..view from my balcony=)

The following morning (translated version):
A: I had never seen such a heavy snow in Hiroshima
B: This is the first time so much yuki were seen. I've been here for 2 years
C: I think this is the coldest winter ever experience..I think green house effect is true..
D: still about too much yuki in hiroshima city..
E: Feeling like living in the hillside..yuki should stays there not here in the city..brr..
F: Wani!!I need a new coat! (she just bough a new one last week..and apparently the dialogue was repeated every week..and not just coat)
G: You are so lucky..just arrived and gotta see this beautiful scene!
Me: =) I don't know what to say..but totemo samuii!!sejokk..brrrr...But I love winter when the sun is bright=) hehe

What can I say..snow are pretty=)

Omiyage desu!


Lamenye x update=(
I was sooo busy. I am now doing my laundry while leaving marks here. Got a lot to updates though. BUt, I don't know where to start T_T..My fans in Malaysia...haha..(you know who you are..)..I am sooo sorry for lack of updates and late replies of anything. Tried so hard to stick on fb T_T..
p/s: Actually I was not sure what I am doing here..but..yeah..busy=(

I decided to refresh my memory starting the day I dumped my blog=p It was when I returned from Malaysia.
Hm..let's see..the first thing that I set up to post was..about the omiyage.
hehe..due to tight budget and limited weight that I could carry (T-T)..I decided to give cookie as omiyage (souvenirs).

Here they were!yes..were..abish already!Bet most of you guys could recognize this pineapple tart right??I love pineapple tarts. My husband too!!And this one..really oishii!!totemo oishii!!
Can you guys read the contacts??For more, click here=)

However, in Japan, they really care about food presentation. It would be awkward for them if you hand them the tarts inside the container like that. For them it's not, I spent the weekend to pack them in nice, cute packs. The cute plastic bag can be found anywhere ..they use them regularly to pack things. You's Japan..they love everything that's pretty even it's temporary. That's why Japan is famous as a country where you could find the cute small things that's rationally useless however irresistible T_T
Even I ended up buying lots of this small plastic bags cause I could not resist the cuteness T_T
No worries..they are all cheap=) haven't see the paper bag yet=p

I forgot to snap the picture of them after the packings. Or I did??=( Forgot already..
I could say that I was proud to hand them Malaysia no omiyage with nice wrappings=) hehe..
So, I guess good presentation really make a point gives you confidence (that your omiyages are in good quality) and at the same time showing the sincerity.

So people, even your omiyage is not that expensive, presentations may help you in giving the good presumptions of the quality=p

What's wrong with sharing wedding info through blog??

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kekejaman Coco


Looonggg time since I posted here. X kire la...I still feel it has been so long=p
Why is that?
Got nothing to post.

Why got nothing?Is my life that plain??
hehe...yeah..apparently I am getting busier now. In a way I am glad that finally I can do the real job other than parking myself in the corner and study.sigh..
So, you want me to babble about my work??bluerghh...haha..

While I browsing through my pictures in my phones, I found this;

Coco park herself a.k.a butt on my wedding album T_T..Coco..waaa...u know how much that cost??

It's a she.
Jahat...another cat from hell..
My sister la kutip bawak balik from...I bet you guys will be surprised..KEDAH..
If she is will be okay even if it's from Thai or it..but she's sooooo not adorable!Please.
But I could not blame kakak on how this cat finally inhabit my house and..yeah..the whole area..she is now like the head of the taman perumahan or something..just don't be in her sight..or u'll die (amaran tok kucing2 lain).

Kakak drove all the way from Kedah (from his outstation la..) and kutip this cat to give to her friend..but..when coco arrived, she was sooo adorable and so like a 'cat'!Love people..golek2..ngiau2 manje..all la.then my heart melted by the way coco loves so stick with me.

Just after I decided to let Coco stays, Coco transformed to an evil cat that you never seen. Seriously..haha..Only people who had visited Coco would know..and later curse her. she cares..

So far..Coco has killed a few cat in my house..including my first baby, Lilo T_T..since then..I really hate Coco..T_T

Tgk tu..nobody can sit near her if she's taking over the sofa..or..u'll be bitten..
when she came home moody..she'll find the nearest people hands to bite!Crazyy!!!!!!

Oh, she weighs 5kg and two questions that people usually asked when they sees Coco: 1) Pregnant ke kucing ni??=|
2) Jantan kan??=|

See not adorablenye you..=p

She's now kakak's cat. When kakak around..she shows her adorable face la!menyampah gle!

Oh, Coco got hobby too..she loves weddings!She'll force you doing DIY or any wedding stuff when you are at home!haha..

Crazy Coco!

Jya Matta;

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Murasaki to ao wedding theme


I remember..people usually think of wedding theme as 1 color. But nowadays, everything has changed whereby people came out with a more daring color palette, combining rare colours together as one theme. But seriously all to me came out sooo beautiful.hehe..hence I had never been able to decide on my own wedding theme..yeah..reason for my wedding without color palette thing I was sure that time..i want red roses as main deco=p

Like other brides of this era, my sister also combining two main colors as her wedding theme..
They are murasaki (purple) and ao (blue) ^_^..typical sister!combining two sweet colors together..(I know..she's trying too hard to run away from pink=p)

Oh sister did so much for my wedding..Known as the poorest sibling (in financial), she did helped me a lot in a way that visible to me or not. I am sure there were so much more that she did without me knowing that. So, I determined to at least sponsor something for her wedding! ahaha..

I was back home 1 week earlier than her wedding date in order to help her in wedding prep. My husband was back a day before the ceremony..hence the ability to give my full service for the wedding prep. Even so, we still failed to pull out the plans perfectly as per discussed.

Also, I didn't know about her wedding dress, dais and whatsoever. All she find it herself with the husband. Knowing how she likes to waste her money=p haha...I thought she'll pull something that stunning with unreasonable price! but turned out...she chose a very simple wedding!

*Actually the money mostly gone for 'the stuff' that she can keep after the wedding T_T..* bahaha..

The bunga telur..she made them herself. I think total cost for one flower was about rm8. She used all fine synthetic flowers..but still..mahal T_T..The doorgift bag. They were silver bags and newspaper basket (for lucky guests)
The setting

Arrival of the lovebirds..Oh, I love her dress...coz the kain was chiffon! So it flows! The w-boutique didn't even use the fine wedding lace for the was just a plain white lace which then improvised with loads of manik!it looked much more 'lavish' than my dress (which uses fine wedding lace T_T)Oh..nothing..I just love the picture=p looking at me functioning there=p ahaha..
oh, that's my engagement's dress..finally..I got reason to get into that dress again ^_^
Me with my sister feeling touched. Finally we are moving on=) Good luck to us. May we get older happily in the side of men that we love. Really hope I'll have a new niece or nephew when i get back home after this=)
Us with husbands..hehe..
Pity husband..he just ate after a long day=( Sorry darling!*cheese!!*
waaa...teruknye muke ku dgn perpeluhan itu T_T

I was actually bringing my very own personal photographer that day (hubby T_T)..but I failed to get all the copies as he was busy T_T..therefore, the stolen pictures from my cousin's fb T_T..hehe..sorry yazid=p

I intend to show you more of the details when I got the piccas ya..just sharing ideas and experience here ^_^

*Writer remembers she was crying when her sister attempt to get married back in 2005. She was just devastated to know that she'll lose one person who she shared her life with. Losing a person who cares so much about her back then. In fact she thinks that her sister was the only person that care about her and took care of her more than a mother could do. Secretly she was feeling grateful when her sister ended up the relationship with the man a year later. But now..she really was happy to know that her sister was married and was so calm during the wedding day! Hopefully, kakak can now move on with her life and stop wasting ur money and love for me T_T..So, hubby..can you replace kakak in my heart??*

It's snowing outside..and raining in my heart;

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doily and brown paper bag


It was a hard day for me. Have to went through 24 hours knowing that person that I care was out enjoying snow without me T_T.. I waited for years to be united and enjoy our life together after sooo long. Never thought that when the time arrived, I am still stuck in the same condition T-T..I accept this fate and understands it as a way I pay for my sins.. (probably..). Hopefully, I will be able to do things that I have imagined for a veeerrryyy long time with him in no time. Pray for that=)

Oh well, what am I babbling here T_T sorry..

While on a mission of killing time, like always, I spend some time wandering around the malls..looking at always renewed rare items on the shelf of Japanese stores..hehe..and tell days passed by, I met with even rare people..hehe

This is one thing that I found cute and cheap ideas for the doorgift packs ^_^

Brown paper bag which you could find everywhere and doily papers work wonders!!

I don't know you guys..but I certainly had thought about using brown paper bag for my receptions gifts. However, my mom didn't like, I ended up folding my own pink paper bags T_T..

As my earlier days of browsing ideas for my 'cheap wedding', I came across with lots of ideas using this brown paper bag. I'm sure most of you guys also had seen it ^_^..But, I never seen the bags got improvised with doily papers!(or..I just missed it=p)

Love the string..left the pack with touch of vintage ^_^

Happy trying!

Apple green veil

Salam brides..

This time is green apple veil up for grab.

It's my sister's. Again..just wore once (yela sape plak nk pakai veil hari2=p).
Custom made and embroidered in blue with sprinkles of gold.
The veil is made or apple green's organza.

Check out the length
The heavy top. With it, accessory might not be needed =)

Selling at rm50
Renting at rm30

Call: Risha 019-2995957
or just leave comments in the comment boz below ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011

My sister's solemnization-1.1.11


Now we are at the final occasion of 1.1.11...fuh..exhausting rite!But at the same time I felt relief of being able to attend all ceremonies. Alhamdulillah..

The main intention of us returning back home was for my sister's wedding.
The solemnization was on the 1.1.11. And so goes for hantaran's figures=p

Ceremony was held just after Asar at the surau in front of our house. The same place held mine as well^-^

From cousin's house, we rushed back to my house. Immediately after I arrived, we all moved to the surau.
Hehe..rombongan cik kiah..the hand bouquet also my angkara=p haha..but i think I have to make it even bushier to match my sis's body frame..uhuhu..
The hantaran for the groom..
crap..I didn't have the photos of hantaran for her T_T Gomen..
The akad..
The moment when my sister officially became a wife
Us with husbands=)

Cantik jugak baju nikah hijau kan??hehe..
my sister's dress is open for rent or sale=p ehehe...
Dress and veil can be rented or purchase separately.

Rent RM200
Selling at RM400

Questions??Leave them in the comment box. Onegaishimasu!!

What??I m married for almost 6 months??Good fast time flies..rase mcm baru kawin ^_^ Syukran..

E-day of my dream =)


Alert: I'll tell a comprehensive elaboration about the event. Based on the request from my non-Malaysian friends.

Yesterday I left you guys at my brother in law's engagement ceremony.
In the afternoon, we rushed to Bukit Antarabangsa; for his cousin's engagement ceremony.
In Malay custom, engagement ceremony usually took place at the girl's home. It's like the men with his family came to ask for the girl's hand. That's why the girl is the one who has to wait at her home (in other words, she has to organize the place for the ceremony).

Not like my brother in law's,(where we had to mobilize the whole delegates to the girl's house), my husband's cousin is the one who's hand was asked for. So, the whole family has to wait the guys family to come.

Meanwhile, the girl has to prepare few gifts for the guy. In this case, she prepared 7 gifts and the guy replied with 5 gifts (it's a custom for the lady to give more than the guy).
Gifts (hantaran) for the groom-to-be.
Gifts for the bride-to-be. I love their decorations. Looks so rich and effortless.
After discussions..done by the men, groom's mom will have to put on the ring (the knot) on the bride's finger. I think this is a symbol showing that the girl is now booked=p
I love the blue veil on her bun ^_^..comel!
What I love the most??the dais!I so want this kind of setting for my e-day. Unfortunately, I dont have such space in my humble house...
Her name is Nurul..
Nurul..I love your engagement ceremony!!^_^ Simple and intimate!

This event was still not the end of my 1.1.11's schedule. stay tuned for more=p


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green Engagement


If you asked me..which day was the most hectic in 2010??
I would answer..1.1.2011. haha=p
Seriously..even though it was not in 2010=p ahaha..
We (husband and me) have to be in 3 different occasions in a day!
Alhamdulillah..everything was well planned to suit our schedule (I didn't know whether it was a coincident or they planned it like that...but it falls perfectly in our schedule).

The day started with Abg Chik's engagement ceremony. Abg Chik is my husband's younger brother. Lucky again for us cause apparently his fiance lives just nearby..hehe..Ampang, everything was easy.

Let's check out the e-day:
I love all the hantarans..Ok..maybe I am being it's red roses kan=p The fiance was so kind to my MIL. She took care of everything. What we have to do was..carry the hantarans on the day=p
The setting..masyaAllah..the dais was sooo cantik!!fresh flowers all over!the wedding must be more beautiful than this for sure!^_^ can't wait!
The fiance and my MIL. No doubt she's one pretty lady. Pretty with brain okkey..she's a doctor.

Too beautiful aite??^_^

SO, the theme was green. Whoever in searching for green e-day or solemn concept..this must be a good example huh!

Never had a thing with green..but I love emerald's like so love!!

p/s:next!another engagement ceremony!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jco Yogurt


One thing for sure that I have to do while in Malaysia...

JCo Yogurt!There are so irresistible. I could not explained how delicious there are. I can't. You guys just have to try!The looks isn't so watering but..once you put them in your mouth...T_T...No turning back=(..

No doubt, this is my most favourite ice cream in the world!yey! yey!coz there are not available in Japan=|


Monday, January 10, 2011

Floristika Bangsar


Have you guys been to Floristika??

I went there once in searching for blue flowers (my e-day's theme was blue). But, I went home empty handed cz there were none in blue T_T (ade hydrangeas tp ade due je T_T waaaa).
So, I was forced to use artificials.
I didn't had good reason to go there during my wedding since I used wedding planner. So, all on them.

For my sister's wedding, I determined to make her hand bouquet. I was longed dreaming to make hand bouquet by myself. hehe..So, my sister had no choice=p

I was so excited to go here. I love seeing roses!

See...sgt banyak n murah!about rm1/stalk ^_^V but u hv to buy by bunch like that. For roses and eustoma, price about rm23-30

My favourite?Of course red roses..
I wandered around the store looking for flowers suited to my sister's dress..But I could not help it..I bought red roses T_T
Besar kan??Can you guys imagine how fening I was choosing flowers??o_O

If you guys thinking of using fresh flowers and in a tight budget..opt for orchid, carnation, kekwas and seangkatan dengannya..they are all within rm10 for a bunch ^_^

Same goes for the fillers..bug bouquet of them for rm9.90. Some are exclusive and much expensive. Tak payah la...fillers je=p

Lillies much more expensive esp, calla lillies. Conclusion, big size flower cost you bigger bucks=p I almost bought lillies. a bouquet (about 10 stalks, i forgot, rm50)

This is how my hand bouquet looked like=p

That's my sister..with the hand bouquet courtesy of her lovely sister=p bahaha..
her theme was purple and blue..but I could not help using red roses T_T..fine..then i used purple fillers as finishing there..can b accepted?

Writer's declaring that she's in love with the bride's hand bouquet=p

Apart from their cheap price, Floristika also easy to access.
How?--> (Jalan Bangsar heading to Kuala Lumpur): Take left turn tu Jalan Riong. In Jalan Riong, take first turn to Jalan Liku..then you see Floristika's building (behind NSTP). So easy!

Happy trying!

Lapik Pahar Tiffany Blue

Salam lovelies...

Ini adelah iklan=p

Any of you searching for lapik dulang hantaran??
Tiffany blue??Simple yet elegant??(haha..puji taste sendiri=p)

This tiffany blue lapik dulang has just been used once (my sister's wedding). They are now open for grab. Either for rent or sale.

Overall look

Details close up

How it looks on the dulang ^_^

When they act on the day

I just love the simplicity and the fact that it shines=) For those who is extra rajin, u can act crytal dangling at its edge=) adding richness on its look.

For sale : rm10 each
For rent: rm7 each
p/s: There are altogether 9 pieces.

Please call: Risha 019-2995957

or simply leave comments on the comment box below. Onegaishimasu!!

Shitsurei shimasu till next time ^_^


Sunday, January 9, 2011



2 weeks without updates!I think if I continue abandoning writing, I would never come back again=( That's how easy I can stop writing. Explaining how bad I am in it=p

I just arrived in Hiroshima yesterday morning. The plane departed at 12am and I was home at exactly 10 in the morning. Yeah..that's how efficient transportation system in here is=) I was then dozed off till night=( return to Malaysia was filled with so much activities until I didn't have the chance to shop. Overall, the aims were achieved and I had no regret of anything. Still, 2 weeks are so short. There were few meetings that I failed to show up. Gomen ne..Nasib baik ade facebook^_^

As soon as I arrived in Malaysia..yeah..I got no feelings. Duh!
(Let's not talk about that)

I was supposed to go to SCR's solemnization ceremony. However, on the day, I was not be able to show up due to family matter (that weekend, my family were busy doing preparation for my sister's wedding which is on next week). So, I was stuck with my mom went around our relatives houses. Gomen SCR dear for not be able to jadi kepochi on ur wedding T_T..

I knew SCR from the high school. Lived together in the same dorm is different with just meeting in the class. Honestly, I was so grateful to be placed in Sarjana Two (Our dorm's name). There I met a bunch of girls with colourful personalities. There were 9 of us. I am the head. And I believe that I was one of the most annoying girl in the batch. If it wasn't Sarjana Two, I didn't think that I would be accepted and pampered=p haha..(even I was the head..but most of them acted like a sister to me, especially SCR). haha...Sometimes, I felt like she is a sister to me. She helps me in many ways either consciously or sub-consciously. Looking at her, has helped me to embrace my own personality and not ashamed of who I was back then. I bet she never realized this=p Thank you SCR for just being yourself=)

SCR is now married. With her high school sweetheart. Oh..she's a beautiful creature. She has never been single..I guess=p

Knowing her, I know what to expect. She is one person who knows what she wants. and of course she'll break all the walls for it=) She just have the power...don't ask me how she do it.

About her wedding?

It was breathtakingly beautiful. All was done so perfectly without being so cheapskate or wasting. In conclusion, she got the wedding of my dream.

Of course no!if it's SCR, No.

Let's check out her wedding ^_^

Pelamin of my dream. I could not believe we also want the same pelamin??But yours was soooo much cantik!!!!!!!!!!!Alhamdulillah U got it!
With 3 of my best friends (even though they didn't addressed me as guys really my best friend!hihi).
Okeh...actually, I wanna show you guys the arch. I love~~the crystal dangling there..especially when it's purple!Looks so royal??No??=p

Can you guys see their dress??So english kan? SCR really thinks of the details and stick to the theme so well!
Wahaha..I was so hyper..explaining my tudung senget2 there T_T
Photo booth..Good effort SCR!There were printed shout available..but..we didn't noticed them T_T
Cutesy!the doorgift!

What else can i say..SCR..U r one lucky lady!let alone ur husband..he's so lucky to have u ^_^

Be a good wife.
Don't forget us. And good luck in whatever you do!
Wish you all the happiness in the world.
Kekkon Omedetou Gozaimasu!


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