Monday, January 10, 2011

Floristika Bangsar


Have you guys been to Floristika??

I went there once in searching for blue flowers (my e-day's theme was blue). But, I went home empty handed cz there were none in blue T_T (ade hydrangeas tp ade due je T_T waaaa).
So, I was forced to use artificials.
I didn't had good reason to go there during my wedding since I used wedding planner. So, all on them.

For my sister's wedding, I determined to make her hand bouquet. I was longed dreaming to make hand bouquet by myself. hehe..So, my sister had no choice=p

I was so excited to go here. I love seeing roses!

See...sgt banyak n murah!about rm1/stalk ^_^V but u hv to buy by bunch like that. For roses and eustoma, price about rm23-30

My favourite?Of course red roses..
I wandered around the store looking for flowers suited to my sister's dress..But I could not help it..I bought red roses T_T
Besar kan??Can you guys imagine how fening I was choosing flowers??o_O

If you guys thinking of using fresh flowers and in a tight budget..opt for orchid, carnation, kekwas and seangkatan dengannya..they are all within rm10 for a bunch ^_^

Same goes for the fillers..bug bouquet of them for rm9.90. Some are exclusive and much expensive. Tak payah la...fillers je=p

Lillies much more expensive esp, calla lillies. Conclusion, big size flower cost you bigger bucks=p I almost bought lillies. a bouquet (about 10 stalks, i forgot, rm50)

This is how my hand bouquet looked like=p

That's my sister..with the hand bouquet courtesy of her lovely sister=p bahaha..
her theme was purple and blue..but I could not help using red roses T_T..fine..then i used purple fillers as finishing there..can b accepted?

Writer's declaring that she's in love with the bride's hand bouquet=p

Apart from their cheap price, Floristika also easy to access.
How?--> (Jalan Bangsar heading to Kuala Lumpur): Take left turn tu Jalan Riong. In Jalan Riong, take first turn to Jalan Liku..then you see Floristika's building (behind NSTP). So easy!

Happy trying!


  1. haa..mmg nk gi situuu dis month...nk serveyyy harga bungaa heeh

  2. elya,nt dh survey jgn lpe review dgn harga2 skali tau..hehe ampun wani,menepek lak kt sini nk pesan elya suh review..hehe..

  3. Hi! Thanks for the info! Esok i dah start cuti tunang, so esok jugak laa nak gi cari flowers.

    btw, u've been followed :)



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