Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doily and brown paper bag


It was a hard day for me. Have to went through 24 hours knowing that person that I care was out enjoying snow without me T_T.. I waited for years to be united and enjoy our life together after sooo long. Never thought that when the time arrived, I am still stuck in the same condition T-T..I accept this fate and understands it as a way I pay for my sins.. (probably..). Hopefully, I will be able to do things that I have imagined for a veeerrryyy long time with him in no time. Pray for that=)

Oh well, what am I babbling here T_T sorry..

While on a mission of killing time, like always, I spend some time wandering around the malls..looking at always renewed rare items on the shelf of Japanese stores..hehe..and tell days passed by, I met with even rare people..hehe

This is one thing that I found cute and cheap ideas for the doorgift packs ^_^

Brown paper bag which you could find everywhere and doily papers work wonders!!

I don't know you guys..but I certainly had thought about using brown paper bag for my receptions gifts. However, my mom didn't like, I ended up folding my own pink paper bags T_T..

As my earlier days of browsing ideas for my 'cheap wedding', I came across with lots of ideas using this brown paper bag. I'm sure most of you guys also had seen it ^_^..But, I never seen the bags got improvised with doily papers!(or..I just missed it=p)

Love the string..left the pack with touch of vintage ^_^

Happy trying!


  1. Dekat jepun ker?mahal tak?kot2 lah nak pesan..cantik...hihi I mmg terpikir nak guna paper ni untuk doorgift..simple!!!kalau nak balik malaysia lagi boleh kirim..hihi

  2. haah, i pun nak tanye benda same. kat jepon mahal ke? i penah jumpa kat daiso the curve.

  3. ni kt jepon la ni.satu pek tu dlm rm3.but..if beli kt mesia bundle2 kt vendor lg murah.beli brown paper bag..pastu beli doily paper..and beli string asing2.
    mmg akan jmpe kt daiso la..sbb daiso kn jepang punye..hehe

  4. waahhh..tgh cari neh..nak cari kat mesia mane la boleh jumpe..huu ^_^

  5. nk tnye..mne nk cr doily paper tu eh? any idea? nk beli byk2 tuk wt invtation crds..hmm thanks

  6. doily paper kt mana2 kedai barangan kahwin bole jumpa.I beli dekat sayang you semua house:)

  7. salam, maaf ya,
    saya ada jual doily paper, paper crepe, semua barang barang yang boleh buat diy. berminat boleh email saya.

  8. paperbag murah siap print wif any design hanye 25sen/pcs...bolehlah tgk di facebook luqfiz ideas...:-)



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