Monday, January 31, 2011

My first snow in Hiroshima


It was just when I arrived from Malaysia..
The day was not that was sunny..less breezy..
But the night was unbearably cold!I was busy packing omiyage when my neighbor gave me a buzz..asking me to check my balcony..
It was flooded with yuki!!! cold!

It just started..I wish I could share what my eyes had seen..but picture could replace the eyes=( Just have to see it with our own eyes..beautiful..masyaAllah..
It was difficult to get a clear shot at night. This is one of the best..view from my balcony=)

The following morning (translated version):
A: I had never seen such a heavy snow in Hiroshima
B: This is the first time so much yuki were seen. I've been here for 2 years
C: I think this is the coldest winter ever experience..I think green house effect is true..
D: still about too much yuki in hiroshima city..
E: Feeling like living in the hillside..yuki should stays there not here in the city..brr..
F: Wani!!I need a new coat! (she just bough a new one last week..and apparently the dialogue was repeated every week..and not just coat)
G: You are so lucky..just arrived and gotta see this beautiful scene!
Me: =) I don't know what to say..but totemo samuii!!sejokk..brrrr...But I love winter when the sun is bright=) hehe

What can I say..snow are pretty=)



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