Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bukan Iklan nuffnag=p

Salam Ladies...

Actually my time constraint does not allow me to babble in this blog..yeah..supposedly..but i don't care!haha..Oh well, now is my lunch hour which I rather spend it in my officethan in the shokudo (where you can meet other people and..socialize=p haha)..

Before I proceed..I would like to reveal something about myself (you can skip it if you want=p).
Besides being so 'talented' in working with cancer (waaaa..x bes sunggoh field T_T)..I love handmades and..sewing!!yey!! During my teenagers, I always sewed my purse, hp case and more cases (until all my things got their own sarung=p lol!and after all my things got sarunged, I sarungkan my kakak's things plak..haha). After all got their cases, I sew small handbags and more handbags until my mom rimas dgn bag2.haha..

And I was not just sew it..I was also embroidered my own corak on all items. My labels pon I sulam..and my label was my signature=p lol!haha..

I love to make and own all of these handmade items because:
1- I love to see yield out of efforts. So, handmade and sewing are things that I good at and..I love to see the yield! ^_^ However, I had never tried using sewing machine. So, I usually got injured of too much sewing. I could not afford to buy one (but I had never asked from my parent..hmm)

2- I love to be different. And..I love to be unique in a crowd=p That's why that time I decided to make it myself as handmades..how many could you make that similar to each other right??

3- Handmades allows me to be creative..and expressing my artsy part of my brain=p

4-yadda..yadda..(byk la pulak T_T..later sambung)

Another secret is...last week..I skipped working the whole week..n hid at Toyohashi T_T...I really didn't wanna go back to Hiroshima..(akibat too manje with hubby T-T)..Apparently my husband had succeeded in making me board the shinkansen last Sunday..haha..omedetou for him T-T..

I was absent minded all the way..until..I saw a 'fat' parcel in my post box! Oh, then I remembered..I purchased bags and bags (lol!) from Kak Sohana!yey!!dah sampai..(and my soul then finally entered my body =p)

Allow me to share with you guys what I bought ^_^

Oh...cutesy..every products were properly wrapped like this..with cute selotape=)

The handmade items gathered. I was so x sabar2 koyak all wrappers=p

Ahh...cutesy..how can I use this to hold periuk..it will ruin the 'what is this sarung called??'. huhu..comel sgt T_T
I decided to buy this after glanced at it for ONE second!=p Comel sgt T_T..You guys should watch when this apron hugs your body..the silhouette sgt cantik..Oh, I love to be dressed well no matter I go and do=p Sometimes my husband got rimas of me..haha

Comelnye the detailing...Just what I like for the pocket =)
Can you see the curve??This curvy cutting will gives you a very nice sillhoutte when you tie the apron..yeye!!nampak ramping mase masak=) and the ruffles..cute!!
Emh...all the Paris labels ni (label ke namenye??) reminded me of something...and all my items ade label Paris=)
See..the hook..comel sgt T_T
Oh..Kak Sohana's personalize label...=)
I really love this bag!The size is just nice. Not too big and not too small..The corak also I love..The element is just me!I always had a hard time choosing bag's size that suits my size..Bags either too big ..or too small. But this one, really goes well with my physical =)
Another reason I love this bag..The inside lining..Good choice Kak Sohana! ^_^V
The materials..Kak Sohana chose the material wisely...she does not take things for granted. She did thinks of practicality and quality.
I was at first just looking for a sling bag for everyday use. As I cycle everyday, it will be difficult for me to carry a shoulder bag. Sling bag would be more of practical right?
Look at this sling..aarrr...sgt cute!!I promise you that this bag looks prettier in live!sgt cantik. The sewing all kemas. It's like you are buying from patented professionals!Looks like kak Sohana is really a pro now!
Arr..look at the front pocket..just nice to put my iphone and listen to it while walking or cycling. When it rings, it will be easier to grab!hihi
Back pocket..just what I have imagined for my sling. Kak Sohana just have chemistry with me la ^_^ Oh, this pocket where I put my glove in.
The inside..just nice to pack my everyday needs..not too bulky but not too small..just nice!
Although it's hand made..Kak Sohana assure you the quality.
What is this??hihi..It's a card holder PLUS coin purse!!
In Japan, coin purse is so important!They use lots of coins. It's the currency thing..will be long to explain. So, carrying a coin purse to work everyday will be enough already. But, I got tired of grabbing my card holder and coin purse separately..Then, I saw Kak Sohana have it as one!Ape lagi!without further ado..I ordered one!
She made a special patch on my coin purse which I just love. Kak Sohana..when I was crazy about doing cases for all my things..I alwiz do patches on everything..But of course yours is prettier ^_^..No doubt that I love my own purse (+card holder).
hihi..My love label again..It got meaning for me=)
So detail!Even this thing is small..but I love it!So, I hang my Paris keychain at it. wanna see?
The overall look of my purse now!adding another reason for me to stop at the konbini and buy something!(coz I need to hold you for a good reason..red purse=])

Love what I have??
You can have your own too..by visiting Kak Sohana in her blogspot ^_^

Meeting Kak Sohana was totally a big coincident!really..we met out of the blue in of course...kedai kain.haha..
Oh, apparently, we shared the same birth date. Maybe that's the reason I love all your items..Tp..I think everybody who sees ur products feels the same way..so I guess, it's not about birthdate=p haha...

Oh, it's getting too long.
Anyways, feel free to drop by Kak Sohana's online shop. I promise you a better view than what you have seen in here=p lol!Don't worry..she also take orders from Malaysia ^_^

Jya Matta, wassalam..

*Alert:A long post note

A note fell when I open the parcel..It says;

My answer: Owhh..Thank you for the invitation..Of course I wanna got to Kyoto. I hope I could make it while you guys still there ^_^ *pray hard!* (i wanna learn how u make all this lovely things!!I wanna try it myself and make lots of handmades for my daughter later ^_^)

The back view;
Me Love too ^_^

Friday, November 26, 2010

Another reason to have a baby fast!lol!

Salam ladies!!

First of all..a very omedetou gozaimasu to Pn. Kay Kamal ^_^..U r now a wifey!yey!!after thousands of post during a journey..we'll be waiting more after this!

Moving on, last Monday, I accompanied my husband to renew his Japan licence. And you guys know what..in Malaysia..it took only 5 minutes (minus the queuing) to get ur licence renewed..but here..u must follow a 2 hours lecture before you can get the renewed licence. So, if you missed the earlier lecture..wait another hour for other session..fuhh..so, renew licence during lunch hour??impossible!

Before that, we went to the ward office (an office for citizen's registration and record, etc.).
During the waiting (which was not long)..we found a very useful book for me (as I am new in this country). However, they had plenty of copies in Portuguese version..none in English. So, we asked. To our surprise, they gave us the sample as they have finished the english copy.

These are the sample copy of the handbook which are now, belong to me.
hehe..the contents that I think beneficial for me in the future=p wanna know??
Let's take a peek..
haha..lump sump birthday allowance and childbirth allowance..byknye allowance kan??I'll show you about maternity leave later...^_^V

So, in conclusion..you could get rich by just giving birth in here=p lol!another reason to have baby fast right??ngeee...


Suami Isteri Igauan

Salam ladies..

Another post again..hihi..after long silence..hah amek ko!=p

I think I owe lots of posts. tsk2..I know2..I'll try to review the comments again and trying to refresh back what I had owed u guys=p one of them was pink paper bag=p lol! SCR had posted her version..naseb baek..still, I owe my version kan??T_T

Dulu2..I had a dream to share with you guys wedding presents which was not listed in the wishlist, but very useful indeed=)

Also, I had promised one of the reader about 'ciri2 suami igauan' which I read from a book. This book is one of our wedding present. we could not remember who gave us the book T_T..missed the card already T-T..But, we really appreciate it.

During my housewife period, I managed to read most of the contents.
One of the topic attracted me was..'ciri2 suami igauan mengikut syariat Islam'. Before this I thought only a few ciri2 je for you to find in a man to make him a husband. Apparently, ade byk lg..
Wedding gift..buku panduan for each of us=) Honestly, we never buy any motivational book like this before this=p not even think to buy. and didn't even think about having it as wedding present.
Characteristics to be a good husband. If your husband does not fulfill the list, he can always change to the better=) If your husband is all of the list..Alhamdulillah..
I was so excited to read this part..and starting to analyze my husband..I was so 'frustrated' as he fulfills all the list T_T..But deep down I am sooo happy..(he is too good to be true T_T)

The two photos above are ciri2 isteri..Oh well..I am not yet perfect. A lot for me to work on definitely!
Have you girls fulfill all of it??

Japan = Cotton

Salam ladies..

The are so many holidays in autumn season. The reason being is because the weather allows most of outdoor activities. Therefore, most of the cultural festivals are going to be held in this season.

Last Tuesday was again a public holiday in Nov. wee..I lov Nov and autumn!But, my husband had to work T_T I didn't get it T_T..However, I didn't grief so much about it cause..I had followed 'rombongan cik yan ke kedai kain di Nagoya=p'. Yey!!

Cik yan..spotted the most front..(next to me). We went with Puan Shaz yg sedang sarat tp lg gagah angkat kain dpd kami..fuhh (but, I didn't have picture of Pn. Shaz..ampun T_T)

Actually, the visit mainly for Pn. Shaz whose going to go back to Malaysia for good. The one with the least reason to join was me=p Since I had bought lots of kain already when I was in Tokyo during eid fitri=) hihi..But, I joined to experience kedai kain di Nagoya pule..Naseb baek my hubby let me go=) haha..but he kept reminding me about kain yang berele2 yg dh beli kt Tokyo tu T_T..
The yields...Cik Yan bought EIGHT kains..Shaz..I think she got TWENTY kot=| I just bought two. See above..only these two had catched my eyes that evening..Alhamdulillah..kalo byk abes2 T_T..I think my hubby really had trained me well about this. I used to be a person who buys without thinking any further=p
Japanese cotton is so thick..it's of course the prove of quality wise. If we go to Malaysia textiles, japanese cotton are usually separated and very costly compared with other cottons. That's why we girls are crazy about cotton here=) Still, I had a hard time to fall in love in them T-T..I think because there are too many of kains..I was incapable of doing a more detail scanning..sigh T_T..

Because it is so thick..we had a hard time to carry them.
Oh yes, we went there by densha..more convenient to go with bunch of girls there=)
So, if you guys thinking to buy without wanting to carry them, you can always visit their website and made an online order or purchase=)

Click here to view more of their collections. oh well, seeing them with ur eyes will not be the same seeing through screen=)

I forgot to take the pictures of the kedai la..
Coz so busy scanning all over kedai..sigh T-T..and I had this mind setting that I'll be coming back again =p ahhaha..

Quote of the day:
Cotton as omiyage is def better than keychain!Lol!


My Autumn Tales;p

Salam girls..

I am so worried for my husband. He got back from work at 3 a.m and has to go back at 9 this morning. He must be soo tired and I am demam!!No use at all T_T..but well, I have taken the meds this morning. Let's give my system to work on it ^_^..

I was so determine to leave Hiroshima on last Thursday (meaning I have to skip Friday working day=p). I didn't know how I did that..I just follow my heart =)..so, I will have extra time with hubby.yey! However, along the way in shinkansen I felt really guilty.
OMG..I am really this good??T_T..so, I tried so hard to not neglect my work by tagging them along with me and promised the papers that I won't neglect them!So, to make myself feeling less guilty, I decided to write a report in the shinkansen (oh yes, shinkansen is so comfortable. There's plugs for every seat and table and toilet..and attendant all la.mcm dlm flight). However, after 15 minutes..my head was spinning..I could not lift my head or even my eyelid. OMG..I am so old that I was not strong enough to read or do anything brainy inside a moving element T-T..The headache gotten more severe as hours went by T-T..

I was supposed to jump like a kid when I saw my husband. But that day, my lips were blue and my eyes were heavy waiting all system to fall T_T..so my arrival was not so smooth already T_T..and I have already forgotten about the guiltiness..as well as the work=p ahahah

It's just imagination that I could finish writing a report in the boring 3 hours ride T_T

I am so pelik..cause I could not remember the thing that I did on the Friday..(scratching head)

On Saturday??I remembered it very well!!It was one of my long dream to do it!I wanted a date in autumn for soooo long!That's why I was so desperate to go back home to my husband so we could spend time together watching momiji (momiji= red leaves). Like I have mentioned in the previous post, momiji will not stay very long. We have to catch them to get the best view. It will not be pretty if they all have fallen down.
On Saturday, hubby decided to enjoy Momiji in Korankei. I was at first feeling prejudice about this place whether it could beat the view of momiji in Miyajima.

I was so surprise to see..there were a lot more red mapples here!!stunningly beautiful by the river!!OMG..I had my jaw dropped and was smiling and relieved that Allah has given me the chance to see this stunningly beautiful creation of him. Alhamdulillah..
Look at the view there..the reflections is priceless!

Oh, that day I made 'nasi lemak' as our bento=p We didn't plan to really have picnic here..It was just a spontaneous occasion=) I could not explained how happy I was to eat nasi lemak yang sedap=p with loved one in the middle of jungle of momiji..=)
The husband testing his dslr. he spent quite a while in this spot waiting for the best light position, bla2...sigh

With the early comers of the day=) haha..v arrived the latest that day=p
OMG..the scenery is so beautiful no matter where your turn ur head into
I must say that photos collections at the end of the day are way better than our PRE-honeymoon's=p
My fav shot ^_^
It is soo exhausting to b a model for a beginner T_T
Korankei at night. DSLR should do better than my digicam. Look at the moon..if only photos can catch exactly like what my eyes had seen..
The temperature drops so fast especially at this jungle area. Hence, I got hungry so fast jugak=p I managed to try another food there..I forgot the name..but this one is like a bahulu filled with red beans.

I am now fully satisfied with how I spent my autumn. I won't feel regret if it is now passed=)

Now, waiting for spring to come ^_^ winter??bbrrr...sejok sgt T_T..Hiroshima got yuki. Let's see how I deal with it later T_T huhu..They said yuki usually come in Feb T_T

Jya matta;

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kisah Picnic, Soba and...kedai letrik

Salam girls..

Due to oversleep..now, I am awake with big, jolted eyes=p ahaha..

This is my second time back to Nagoya since we get separated. The last time I was home, I didn't have the chance to cook since our schedule was packed. We ate outside (since I wanted to eat this and that) or..we have to fulfill invitations. This time around my husband insisted for me to cook T_T..

That morning, he asked me to go picnic by the koen (a park). I was so excited for his idea as picnic in autumn will be lovely!The weather will not be so extreme for us to lie on the field and stare into the skies=)

No heavy meals for the picnic. Just light mee goreng, daifuku and persimmon accompanied us=) The weather was so refreshing. I was soo wanting to play badminton or catch balls..T_T maybe next time (which wud b next year kot T_T)
We were not that hungry when we were at home though T-T
This is my first time trying real japanese daifuku. Before this I tried 7E one. Yang brang sweetie tu=p hihi..Seriously, they tasted so diff!This one sgt2 sedap until I want more the next day=p
Our picnic spot=)
wee...later I want a pair of boot=p

Oh well, I am not pregnant. But, I have always have the urge of trying this and that..especially food=p oh yes, specifically Japanese food. *drooling*

The latest food that I craved for was soba. I nagged my husband for soba for a very long time! (although soba is a common japanese food that you could find it everywhere=p). I just wanted to eat it with him=)

However, I didn't aware that there are two types of soba, i.e. cold and hot. Hot soba is like 'mi sup' but using soba noodle. But cold soba??

So, my husband brought me to Toyokawa. We had blindly drove to this place using navi=p and to our surprise..the restaurant was awesome with genuinely japanese concept!hihi..excited!

Can you see cold soba in the picture..the noodle is not mixed with the 'soup'. Instead, cold soba came with dipping soup. and yeah, it's cold=p so, take some of the noodle, dip it..and nyum nyum!
hehe..see..we bersila and our dining place was fully covered. It's like a small private room. So, we could perform prayer in there. It's the first time I could perform prayer comfortably when I have to do it outside. emh..later I should find this kind of restaurant ^_^

Okeh, as the price for bringing me a long way for soba..I have to give him time for his favorite activity; spending hours in electrical store T-T..Unfortunately for me, in Toyokawa, there are TWO stores located near to each other..so... T_T..huhu..

A wife who still didn't get to understand how kedai letrik could excites her husband=| I guess my husband could never as well understands how shopping malls did the same to me =p


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