Friday, November 5, 2010

Outdoor ibu kota

Salam ladies...

Hehe..I am so in mood to write =) [tp keje menimbon T_T]

I've put on the teaser here.

The photos actually were from the outdoor collection after bertandang ceremony.

Alhamdulillah, for bertandang we had so much fun coz we solat first before went out=p but we went quite late already since the majlis itself ended up later than scheduled since most of people arrived around 4. They got stuck in traffics..(what do u expect rite?it's sabtu n puase d next wed ke thurs ntah)..huhu..n its so near to jln tar n sogo t_T..

Ok, moving on. Both of our outdoors was done in a very2 nice weather. Very redup n breezy..I, I hardly sweat despite of what I wore;)
At first, we went to..guess where??hihi
Masjid Negara je..yg tgh renovate pulak tu..mmg x dpt la nk golek2 dkt kolam die yg indah tu kan..haishh..xde rezeki..This is one of the shoot taken that day. I just love the reflections there=)

One of my favorite. Tp ada byk lg nih..haha

Kami mmg pengantin mls=)

Actually, tnh tgh muddy gle time, no-no shoot sampai bawah erkk..
oh, ni kt tepi jln bulatan masjid negare tu je...

Ni pulak terowong nk lintas kt depan KTM tu

We all tgh tggu photographer cek line=p pn bole je pose=)
oh, i picked the wrong shoot..haha..xpe, lebey kurang cani lg cantek ye lighting nye (mls nk tukar T_T)
setelah line clear..kami pon bergolek2 di stesen ketapi nih
byk sgt jela cth2nye ye kwn2..

Ok, dh abes..mari kite pulang=)

Credits to G.I Photoshoot! (photographer pon bkn i yg cari ye T_T)

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