Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A very long entry on a very short trip!

Salam girls..

I'm feeling so relieved cz today is a holiday.
I'm feeling so left behind here and was forcing myself so hard to be on track again T_T
that's the disadvantage of studying in a country that's way advanced T_T..
Hopefully I can hang on a safe phase =)

Anyways (my sensei's fav word=p), let's proceed to topic shall we.
Actually I have a lot..very lot of new entries in the head.
But i forgot to do like SCR told me to, then I don't know where to start T_T
So, let's follow my finger's direction=p ahahaha

Ok, fingers have decided!
They like to post about my last weekend=)

After one month being apart, finally the time has com
e for me to go back n see him.
I was so excited until I had mixed waktu solat between my place n his T_T..
I was supposed to take a 6p.m shinkansen. However, I managed to finish my training at 3=p (hehe..the fastest among all=p), I was walking so fas
t back to the office and went straight to the train station (eki).
The trip was my first trip in here..alone.
I should have feeling fear as the picture I got in my head of 'how
to go home' was vague=p
Alhamdulillah, I managed to went through it just fine, in fact for me was very easy!
So, I had crossed 600km of Japan, from west to east, alone, in 2.5 hours!Amazing how fast that was!

Because of the excitement, I also forgot to eat the whole day T_T..

When I arrived at the Toyohashi's eki, I was smiling so big that people were staring ^_____________^

What happened at the eki? when I saw him?hehe..that one is classified=p ahaha

Okeh, otw back, our stomach were having a duet screaming for food.
It was raining non stop in Toyohashi. It's even colder that my place is. So, we decided to stop by at Saizeria. Don't worry, this restaurant serve seafoods on
their menus=)

Why Saizeria? Cz I was craving for oysters like forever already T_T..Look at the oysters..sgt2 exquisite!The pizza soo sdp. Oh, that's ika's pizza. The thing in the small plate was fried prawn with tartar dip. And pasta.

What happened on the 30th of Oct?

Well, my hubby planned to bring me shopping at this one outlet in Nagashima.
Unfortunately, the weather forecast said typhoons are coming and there will be heavy rains around the areas.
Still, my husband insisted on going, and so we went.
And guess what, no rain were pouring when we passed Toyohashi area. Thank god=)
Take a look at few snaps I took which are so amazing=)

I just love the view of all the bridges. Three consequent 'penang-bridge', in three different colors; blue, white (not very clear from this angle.see below picture). The view from the bridge are so jaw dropping..the seas and the amazing.
The red bridge. We decided that this one is the prettiest=p ahaha

Where were we headed to?

Nagashima Outlet park.
This place consisted of a ...park (outdoor games..and the location is by the imagine the view), and also outlets.haha...But I guess the park was closed due to typhoon. So, everybody just came to shop at the branded outlet stores. When I said branded,'s so branded=p In a way, at the outlet, you can find some brands with good bargains. The best bargains in my opinion would be Coach. The prices were unbelievable, esp if you are locals (cz you won't keep converting the currency=p).

I managed to grab something for my hubby's birthday..finally..after he had turned a year older after 3 weeks=p hehe..

Moving on..

We finally arrived to the purpose of my return=p

To celebrate Oct, 31st together after 10 years declaring we are in love=)

No's my Birthday!
In a way, my husband's plan to have a full day blast was ruined.
Because he has to participate in the outdoor game tournament.

A shot from volleyball game he was in.
My name of course not in the list. So, most of the time I was just wandeAlign Leftring around the court.haha...
For whole my life, I thought I could not play ping pong and badminton at all. Apparently, I can=p

When the tournament ended, my husband brought me to a western restaurant (as I kept feeling the urge to eat western food T_T). It's near to his old house.
It was Lousiana Mama's restaurant. The restaurant indeed was cozy and very country-like. I could not take the picture of the restaurant as it was raining heavily that night.

Us yg sedang busok..haha..
With the food minus the salad. The best salad in my record=) hence, the early finished=p

All was well until I made an attempt to leave=p

Suddenly the waitress switch off the lights and they all headed to our table=)

I got no words to elaborate the feelings ..

I was so speechless that I forgot to ask the name of the owner (the lady who was so hyper in the video=p)

Oh, before that, my hubby got busted for making my underground party=p Suddenly this two lovebirds came in to dine and tadaa..they are my guest that night=) "Thank you for coming, Yus and Zam" ahahahah

Ok, now we were at home..
And I had to pose for this pulak..

Another cake for me..and this time it was ice-cream cz you know..baskin robin gave 31% discount for the purchase on the 31st=)

So, I got double birthday celebs in one night=)

*Thank you Sayang for doing all this for me=) U r indeed too much=)



  1. wow, x sangka acap romantik mcm ni.. hehehe... well done friends!

  2. haha..die x romantik die tried so hard to be one.teori dh ade dah..cume praktikal agak fail ye..sile cube lg=p



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