Friday, November 5, 2010

Brief pictures of my small reception

Salam ladies n gentleman (ladies plural while man, one;p)

Yesterday, I was so much in spirit to study. But today, particularly now, I don't know what happened, I became so gloomy n can't wait to go home! haha...

I think it's all because of, my system is already used to being ready to shut by end of Friday. So, I usually doing nothing
during weekend..or I'll do something that's work unrelated (even the work has mounted like Fuji-san)=|

I have randomly picked few photos from the album. OMG..I don't know how to really see each of the photos..too many T-T

ok, moving on.

For those who doesn't know, I got married on a very short notice. So, my blog won't be a good reference for those who would like to have big grand wedding, ok.

This blog is just a note by another ordinary bride who hates complicated job, but love seeing it=)

The doorgifts. All hand made yo!if u guys interested to get the newspaper-basket, u can p.m me kay!Details please read it here.
Ok, this photo shows how my 'sanding' ceremony looks like. This hall is soo small. It's very difficult to arrange tables and things in here. Nevertheless, I got no choice. I don't want because of my own satisfaction, I sacrificed others kan. So, I have to just endure the 'smallness'. The worst thing was, I knew about the size soo last minute.

One of the pose at the pelamin. Not much takes because I was so busy entertaining the guest. Still I saw some who went back without taking pictures with me=( What's worst, I was not able to salam everyone of you who made to the wedding=( tak best=( I was even refused to eat and potong cake cpt2 cz I want to meep up with friends and cam whoring ala2 org xde suami=( but cannot..after cake cutting ceremony org dh beratur..n frens who just came seems mcm putus asa nk tggu giliran T_T waaa...they even texted me to tell me that they were there..

Apologize =(

You know why I wanna have small wedding?Because I want to allocate most of the budget for food. I want more people to come to see me. First because I wanna share the moment. Secondly, because I know that I am going to leave them for Japan. So, I allocated most of the money to food and doorgifts (if guest ramai, doorgift pon kene ramai ye..).

The decoration.
Haish...this one is one case. I specifically asked for RED ROSES!!see..not even roses as the main deco there T_T saba je la..

Flowers of walk away..

Walkaway tunnel..I asked for flower drops..haishh...

The guest..

The in-laws. I love their theme colour. Naek sangat. They are all so united!

Part of my family..haish..everyone was so busy..Our pictures are fragmented T-T

Part of friends who made to the wedding=) (sile abaikan pompan yg pegang rose iteww..)

I guess that is all. Just ordinary wedding saje..My intention was purely to meet up and sedekah as the symbol of my thankfulness as my nikah has went smoothly and now we r husband and wife.
I tried so hard to want something more than this, however I couldn't cause this 'less' has already satisfied me.


  1. ct:ha??perfect??xdela..biase2 saje=) tp lancar.alhamdulillah=)



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