Friday, November 26, 2010

Another reason to have a baby fast!lol!

Salam ladies!!

First of all..a very omedetou gozaimasu to Pn. Kay Kamal ^_^..U r now a wifey!yey!!after thousands of post during a journey..we'll be waiting more after this!

Moving on, last Monday, I accompanied my husband to renew his Japan licence. And you guys know took only 5 minutes (minus the queuing) to get ur licence renewed..but here..u must follow a 2 hours lecture before you can get the renewed licence. So, if you missed the earlier lecture..wait another hour for other, renew licence during lunch hour??impossible!

Before that, we went to the ward office (an office for citizen's registration and record, etc.).
During the waiting (which was not long)..we found a very useful book for me (as I am new in this country). However, they had plenty of copies in Portuguese version..none in English. So, we asked. To our surprise, they gave us the sample as they have finished the english copy.

These are the sample copy of the handbook which are now, belong to me.
hehe..the contents that I think beneficial for me in the future=p wanna know??
Let's take a peek..
haha..lump sump birthday allowance and childbirth allowance..byknye allowance kan??I'll show you about maternity leave later...^_^V

So, in could get rich by just giving birth in here=p lol!another reason to have baby fast right??ngeee...



  1. sila berusaha bersungguh2 yea, hihi(^o^)

  2. yus:cemanenye yus oi T_T..bkn masalah jauh..x berani lg T_T
    kak murni:baiklah! ^_^ (suara cardcaptor sakura=p)



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