Friday, November 5, 2010

Majlis bertandang once upon a time..

Salam everybody=)

It's so cold here in Hiroshima. I am not sure how I'm gonna face winter alone later=( The last time I experienced winter was in Tokyo. However, that time, my bf (now hubby) most of the time was with me. He's the one who's always made sure that I was comfortable and heated all the time=(

Oh, lets not babbling so much shall we.

In this entry, I would like to share with you my bertandang ceremony.

I shall put the title 'mari gelak bersama kami' utk entry ni T_T cz u know, most of the pictures captured, I tgh gelak..besar2 T_T..tgk contoh di atas itew..xde pon gamba yg agak2 shahdu ye adek2 T_T

It's me in the make up room (blakang pentas=)..the dress arrived so late..then everything was a mess...but alhamdulillah everyone there had helped so much that finally, I get to look like a bride..
I should have just act like a bridezilla, the dressmaker should be thankful that I was sick and I was not able to move much..T_T
Unlike other bride, I didn't pry into any matters regarding their majlis. I just came once a while for the dress je. That day, I just wore my baju tidor and serahkan diri utk di dresskan=p

So, that's the first time I knew their concept and all la..
The look of the hall.
The hall was huge.well maintained and comfortable.
It was Dewan Tan Sri Mahfoz Khalid a.k.a Dewan JKR.
Located really in the center of Kuala LUmpur. and of course you have to pass through all the traffic to get there T_T
Their theme was peach as you can see..I heard that my MIL wanted all decos in fresh flowers..seems like the decorator forgot about it.

The table setting

The doorgift

The walkaway

The moment we were walking along the red carpet

Moment the doa was recited

The foodies...
What can I say...sgt2 sedap..I termimpi2 the foodies esp the cendol I never tasted cendol sedap mcm tu. Irresistable! d kueh n all..droooooling!

At the main table with the VVIP

Cake cutting ceremony T_T..xde gamba yg sedikit decent ye buat kenang2an di hari tue T_T

The ice sculpture..mcm A&W tebalik=p hehe

We could pose more on pelamin coz there's so much time for that=)

Adela jgk gamba yg decent x sengaje cani=)

Actually, dh x larat nk bediri T_T

One of my fav piece=)
Oh, the guest book=)

Ampun in-laws for covering the story on your behalf=p
Thank you for making a grand majlis for us..guiltynye T_T
Hontoni!Arigatou gozaimashita!



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