Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kisah Picnic, Soba and...kedai letrik

Salam girls..

Due to, I am awake with big, jolted eyes=p ahaha..

This is my second time back to Nagoya since we get separated. The last time I was home, I didn't have the chance to cook since our schedule was packed. We ate outside (since I wanted to eat this and that) or..we have to fulfill invitations. This time around my husband insisted for me to cook T_T..

That morning, he asked me to go picnic by the koen (a park). I was so excited for his idea as picnic in autumn will be lovely!The weather will not be so extreme for us to lie on the field and stare into the skies=)

No heavy meals for the picnic. Just light mee goreng, daifuku and persimmon accompanied us=) The weather was so refreshing. I was soo wanting to play badminton or catch balls..T_T maybe next time (which wud b next year kot T_T)
We were not that hungry when we were at home though T-T
This is my first time trying real japanese daifuku. Before this I tried 7E one. Yang brang sweetie tu=p hihi..Seriously, they tasted so diff!This one sgt2 sedap until I want more the next day=p
Our picnic spot=)
wee...later I want a pair of boot=p

Oh well, I am not pregnant. But, I have always have the urge of trying this and that..especially food=p oh yes, specifically Japanese food. *drooling*

The latest food that I craved for was soba. I nagged my husband for soba for a very long time! (although soba is a common japanese food that you could find it everywhere=p). I just wanted to eat it with him=)

However, I didn't aware that there are two types of soba, i.e. cold and hot. Hot soba is like 'mi sup' but using soba noodle. But cold soba??

So, my husband brought me to Toyokawa. We had blindly drove to this place using navi=p and to our surprise..the restaurant was awesome with genuinely japanese concept!hihi..excited!

Can you see cold soba in the picture..the noodle is not mixed with the 'soup'. Instead, cold soba came with dipping soup. and yeah, it's cold=p so, take some of the noodle, dip it..and nyum nyum!
hehe..see..we bersila and our dining place was fully covered. It's like a small private room. So, we could perform prayer in there. It's the first time I could perform prayer comfortably when I have to do it outside. emh..later I should find this kind of restaurant ^_^

Okeh, as the price for bringing me a long way for soba..I have to give him time for his favorite activity; spending hours in electrical store T-T..Unfortunately for me, in Toyokawa, there are TWO stores located near to each T_T..huhu..

A wife who still didn't get to understand how kedai letrik could excites her husband=| I guess my husband could never as well understands how shopping malls did the same to me =p

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