Friday, November 26, 2010

My Autumn Tales;p

Salam girls..

I am so worried for my husband. He got back from work at 3 a.m and has to go back at 9 this morning. He must be soo tired and I am demam!!No use at all T_T..but well, I have taken the meds this morning. Let's give my system to work on it ^_^..

I was so determine to leave Hiroshima on last Thursday (meaning I have to skip Friday working day=p). I didn't know how I did that..I just follow my heart =), I will have extra time with hubby.yey! However, along the way in shinkansen I felt really guilty.
OMG..I am really this good??, I tried so hard to not neglect my work by tagging them along with me and promised the papers that I won't neglect them!So, to make myself feeling less guilty, I decided to write a report in the shinkansen (oh yes, shinkansen is so comfortable. There's plugs for every seat and table and toilet..and attendant all la.mcm dlm flight). However, after 15 head was spinning..I could not lift my head or even my eyelid. OMG..I am so old that I was not strong enough to read or do anything brainy inside a moving element T-T..The headache gotten more severe as hours went by T-T..

I was supposed to jump like a kid when I saw my husband. But that day, my lips were blue and my eyes were heavy waiting all system to fall my arrival was not so smooth already T_T..and I have already forgotten about the well as the work=p ahahah

It's just imagination that I could finish writing a report in the boring 3 hours ride T_T

I am so pelik..cause I could not remember the thing that I did on the Friday..(scratching head)

On Saturday??I remembered it very well!!It was one of my long dream to do it!I wanted a date in autumn for soooo long!That's why I was so desperate to go back home to my husband so we could spend time together watching momiji (momiji= red leaves). Like I have mentioned in the previous post, momiji will not stay very long. We have to catch them to get the best view. It will not be pretty if they all have fallen down.
On Saturday, hubby decided to enjoy Momiji in Korankei. I was at first feeling prejudice about this place whether it could beat the view of momiji in Miyajima.

I was so surprise to see..there were a lot more red mapples here!!stunningly beautiful by the river!!OMG..I had my jaw dropped and was smiling and relieved that Allah has given me the chance to see this stunningly beautiful creation of him. Alhamdulillah..
Look at the view there..the reflections is priceless!

Oh, that day I made 'nasi lemak' as our bento=p We didn't plan to really have picnic here..It was just a spontaneous occasion=) I could not explained how happy I was to eat nasi lemak yang sedap=p with loved one in the middle of jungle of momiji..=)
The husband testing his dslr. he spent quite a while in this spot waiting for the best light position, bla2...sigh

With the early comers of the day=) haha..v arrived the latest that day=p
OMG..the scenery is so beautiful no matter where your turn ur head into
I must say that photos collections at the end of the day are way better than our PRE-honeymoon's=p
My fav shot ^_^
It is soo exhausting to b a model for a beginner T_T
Korankei at night. DSLR should do better than my digicam. Look at the moon..if only photos can catch exactly like what my eyes had seen..
The temperature drops so fast especially at this jungle area. Hence, I got hungry so fast jugak=p I managed to try another food there..I forgot the name..but this one is like a bahulu filled with red beans.

I am now fully satisfied with how I spent my autumn. I won't feel regret if it is now passed=)

Now, waiting for spring to come ^_^ winter??bbrrr...sejok sgt T_T..Hiroshima got yuki. Let's see how I deal with it later T_T huhu..They said yuki usually come in Feb T_T

Jya matta;

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