Friday, November 26, 2010

Japan = Cotton

Salam ladies..

The are so many holidays in autumn season. The reason being is because the weather allows most of outdoor activities. Therefore, most of the cultural festivals are going to be held in this season.

Last Tuesday was again a public holiday in Nov. wee..I lov Nov and autumn!But, my husband had to work T_T I didn't get it T_T..However, I didn't grief so much about it cause..I had followed 'rombongan cik yan ke kedai kain di Nagoya=p'. Yey!!

Cik yan..spotted the most front..(next to me). We went with Puan Shaz yg sedang sarat tp lg gagah angkat kain dpd kami..fuhh (but, I didn't have picture of Pn. Shaz..ampun T_T)

Actually, the visit mainly for Pn. Shaz whose going to go back to Malaysia for good. The one with the least reason to join was me=p Since I had bought lots of kain already when I was in Tokyo during eid fitri=) hihi..But, I joined to experience kedai kain di Nagoya pule..Naseb baek my hubby let me go=) haha..but he kept reminding me about kain yang berele2 yg dh beli kt Tokyo tu T_T..
The yields...Cik Yan bought EIGHT kains..Shaz..I think she got TWENTY kot=| I just bought two. See above..only these two had catched my eyes that evening..Alhamdulillah..kalo byk abes2 T_T..I think my hubby really had trained me well about this. I used to be a person who buys without thinking any further=p
Japanese cotton is so's of course the prove of quality wise. If we go to Malaysia textiles, japanese cotton are usually separated and very costly compared with other cottons. That's why we girls are crazy about cotton here=) Still, I had a hard time to fall in love in them T-T..I think because there are too many of kains..I was incapable of doing a more detail scanning..sigh T_T..

Because it is so thick..we had a hard time to carry them.
Oh yes, we went there by densha..more convenient to go with bunch of girls there=)
So, if you guys thinking to buy without wanting to carry them, you can always visit their website and made an online order or purchase=)

Click here to view more of their collections. oh well, seeing them with ur eyes will not be the same seeing through screen=)

I forgot to take the pictures of the kedai la..
Coz so busy scanning all over kedai..sigh T-T..and I had this mind setting that I'll be coming back again =p ahhaha..

Quote of the day:
Cotton as omiyage is def better than keychain!Lol!



  1. next time saya nak ikut!!!sile ajak saya seminggu lebih awal.hahaha

  2. akak ingat derang ajak..akak ingat yus..haha..tupon akak yg tanye yus xnk ikot ke=p hihi..bes woo kuar pompan2 jek ^_^
    insyaAllah..ade byk lagi mase..nk g lagi for sure!



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