Thursday, November 4, 2010

Recalling the solemnization

Salam ladies..

I am a petite..I know..but I still hate to eat extra potion of rice as I'll become like this now..lightheaded and sleeeepy T_T..

When I'm about to doze off deeper, luckily my phone rang. Oh, thank you syg cz U called just at the right time. I don't dare to fall asleep before bed time or else, I wont get to sleep later T_T..n I'll b like a zombie the next morning..bad choice!

Moving on..

So, here I am, writing the next entry for today=p

Oh well, I guess U have already noticed that I have already got my wedding dvds.
Alhamdulillah..all pictures are for me, perfect. Thank you OP. However still, I think he had missed a few things like the food and yadda yadda..Hmm.

In this entry, I would like to briefly recall my small solemnization event.
Small?Yes, indeed very small. I didn't even invite my friends over (still there's some exceptions). Only attended by my families only. I don't know why. It's just during that time, I just wanted to be alone and calm...I got what I want by not telling other people about my solemnization. I just invited those who knew about it=p ehehe..sorry guys cz I took this ceremony so seriously, hence I wanna face it with my full attention..

The doorgift. The pink paper bag was folded by me. All self-made. It took me a week to produce 100 of them. The contents: Yasin book and pineapple tart. Pineapple tart??hehe..that's my hubby's fav. I can say that selection of pineapple tart was actually a tribute of him=) More detail, please read it here.

The dress. My dream solemnization dress was pink. Everybody knows that. Along the way, it seems like fate doesn't let me have everything. So, white it is.

Oh, I was one of the bride who arrived late. hehe..I didn't get enough time to dress up prettier. I just had 40 minutes to do my head to toe=( Nevertheless, I am fine..Thanks to MUA anyways.

Running bride=p

The groom. When I saw him, he looks soo nervous. I was so scared coz I had never seen him like that.

Very important step. This step changing from something that's haram to halal=) It's a way for us to build 'masjid' too..Oh, it symbolizes a lot kan?

He managed to do it in one lafaz. See..his face has changed=p

Solat sunat selepas nikah. After that he told me this :"I tak pernah solat lepas first time"..and I was like "erkk.."

Ok darlings, below, I'll show you pictures step by step event which you and the groom shall do=p
ahaha..oh, looks easy. I did few mistakes too..=p


Second: Don'ts. see..I salam sebelah tgn T_T. I realized that and abruptly asked all the cameras to shoot again T_T

Second: The correct way=p
Third: A kiss on the forehead=) Lucky me that I wasn't able to wear tudung awning..I just wore my everyday tudung. see..kemek.haha..If awning, I bet there's not a chance my hubby's cud fetch the forehead=p

Fifth: with some of family members. Some of them has already left to prepare the foodies.
One of the photos in the room. We didn't took that many shots since Asar is almost over.

And also, not much for outdoor photoshoot cz it was raining. Hence, we did it at the playground nearby only.

To be honest, I love my nikah looks better cz I did not look awkward and overdressed., most of the photos that I keep in my phones are from our nikah ceremony.
What ever it is, alhamdulillah, I am one of those who gets a smooth sailed nikah ceremony. Nothing else that matters=)


  1. congrats dear.. like your pink paper bag.. mostly! outfit nice too.. May you have a wonderful life ahead.. InsyaAllah.. Amin.

  2. I love ur running bride pic..hihihihi so sweet!!

  3. R-YuzSha:haha..paper bag tu sgt murah2..lipat sendiri kan..thank u=)
    Q:Ur name sgt2 pendek=p love the running ke??haha..kalo focus nampak dh kembang kempis idong=p

  4. nak tanya! paper bag pink tu u beli kat mana?

  5. bai:paperbag pink tu i beli ketas warne n lipat senirik..hehe..ketas warne tu beli kt mydin..



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