Friday, September 30, 2011

Bandung in 16hours

Of course I went to Bandung despite of the blocked nose:P haha..

I bet ramai antara kamu sudah pergi Bandung kan?I je yang tak lepas lagi mainly due to my husband yang enggan menjejakkan kaki ke Indonesia. Now, he has to go outstation there, baru la I bole menjejakkan kaki kat situ. I must say, takdir menyebelahi si Puan wife *grin*

Our trip was so short!One day trip..Tapi alhamdulillah, since we are living in a considerably strategic hotel, one day trip is so much possible. Personally, I think it is enough.

I was demam. But, I segar sangat the next day. Sebab nak pergi Bandung yang dah lama rasa nak pergi sejak sebelum kahwin lagi!in fact sebelum dapat hidayah berkahwin lagi (semua gara-gara my uni friend yang nak membuat saya kesal shopping banyak di pasar siti khadijah this once upon a time >.<) 
Beli material wedding dress di sana pulak, suami I kata, `Jakel sudehhhh`..maka semua impian itu terkubur. 
Ajak pergi honeymoon di Bali pun takmau:/ 

Akhirnya!!!pukul 4.30pagi mata yours truly telah terbeliak walaupun hidung...masih tersumbat >.<
Tapi walau yours truly siap cepat macam mana pun, room mate yours truly masih tidak sedar dari mimpi T___T
We planned to catch the earliest feeder bus to Bandung.
Alhamdulillah...sebab our hotel (Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jakarta-do google the location) is located next to Plaza Semanggi which is also one of the location for the feeder bus. MashaAllah...semuanya dipermudahkan:)

The feeder bus from Jakarta to Bandung ada banyak. Di Plaza Semanggi ni, namanya Transliner. Kami lihat keretanya cantik-cantik. So, no need to worry. Fee/person is about 70,0000rupiah (7000en). Sangat kerap, so, tak perlu risau:)

Sebab kami sampai cepat sejam:D behind us is the feeder bus. Very comfortable !Termasuk kami,  ada 3 orang saja yang naik on that time..memang sangat rilex perjalanan kami:) 
After 1 hour and 45minutes of...sleeping, we arrived at the Dago Plaza.
I was asleep...of times the car stopped I was awake feeling the warm and fuzziness yang turut tido juga -__-".
A few times shocked by the appearance of kids with creepy mask at the car window, most of the times dancing with other kids carrying a radio. Sometimes they just stare at me. There are kids beggars.
This one time hubby main lawan-lawan pandang dengan budak tuh. Memang nak kena dia nih >.<

End point is at Dago Plaza if you ride Transliner. Here, we waited for my sister in law who is  a student there. Here I saw lots of this kuda..
Banyak I read from bloggers and heard from friends, usually Malaysian will employ a day supir to bring them around Bandung. Since we have our own 'tourist guide' there, it has eased our visit here:) Arigatou Amal chan!
I must say, with her presence, we had sort of experienced the true Bandung :P We ride on 'angkut'!

Our main transportation there..angkut (the green van). Anyways, different `company` different van`s color. A little bit scary..but, buat derk aje. Saves you a lot:D Tambang?No fixed price. Teka-teka sendiri aje. Cheapest you could hand the the driver would be about 1000rp (10en):D Tapi Bandung kecil saja..naik angkut sudah memadai:)
What is 'angkut'?

Based on my definition, it is a small van, buruk sikit. Ada pintu kecik so the passengers can climb up and down from its back which was modified to accomodate around 15 people! So, kalau ramai orang, you really have to squeeze your butt! Angkut can only accomodate you if you are seated. The space won't allow to to stand (walaupun dengan 'ketinggian' yours truly *facepalm*). So, nak naik turun, kenela bongkok-bongkok sikit:P
Fees are according to...distance in which you have to valued it yourself. You have to take risks when handing the fees to the driver when you alight. If you pay less, you are entitled to be chased by the whole clan of the angkut! To be safe, better pay more >.< Tak mahal pun, If you hand them 2000rupiah pun ok:)

If not because of my SIL yang dah biasa naik, I don`t think we have ideas how to ride the angkut pun. Furthermore, we had a lot incidents with angkut.
The way we have to stop the angkut is by lifting your jari telunjuk. If you wanna play magic, you just lift your jari telunjuk (even its hidden) and suddenly the angkut will be at your service. 
This one time, hubby just talked about the jari, suddenly angkut came to us in reverse manner:/ so magic >.<
Angkut also has their good point. I feel like somehow they are so much better than RapidKL *Lol!* cause they are everywhere!We never had to wait a minute for them!>.< 
Kadang-kadang, you just walked alongside of the road, they saw you they'll made attempt to stop. That's how 'friendly' angkuts are:D
Plus, Bandung is not so big, angkut will be more than enough to experience the city of Bandung:)
Another plus point, it saves your money...A LOT!

Adik ipar saya cakap ini antara restoran termahal di Bandung. hehe...Tapi kalau anda guna yen, inshaAllah jaw anda akan `beterabur` kerana terkejut dengan harganya..hehe
Kan Bandung famous dengan kain, telekung, yadda2..yang berkaitan dengan pakaian..
Mana tempatnya??Actually, I also just knew the name..hehe..(punyala tak buat kajian sebelum pergi >.<).
First destination ..Pasar Baru. Seryes tak reti nak jalan kat sini..too many offers by the kedai-kedai. Too many competition. If tak ada tourist guide (SIL), memang tak reti la...
The morning we siap-siap, I was so pelik..why hubby bawak 'beg balik kampung'?? He said I might need it later. I was like..."No..I just wanna see Bandung. I don't know what to buy. I have everything already."

You're right Wani!>.<
Just brief pictures around:D and the beg yang penuh tak cukup tangan. 'Beg balik kampung' tu tak muat pown!>.<

Food in Bandung?

I nagged hubby to dine Bandung cuisine since we are here. I don't know what Bandung is special for. Mee Bandung perhaps?:P
But I had this Nasi Ambel? Yours truly suka ini. Whoaaa..sedap!tapi pedas >.<

The Food Opera. One restaurant I would strongly recommend to you if you  are looking for a fine dining Indonesian cuisine in Bandung:) Cantik sangat the restaurant. Ada live band at night. In front of your eyes..

Other things Bandung is famous for?

1. Their cake and sweets especially of Kartika Sari.
Kartika Sari. What Bandung is famous for. This is where you can find the famous boelen, cookies and cakes. 
2. Outlet store.
Bandung memang famous dengan outlet. Banyak sangat kedai baju di sini. Tapi sehelai pun yours truly tak beli. Oh no, I bought one cardigan:P tp sama je harga dengan Jepun. Tapi here is the best place for bargaining branded attires. The authenticity? I am still questioning that.

One of the outlet we visited. Banyak sangat outlet..Ada yang kadang-kadang barangnya sama, harga berbeza. Kena pandai la untuk mensurvey...

Me nak datang Bandung lagi? I think I`ve seen enough. I have scratched it out of my long list:)

To my love, Arigatou gozaimashita!!!
A man with his wife`s shopping stuff and his wife:D

Never goodbyes, see you again, Bandung!:D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dewan LJT, Taman Melawati

I received many e-mails asking me about dewan which many saw it from BIL got married post.

My bad..I forgot to mention that very important info >.<

I mentioned there, the bride's family rented two halls, one for the solemnization and another one is for the bigger event, the reception. Halls tu semua on the same floor je:) dalam 10 langkah sampai la hall lagi satu tu..hehe

I could not find the nicest picture to show you the overall look..
the best I could get:
Photo credit to Kak Long..hihi
Actually, I tak sempat nak snap around because kan..I only managed to be there until a minute before they announced pengantin now will go for makan beradab..pengantin baru nak bangun..I dah sebok2 nak balik>.<

I can only help you by putting the link to the dewan here.
That's the facebook page for the dewan. I think it should be enough as I saw them quite updated all the time:)

I would strongly recommend this dewan due to many reasons:

1-It is new:D and..huge!
2-Parking provided. The dewan was built with basement parking. Kalau tak cukup, ada banyak lagi parking around ^_^
3-Comfortableness: Awesome!
4-Toilet pon awesome (hopefully they manage to maintain the awesomeness for a long time)
5-Carpet pon awesome >.<
6-Dewan comes with its own wedding planner. Therefore, you don't have to go around find one. Advantagenya, the decorator knows the dewan at the back of their hands.
Worry about their work?No need..check out the page (also my BIL's wedding)..awesomeness kan??hehe..
7- Ada bilik bersiap ^_^

Only that I can think of for now (for the fact I write this entry spontaneouly. Pardon the typos!)

Here's the map. For KLrian, you guys mesti lebih mengerti kan?:D

Ok, bye!

Sampai Jakarta

Sambungan daripada cerita semalam, when I had to rush back from the bride`s reception.

Since morning, I rasa tak sedap badan, hidung pedih gitu. I could not stop sneezing. But I took panadol that morning and I felt a little bit okay. 
In the afternoon I felt sick again. Maybe the drug dah habis degraded in my body kot..
On the way to LCCT I felt terribly sick. All I want to do was to board the plane, pray the plane to light speed so that I could reach 'my meds' ASAP.

Tapi...when it`s about 15 minutes to boarding time, the plane was announced to be delayed T__T
Plane was delayed for about an hour. At that time I went around the boarding area looking for ubat know how the start of flu could be so uncomfortable:/

I fell asleep as soon as I click my safety belt:p I could not recall the take off pun..huhu..That`s how sick I was :/ After 2 hours, I arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. That`s the meeting point for me to get into `my meds`:) My meds is in the form of a person. Always:P

Me with `my meds`. Ready to be transported to the hotel where hubby will stay for another 4 months.

While he`s checking in...I did checking out...hehe...ada KamaSutra??0_o

I just want to take his picture as many as possible:P

That night I was diugut by `my roommate`; if I didn`t get better the next day, no Bandung trip for me:/

Maka, dengan semangat waja, I clean myself, ate a little and took Japan`s made medicine (which has been proven to work better on my body). 
Did I go to Bandung the next day?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BIL got married

I told my friend that I cannot make it on this one Sunday sebab my BIL is getting married.
He replied..who is Bil??
I was like...face palm:|
Therefore, pre note here..BIL in law:|

My return to Malaysia in the last summer was not purely for raya..
Some part of it was because, the brother in law is getting married.
Well, we have heard about him wanted to settle down for so long...hehe..even before I got married:p 
Finally the day arrived...
Cut the story short, let`s start with the solemnization.
The akad and reception were held in one place, different hall. Therefore, overall all events were for me, done really nicely. If there`s any hiccups, I, as the guest of the day didn`t really seem to notice. For me, it was one perfect solemnization event. I was so happy for both of them.

The bride. She had the seri. She was wide smiling all day!

Welcome speech by the bride`s atuk with nikah dais as the background.

Three of the above are just few hantaran from her. I am so liking it >.< I guess it was solely due to the red roses and malay elements injected to it..Yeah..I am biased like that:P

Some of the hantaran for her. Our side chose purple as the theme with pink as additional flavor. All hantaran consist of expensive items >.< !!

Immediate family..Those who could attend. Definite sgt that I cannot wear hijab gaye gitu >.<

Meja beradab yang tidak terlepas untuk di tatarias ke tahap awesome!

Pengantin berarak masuk. The theme was red and orange. 

Lovely. Match made in heaven:)

Seriously..I couldn`t fit the whole dais in one screen...Dais was tremendously pretty!!

As I was just about to eat, my phone rang. My brother already downstairs waiting for me. I gotta rush to see my love:)

That`s the only picture I got with the pengantin baru.
Overall, the majlis was beautiful and nicely planned.
Yours truly doakan semoga rumahtangga mereka juga beautiful forever ^_^

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Dr Aizzat and isteri.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Faeq bagi yours truly adalah seorang baby boy lagenda...
sebab beliau sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat sangat comel T___T
Actually masa decide nak balik tu, tak adalah rasa nak balik sangat..
Lepas tengok SCR kan..die ambil gambar dengan baby Faeq..mashaAllah..hati ini sudah tidak tertahan lagi...melonjak2 tidak sabar mahu pegang itu budak >.<
Maka, yours truly telah membuat ayat-ayat kasihan kepada parents Faeq untuk membuka pintu rumah mereka (apekah T_T)

Tanggal raya ke....errr...tak ingat..kami telah menerjah baby Faeq..
Saksikan antara momen-momen bersejarah pertemuan antara yours truly..and  the lagendary baby Faeq..

No..not this one...ini olang pun saya rindu wo..kami dihidangkan dengan masakan kuzi (betol ke ejaan die nih). That was the first time I had that..mashaAllah..sedap bangat!!!>.< I think we finished the whole pot >.< ye..sunggoh x malu. Guess who ate the most...based on above picture...kami tengah menunjukkan lokasi kuzi yang banyak:P

Have to put this photo since Dr. Najo loves this photo so much. is the Lagendary baby Faeq!!!mashaAllah..korang tengok jela pipi die tew >.<

Kami yang tak segan silu habiskan hidangan semeja -__-` Tapi yours truly pasti sangat diri ini makan tak banyak sebab di akhirnya sorang je yang perot buncet..

First of all, korang tengok la peha si Faeq tu!>.< hehe...hopefully, we will have this photo again, but with my own baby on my lap (and sure I will not be that slim)

Kalau beraya di rumah ibu yang baru lepas pantang...:P sesi teknik memakai  cloth diaper:D Personally I think cloth diaper works wonders!

Ok, camwhore..

Sebab saya tak puas nak main dengan faeq >.<

Comel sangat Faeq >.< mashaAllah!!!yours truly masih berasa geram >.<
Because baby Faeq has made a significant effect in my heart!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kami punya 1 Syawal

Disebabkan hubby sekarang menjadi warga Indonesia untuk 6 bulan, maka kami decided nak menyambut 1 Syawal mengikut time Indonesia juga (the truth was, we bought flight ticket in thinking 1 Syawal would be on the 31st of August T__T).
So, we only reached Malaysia on 2nd Syawal. I was almost left out our baju raya again. Baju raya tahun lepas pulak tu T__T Then my friend kept reminding me on twitter:P

As we arrived, my in laws were busy preparing food family open house. So, I decided to help around. Tak banyak pun..Semua they all dah siap masak..huuu..again, I felt so guilty T_T
Hubby?tido kat atas..tak tahulah apa beliau buat atas flight tadi :/

Di dining hall, everything was ready. Raya and kelantanese cuisine. The best nasi dagang I ever had in my life >.< 
While he`s sleeping, I took care of this task alone. Never mind..I love doing this  (I long the money to be kept are not mine:P haha). Nak tahu kitorang masukkan berapa? Sila datang raye :P

Arrival of my family:) When I saw them at the door, I couldn`t hold my tears..I cried:P I don`t know why...:/ This was during sesi bagi duit raya oleh Pak Lang:D

Akhirnya..dapat juge berbaju sedondon walaupon bukan baju raye:/ Kisah sedih baju ini, sila bace kat sini. hehe. Mine was not even baju raya weh!

1 Syawal bagi kami..ketika lelaki lain sudah menyarungkan suami saye..tsk2..kacak berbaju melayu bersongkok:p 

Posing sikit di kolam rumah in the hope we can have as many pictures together :D 
That is the love of my life:) Dou??
Dah dua tahun I didn`t make any baju raya...tahun depan harus la buat at least satu. That day I have baju but I don`t have proper tudung to match the baju with..sigh..Takpe..hentam saje kelabu:D ok tak?:D

Oh, I have to catch up many`s been a while:D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

1 Syawal 1432

I hope it is not too late to wish all of you my friend; Selamat Hari Raya Aidil fitri, Maaf Zahir Batin..
Or, kalau orang Jakarta dibilangnya..Minal Aidilwalfaizin..hehe..
Ikhlas dari yours truly yang sememangnya penuh dengan kekhilafan..Mohon ampun dari hujung rambut sampau hujung kaki. Sesungguhnya saya ini hanya manusia biasa.

Ok, our plan to menjejakkan kaki at KLIA on pagi 1 Syawal telah musnah gara2 tak pandai tengok anak bulan :/ 
Maka, we spent our 1st of Syawal in Toyohashi. We managed to visit one house, and later we dismissed for Tokyo.

Our picture `nak balik kampung`:D excuse hubby lifted pants:P
 Gambar baju raya?ehe..rujuk gambar raya kami tahun lepas:P
Hubby`s obsession towards shinkansen..layan kan aje...but the picture turns out  great kan??hehe

Di kala orang lain sedang stranded kekenyangan di open house, kami dinner Tenya-our favourite tendon restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurants ada di Tokyo sahaje:/

Supper before boarding. Sebab lounge tak ada makanan..Pelik, tapi benar. Maka kena makan tako yaki jek :/ Untuk the wife, cukup kenyang...tapi si husband..kene beli makanan jugak dlm flight :/ boys..
Air Asia hot dog. rm12.

We flew by Air Asia. That was my first time with Air Asia X. Not bad. But I still fear for the lavatory based on a few peoples` testimonials. huhu..Tahan sampai LCCT. Tapi 2x5 jek..:/
Flight was delayed for about 30minutes. But we arrived 40minutes earlier than scheduled. Amazed?I don`t know how did they do that..But later I flew with AA also, I experienced the same thing. Is it any `speeding` terms on the sky traffic too? Please enlighten me.

Tahu tak sejarah `baju raya tertinggal di pagi raya` kami pada tahun lepas??

Yours Truly,


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