Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dewan LJT, Taman Melawati

I received many e-mails asking me about dewan which many saw it from BIL got married post.

My bad..I forgot to mention that very important info >.<

I mentioned there, the bride's family rented two halls, one for the solemnization and another one is for the bigger event, the reception. Halls tu semua on the same floor je:) dalam 10 langkah sampai la hall lagi satu tu..hehe

I could not find the nicest picture to show you the overall look..
the best I could get:
Photo credit to Kak Long..hihi
Actually, I tak sempat nak snap around because kan..I only managed to be there until a minute before they announced pengantin now will go for makan beradab..pengantin baru nak bangun..I dah sebok2 nak balik>.<

I can only help you by putting the link to the dewan here.
That's the facebook page for the dewan. I think it should be enough as I saw them quite updated all the time:)

I would strongly recommend this dewan due to many reasons:

1-It is new:D and..huge!
2-Parking provided. The dewan was built with basement parking. Kalau tak cukup, ada banyak lagi parking around ^_^
3-Comfortableness: Awesome!
4-Toilet pon awesome (hopefully they manage to maintain the awesomeness for a long time)
5-Carpet pon awesome >.<
6-Dewan comes with its own wedding planner. Therefore, you don't have to go around find one. Advantagenya, the decorator knows the dewan at the back of their hands.
Worry about their work?No need..check out the page (also my BIL's wedding)..awesomeness kan??hehe..
7- Ada bilik bersiap ^_^

Only that I can think of for now (for the fact I write this entry spontaneouly. Pardon the typos!)

Here's the map. For KLrian, you guys mesti lebih mengerti kan?:D

Ok, bye!


  1. Ohsem! Tapi gambar besa sgt. ;P hahaha

  2. salam.. hi dear.. thanks for sharing DEWAN BERLIAN LJT, Tmn Melawati, KL.. n Sara like share some new information for any other friends out there who wish to do their wedding, we do have 2 hall ' DEWAN BERLIAN & DEWAN INTAN', now NEW PROMOTION DISCOUNT FROM RM3000++, get to know bout it.. Contact me, SARA 019-289 2752 / 012-696 8575 (email :, you may also leave me, msg/what's app if u cant get me by call.. insyaAllah, will do my best for your lovely day...



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