Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sampai Jakarta

Sambungan daripada cerita semalam, when I had to rush back from the bride`s reception.

Since morning, I rasa tak sedap badan, hidung pedih gitu. I could not stop sneezing. But I took panadol that morning and I felt a little bit okay. 
In the afternoon I felt sick again. Maybe the drug dah habis degraded in my body kot..
On the way to LCCT I felt terribly sick. All I want to do was to board the plane, pray the plane to light speed so that I could reach 'my meds' ASAP.

Tapi...when it`s about 15 minutes to boarding time, the plane was announced to be delayed T__T
Plane was delayed for about an hour. At that time I went around the boarding area looking for ubat know how the start of flu could be so uncomfortable:/

I fell asleep as soon as I click my safety belt:p I could not recall the take off pun..huhu..That`s how sick I was :/ After 2 hours, I arrived at Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta. That`s the meeting point for me to get into `my meds`:) My meds is in the form of a person. Always:P

Me with `my meds`. Ready to be transported to the hotel where hubby will stay for another 4 months.

While he`s checking in...I did checking out...hehe...ada KamaSutra??0_o

I just want to take his picture as many as possible:P

That night I was diugut by `my roommate`; if I didn`t get better the next day, no Bandung trip for me:/

Maka, dengan semangat waja, I clean myself, ate a little and took Japan`s made medicine (which has been proven to work better on my body). 
Did I go to Bandung the next day?


  1. did you go check out what the kamasutra is?haha. bandung shopping heaven i misss!

  2. turn out mcm pintu tu di block gitu.its like under renovation..x tahu la >.<

  3. ahhaha i think its d place where they teach u ehem ehem. hahahah XD

  4. Gosh...and I leave my husband there for 6 effin' months!!*_*



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