Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hari Mantai

I left you guys a few days before Syawal right?
So, I decided to start from the earliest time point I left this blog.
For some of you have known how I made a huge mistakes thinking that we will have 30th Ramadhan. As a result, we only reached Malaysia on the 2nd of Syawal T_T
So, nak tak nak, I have to do Hari Mantai alone at my home in Toyohashi. The house has been emptied for a month. So can you imagine how poor the kitchen was?
Tapi thinking it`s raya..I have to make myself rajin! I could not asked hubby to help around sebab beliau sgt2 busy..Dapat balik when I still awake pun kitorang sgt2 bersyukur..

I have been told about there won`t be 30th Ramadhan for so long. I think dah kepoh2 jugak in order to laugh at plan yang beli tiket konon2 nak sampai pada pagi 1 syawal kan...huhu..
Maka fakta yang salah tarikh itu sudah lame kami embrace dengan hati yang tenang...
It`s ok..asalkan balik raye dahla..haha..
But we still have to celebrate 1st of Syawal kan?I still have to cook at least for him:)

Hari Mantai. It`s the day muslims around the world preparing for 1Syawal. 
As for me, I didn`t cooked that much..very simple meal as we are leaving the next day for Malaysia..and gonna leave the house empty for next 4 months. So, I tried to leave as little rubbish and leftovers as possible.

Hubby was working on Hari, I occupied myself

I made..famous amos cookies (sebab sgt simple n senang so I won`t leave the kitchen messy). Packed some for Malaysia but hubby ate it in shinkansen..(tak sempat sampai Tokyo pun :/)

It was about time to break fast...but hubby was still at work that I decided to make some chocolate pudding:)

Our raya dishes. Ayam masak merah, kuah kacang and nasi impit. 
This year was the first hari mantai that I have to do all by myself. My first raya dishes :D far, so good:D I have to admit..kuah kacang tu sangat sedap!!bahahaha
Hari Mantai was fun, tapi penatnye..sangat >.<

How`s your Hari Mantai?

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