Friday, September 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello to all readers:)

I know..finally..hihi.
I did read all your e-mails. Asking question, updates, infos, tips and most of all requesting for..updates :P I heard from few of my fellow blogger friends told me about you asking them to tell me to update!haha...showing how long I have been missing!

I just reached Hiroshima yesterday after 3 hectic weeks. If I have to tell you the schedule..I don`t think you can easily get it in one explanation :/ Even people living around us also had a hard time to understand my schedule:/ More or less, I was like a diplomat in the past 3 weeks.

I was officially stepped on the land of Samurai at about 730am. I was so exhausted when I was about to board the flight pun..I was all about getting ready to snooze along the trip. I fly via imagine la the food. And I didn`t touch any..too busy to sleep..hehe..
Then I was awaken by the Sun..yes..I saw some sort of aurora when the plane is about to approach the lit part of the sky. It was mashaAllah..beautiful..

Then I heard the pilot announcing that we were about to reach Tokyo..and we gonna leave the height that we were on at that moment. As the plane going down, I could see a vague view of Tokyo from the sky. But one thing which is so clear was..the peak of Fuji Mountain (Fuji san). That had just made my day.

I was alone. The love of my life is currently far from reachable:/ Another test for us I guess. We accept it with open heart, even though I have to admit that this condition really made me demotivated in every aspects.

Narita Express...Cantik gile mendealah ni >.<
Arrived at the peaceful Hiroshima City at about 310pm.
I can`t wait to see my house.hehe..Alhamdulillah..everything was fine. Just like the day I left them walaupun my balcony door x kunci T_T`.
I met my friend in front of my house..and he told me the significance of that day..

Yesterday was..graduation day for spring admitted students!Okeh..I almost missed it >.< 
The event will start at 330pm. I hadn`t yet bath or brush my tooth since morning >.< waaaaaaa!!!
I changed my cloth as fast as I could, briefly clean myself..and speed to daigaku for the event. 
Of course I missed the important part of the whole event la...T_T
But I am proud of myself for being able to be there and celebrates the day with them.

With the significant graduates in my life. Congratulations Thao san (the Vietnamese lady), Tania san (the Indonesian lady in hot fuchsia kebaya) and last but not least..Dr Choon..whose presence in this first year had filled my days with mostly..laughters:) and pale and oily face explains my condition pretty well >.<

The other international graduates. Omedetou gozaimasu all!!!
Well..I know this is not the story that most of you waited for..well..stay tuned ^_^

The hell with people copying me..

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